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Megaman 9 - WiiWare Review
Megaman 9 - WiiWare Review
The Long Awaited Sequel of Sequels
Published by marvman3
Author review
Average 96%
Megaman 9 - WiiWare Review

Megaman is Back,
and he's ready to kick some ro-buttic ass.
One of the most recognizable and beloved
video game characters returns to a Nintendo console.
In perhaps the best WiiWare game today....

Put on your shades, this game will blind you.

MegaMan 9


What began as a game with the ugliest box art you could ever imagine, became one of the most beloved and recognizable video game characters around.

With it's unique formula of Rock-Paper-Scissors,
it captivated many a NES fan and hardcore enthusiaists alike.

Trying to guess which weapon you acquired from the boss you defeated, became a natural element of thinking
when it came to Megaman games.

And it helped define a generation of 2D gaming at
its finest during the Nintendo Entertainment System heyday.

The Original Megaman Series graced the NES from the first edition in the series (Megaman/Megaman1) to Megaman 6, Megaman 7 on the SNES, and with Megaman 8 moving to the PS1 as well as Sega Saturn.

Not to mention the various amounts released on the orginal gameboy.

Each Episode displaying better graphics and enhanced gameplay than the one before it.

But with the latest addition to the series, Megaman 9,
has gone back to it's NES graphical and gameplay roots....

Somewhere between editions 2 and 3.

Having recently celebrated it's 20th anniversary,
the Megaman series is off to new and unforeseen
heights once again...

Let's take a closer look....

Megaman/Rockman/The Blue Bomber
No matter how ya say it, or whats his name.

He is the true definition of 2D side-scrolling-pure-unadulterated whiteknuckle-action-that-pulls-your-hair-out.

Yep the freakn A series has been reknowned for being outrageously difficult, and gratiously unforgiving....

Megaman 9,
ambitously recreates the feeling of such epic moments
with anti-clamatic mini-struggles which you will face
with each bit of progress you make within the game.

Giving you more problems in the forms of
gaps to jump, walls to climb,
and bolts to reach.

Never giving you a moment to relax,
before you reach the "next screen".

This is how gaming used to be,
and how it should always be.

With each step you make you must examine how and what you must do, how you are going to approach it,
and what measures to take, all within a span of 2-5 seconds.

It's that freakn A difficult,
and will surely cause you to break out
a momentary "What the F**K!!!" outburst.

The sweet sound of cursing in the morning....

Let Marvman take you thru one of the so-called "easier" levels in the game...

The Tornado Man Stage.

*Awesome Stage Music plays in the background*

You start at the bottom of a ladder chain,
and you work your way up ladders avoiding a balloon popping robot.

Then you get to the third screen.
Its consisting of platforms, helmet robots,
and a spinning blue/red pill rotating platform (which takes you full circle around the circumference of the pill).

Simple right?
As you make your way up, another Ballon popping robot shows up, then work your way right, and then heres where it gets interesting....

Before you to the right,
lie multiple set of rotating pill platforms,
and in between them nothing but blue space
and spikes that kill you instantly.

As you hop along these sticky rotating pill platforms,
you realize that it takes nearly perfect timing to land on
those other sons-of-a-, just to make it thru the section.

Split-Timing is key, and no room for miscalculations
or judgement error.

So you make it thru the pill platform area, great.

You go down a hole, land on blocks of ice,
and more spikes lay before you, except you must
walk along the slippery ice, and deal with rocket robots,
moving in a programmed manner.

So you make it thru, and deal with several shooting robots,
and make your way once again to the top.

Now your at the top screen, and it's raining, and killer umbrellas are falling from the sky....What The ???

Not to mention it's freakn A hard to move and jump,
cause DUH, its windy and shit.

So you make your way thru the storm, shooting umbrellas.....

And low and behold....more jumps, and platforms...
Another "What The !" moment, and then you proceed to
jump across the gaps, taking into consideration the drag,
and wind/rain beating down on you.

You accidentaly misjump and are about to land on a gray cloud, you say "Oh !!! No!!!"
Then you find out your still alive,
and standing on this god forsaken emo cloud.

You say...."Holy ! I can land on clouds???"

Then comes more rotating blue/red pills.

You jump, miss the platform, and die.

And thats when you know your in for a long day.....
And that this game is AWESOME!!!!


Megaman has several unique features that will keep longtime fans and newbies happy.

- Downloadable Content
- Challenges List
- Online User Ranking List
- 9 Game Save Files
- Legacy Mode
- Original Soundtrack

Downloadable Content - Available via WiiConnect24,
which allow for extra replay value. DLC in the form of extra playable characters, and gear. Although unavailabe as of
present. It gives a huge boost to an already deep game.

Challenges List - The game is programmed with a list of challenges which act as a form of acheivement system,
which you can accomplish through various acts, such as
destroying 100 enemies. Most of the descriptions on how to get them are displayed, some hidden. Once again adding replay value.

Online User Rankings - What is a WiiWare game without online ranking? In Megaman 9, an online user ranking list is shown, displying the fastest time achived through each level, as well as various statistics. (Marvman is ranked number 9) It also adds to the replay value.

9 Game Save Files - Now you could play until forever,
with various save files, expanded from the earlier editions.
Further increasing replay value. And you will need all these files, as you continue to collect bolts.

