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Dinosaur King Preview

Published by: SEGA
Developed by: SEGA
Console: Nintendo DS
Release Date: (US)September 23, 2008 (AUS)September 4, 2008(Japan) November 11, 2007
Genre: Strategy


The story is centered around Max and Rex, the members of the D-Team. They found mystical stones that allows them to summon dinosaurs from the past. Afterwards, they create something called Dinoshots. Alpha Gang, the bad guys, steals a DinoShot to create an evil dinosaur empire with their Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, and Saichania. It's the D-Team's job to stop the Alpha Gang from creating this evil empire and unearth the dinosaurs.


Dinosaur King DS is a video game for the Nintendo DS game based on the Dinosaur King TV series. This game is a spinoff of Sega's popular Mushi King games, Dinosaur King is a kids oriented title that has you battling your favorite dinosaurs.


Ok let's start with the battle system. The game use the rock, paper, scissors system to decide who goes first. If you win you attack, if you lose the opponent attacks, and if there is a tie both attack at the same time so it's all about luck. Dinosaurs can be equip with special attacks. The battle system like is a TBRPG (turn-based role playing game). you're in a battle,on the top-screen, you have an HP bar, you're level,you're type, and how many dinosaurs you have for battle. on the touch screen, you have three actions; change you're dinosaur, flee from the battle, and fight. If you pick fight, you can pick either rock, paper, or scissors. Players can carry up to 3 dinosaurs with you and choose them on your own choice. You can play either as Max or Rex. Max starts with the Triceratops while Rex has Carnotaurus. When your dinosaur levels up, it can learn special moves. Players can master over 240 special moves and tricks overall All Super moves are elemental based. Some moves are Fire Cannon, Mist Sword, Thunder Bazooka, Tornado Bash, Big Foot Assault, and Earth Tail. There are six elements and they are; Earth, Wind, Water, Grass, Lightning, and Fire.

There are over 80 dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are fully 3D rendered. Dinosaurs are based on real dinosaurs uncovered in real life. The game includes a dinosaur encyclopedia so you guys can learn something when you are playing this game. To uncover dinosaurs, players have to blow into the microphone and scratch the touch screen. You get a radar and a drill to help with locating dinosaur and unearth these Dinosaurs. Later on in the game you can upgrade the radar and drill. When you find a fossil, you will have to take it back to the D-Team lab base, and you can regenerate the fossils. This game sounds a lot like Spectrobes.


Let's talk about everyone's favorite, wifi. Players as they proceed through the story, you will obtain a lot of dinosaurs and you might not want them so why not trade over Nintendo Wifi Connection with your friends. Players can also fight over wifi too. This can be all done via wirelss if you don't have wifi.


I don't watch the story and there wasn't much information on the background for these but I manage to find something.
  1. Max Taylor - The son of a paleontologist, Dr. Taylor. He mostly is seen wearing a visor that has Triceratops horns which double as flashlights. Max has shown interest in a fellow student girl from his school. His partner is a Triceratops called Chomp.
  2. Rex Owen - A friend of Max. Rex was found as an infant by paleontologist Dr. Owen, in an egg-like container within a dinosaur exhibit in New York. Rex. Now 12, has been left with Max to fight the Alpha Gang.
  3. Dr. Z - The leader of Alpha Gang.


I haven't seen any videos of people playing but I got something information about the controls. The game utilize the DS completely. When digging for dinosaurs, you use your stylus as a pick and pick away at the dirt. Blow into the mic to remove loose dirt. While in battle, you use the touch screen to choose your commands.


In-game battle screen. This is a special move looks like.

Choosing a move set.

Using the radar.

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good preview ling. will look for this one in the stores.
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