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Breath Of Fire III
Breath Of Fire III
Published by Jason
Author review
Average 91%
Breath Of Fire III

This game released on September 11, 1997 by Capcom would prove to be one of the best in the series. Don't let the mediocre graphics fool you. The color combos and wicked shading make for a smooth and pleasing gaming experience. The music and sound effects are more than adequate and are suited very well in their given area whether it's walking around on the world screen or in the heat of battle. The storyline is not too long nor too short, making it very engrossing. The battle system is a classic turn based style but with some cool aspects. During battle three characters are in the front line.(The main ones that you control.) and the remaining characters stay in the back row for support or to be on call when needed. If a character in the front row dies, you can choose to revive them or simply switch them out with one in the back row.

Basically, you can switch characters any time you wish during battle. When experience is dealt after battle, the characters in the back row still receive the experience even if they didn't participate in the battle at all. Awesome!! The commands in the game are all simple to execute and are thorough, but there is so much more. During battle we have combos. Depending on the order of attack that you choose for your 3 characters on the front row, combos can be pulled off by using a mixture of spells alone or combined with physical attacks. Where this feature really shines is when nothing but magic spells are used. Some spells when cast in succession by your 3 front row characters combine into a stronger spell. Try mixing some up and see what happens. Sometimes enemies will use special attacks on your party that you can learn. Much like the "Enemy Skill" materia from FF VII. When a battle begins, choose the battle command "Examine". If the enemy uses it's ability on the one examining or sometimes another party member, you can learn that special ability. Not all enemies have that though. There's also a feature for the lazy gamer during battle. You can choose a command called "Charge". Once used your party will automatically use physical attacks until the enemies are killed. This allows you time to fetch the Doritos from the kitchen cupboard and a Red Bull from the fridge while waiting for the battle to end. After battle the game is pretty generous with the amount of exp and zenny you receive. One of the most important and cool aspects is Ryu's ability to transform into a dragon and many other kinds of forms by using "Dragon Genes". These are crystals that you find throughout the game. Each has a different ability. Depending on how you use them, Ryu's transformations will differ from each other in power, abilities gained and just what kind of creature he transforms into. The shops are also pretty fair with their prices for the most part. The random battle frequency often depends on what location you are at in the game.

True to form, this installment in the series carries on the tradition of fishing from the titles before it on the snes. This is a ton of fun and can have a big impact on how your quest is going to go for you. There is a great variety of different species to catch. Each fish when used as an item in battle can have restorative effects, status healing effects and even attacking effects such as lightning for example. You can also sell them for some quick cash if you need it, but it's kind of a slow way to go. The only fish that sell for any decent amount of cash are the ones caught much later in the game. At that point chances are you will have lots of cash from other sources anyway and won't need to sell any fish. Throughout the quest you will acquire better rods and lures to make your fishing life much easier. Every fish has certain lures that will cause them bite more often than ones it hates. Never sell your lures! A character named Manillo is responsible for making fishing even cooler. He's an orange colored fish merchant who swims around in some fishing spots. If you have a "Gold Coin" equip it to your fishing rod and cast. He will strike your line every time and is easy to haul in. He will trade you all sorts of awesome items in exchange for certain breeds of fish that you bring him.

This sequel has what's known as a "Master System". Throughout the world there are people and creatures who will make you their student and teach you new abilities by completing certain challenges they set for you. One master requires you to have at least 12 weapons or so in your inventory before she agrees to become your master. Masters have an important role in how your characters' stats develop, such as power, agility, wisdom, etc. when you level up. You have to take the good with the bad. The world map is laid out much like a treasure map with dotted lines in between towns, mountains, forests, etc. While walking on the world screen sometimes a question mark in a white speech balloon will pop up. There are considered points of interest. Press X to enter. Most often you just fine fishing lures or food. You can also find some rare items. If you haven't played this gem yet do so. You'll thank me.

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