Legacy Mode - No, not the type in Madden,
but a different and rad kind of Legacy Mode.
It's available through the options menu,
and is a form of graphical glitch.
Back in the NES days, NES games had a "flickering"
effect, which emminated from on screen static.
By including this feature in the game, it creates a nostalgic feel, and creates an illusion that you are playing on the NES. Very Nice.

Original Soundtrack - Continuing the tradition of
excellent Megaman soundtracks, this title boasts original compositions from Matsumae and Sakaguchi.


Now off to the scores!

Graphics: 8.8 - Don't let the 8bit era graphics fool you. This is a WiiWare game through and through using the power of the Wii. As stated earlier it creates an illusion that you are playing a lower tech game, as was during the time of the NES had. But as you play, you will notice substantial effects within the game, that couldn't of taken place in an all out NES game. The lighting effects on various enemies can be seen, and the polish of the hand drawn art by series co-creator Keijii Inafune shines through.
Runs very smooth during the course of the action,
and the 8bit holds up well. A very nostalgic mood.

Storyline/WiFi: 9.3 - The same storyline as in most Megaman games. Dr. Wily is out to ruin Dr. Light, and it's up to Megaman (and friends) to clear the good doctor's name. You must defeat all the robot bosses, gain their powers, and use it against the next one in line. Standard fanfare. But it holds up real well, and very detailed.

As for the WiFi aspect,
Online User Rankings, Veiwable Challenges List, and most importantly DLC give this title a definite WiFi Boost in terms of sheer intuitiveness. What more can you ask for?

Controls/Gameplay: 9.7 - The controls are spot on, and very precise. Using the WiiMote Controller as an NES controller adds to already prolific sense of nostalgia,
and is not clumsy to use in anyway shape or form.
Very polished controls. What you expect in a Triple A game.

As for the gameplay, the Rock-Paper-Scissors formula
holds extremely well even by todays standards.
Collecting bolts, jumping over gaps, riding platforms,
shooting baddies, and collecting new weapons is very entertaining. And shows why Megaman was such a hit
back in the day.

Another aspect of the gameplay is that it's as hard as hell.
Basically the game is so difficult you'll die endless times,
just getting through the level to reach the boss.
Classic Megaman Maniacal Difficulty.

Beforewarned this game is extremely hard.
As Hard as Dog Balls....if not harder.
And will certainly cause you to curse out loud.

Music/Sounds: 9.6 - The Music is what will most likely
propel on the bench gamers to give this game a shot.
It's really catchy, and each stage conveys it so profusely that it's genious. What you will notice right away,
is that the bgm is so damn upbeat and energetic,
you'll find yourself humming the tunes in no time.
Each stage having a more memorable track than the other,
it's a work of harmonious art.

As for the Sound Effects, they are all spot on.
And there are no gaps between the action on screen
and SFX itself. Very well polished, and further continues
the tradition of excellent Megaman tunes.

Overall Rating: 9.5 - What else can Marvman say about this game??? It's so freaknly rad, and chockful of goodies that it's unbelivable. Everything about this masterpiece by Capcom is nearly perfect, if not already perfect.
Excellent replay value, giving you bang for your buck
at 1,000 Wii Points ($10), this is a bargain.
And with DLC coming on the way, it will just get better.
No matter if your a vet of the series, or a newbie,
you deserve to give this title a shot. You owe it to
yourself. It's the BEST WIIWARE GAME OUT THERE!!!
It's seriously that great.
The Nostalgic effect of this game is so strong,
it will make old school gamers cry in joy.

Megaman is BACK!!!

You got a new weapon!

Published by
marvman3's Avatar
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By marvman3 on 09-22-2008, 04:01 PM
Member reviews
Average 96%

Originally took 4 hours to make the COMPLETELY DONE REVIEW,
but then me lappy ran out of BAT, so was only able to save the first part.

Will rewrite everything again soon.

Marvman promise.

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By Skreamo on 09-22-2008, 04:02 PM
woot woot!! i'm gonna love this game XD
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By Xice on 09-22-2008, 06:59 PM
I Love this Game but I don't have the Money to get it.
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By marvman3 on 09-23-2008, 12:06 AM
Member reviews
Average 96%

Updated the review....

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By Skreamo on 09-23-2008, 02:08 AM
Thanks for the game Marvs XD its "Freakn A" awesome XDD
Reply With Quote
By Mario on 09-23-2008, 08:23 AM
Great review Marvman...I have to go buy another Wii card and I'm downloading it. Aren't you glad you didn't sell your Wii?
Reply With Quote
By smashfan120 on 09-26-2008, 04:44 PM
Great review Marvman.I have it but I never got the chance to play it.
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By ViciousGamer04 on 10-06-2008, 01:11 AM
This game is one of the reasons i'm even participating in the referral contest going on here(other then the fact that it seems like a great community worth refering to, that is =P), my friend said he was interested in getting MegaMan 9 so i'm like what the hey! Let's see if I can win it!
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By da Beef on 02-06-2009, 04:12 AM
Member reviews
Average 88%
even though i have a few problems with it (some of the guns are STILL copies of previous robot masters' even after all these years; it's just a tad on the easy side for a Megaman game. 3 was much harder, but i'll give it that it's harder than 2) i'm certainly not one to complain because its not only a miracle that this game turned out so great, but that it even exists in the first place.

bold, brilliant move Capcom. i thank you for it.
Last edited by da Beef; 02-06-2009 at 04:20 AM..
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