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Points: 2,740, Level: 31 Points: 2,740, Level: 31 Points: 2,740, Level: 31
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Siberianhusky89 We have a Nintendo Fan in the Making

A Shell Of Man

My real name is Lamar (No, I'm not black)
My age is currently 19
I don't drink or anything like that.
I'm a classic type of gamer (Though my favorite system is probably the SNES)
I still play other consoles though.
I have a huge extended family.

Anyhow, get ready to learn about my history from Hell.

I was born, Yay, cool, life was easy for like the first 4 years of my life when I just didn't do shit and things were fine, then, school came. Anyhow, school started like this.

I had anger management problems and such, probably inherited from my dad. Anyhow, people made fun of me because of my short stature. Anyhow continuing on.

I got in fights ever day, got suspended, went home to get my ass whooped by my mother or father and repeated the process. I eventually went to Special Ed from late 4th grade to 6th grade.

7th grade, and my reputation grew fast during Junior High... Got in fights every day, people would curse me out, say others would make fun of my parents, ect... Though, the teachers were use to me getting in trouble and it made their jobs easier if I was to be sent home only and the other kid got away with doing something extremely uncalled for. Example: Stealing my backpack, punching me, trying to shove me into my locker, ect... Yeah, so it was the start of Hell. Eventually, I made real friends and came to understood what it means to have real friends who didn't use you. Anyhow, this continued.

8th grade, I said something that made social services come to my house and my parents stopped beating us till that day forward. Still got into fights, they actually hired someone to follow me around school so I wouldn't get into any more trouble. I'm not kidding, this actually happened. Anyhow, before that I was a bit more mature in handling things and would sometimes tell the teacher, but when I did that, things became worse because they did the same shit. "I didn't see it, so it didn't happen." Best logic on Earth. Anyhow, I got into more fights than ever.

9th grade came along, before school started, I was pretty much in the "Enough is enough" stage. I was finished with getting into fights, kinda... I ignored everything that everyone said. I was fine, I still had Mrs. Goonis following me, but the kids nonetheless, got more physical. It was the same shit, they'd distract her, I'd be attacked... Literally... Anyhow, eventually, I got home schooled because I apparently made a threat that would be physically impossible.

10th grade, I got sent to a school for the "emotionally impaired" called Neil Reid. I got my first crush and then a hell of heartbreak and other emotional crap, didn't see THAT comin did you? Neil Reid has around 100+ kids out of around 7 cities. Emotional crap happened, no fights, I was one of the best kids there apparently. (I changed my act completely, I became kind, curtious, a "true gentleman") though my first day didn't go so well... XD Oh yeah, and I figured out the girl I had a crush on was going out with one of my good friends I made there.

11th grade, more stuff happened, it was more intense, I got arrested for the first time in my life for beating the crap out of a kid and the cops gave me a bloody nose. Anyhow, more things had happened that were dramatic. Oh yeah, I got to go out with Elisha (My first crush), though that didn't last long. I was alright with us breaking up.

12th grade, the happiest years of my life. I was in the band class... No, that's not why I was happy... I fell in love with Brenda... I knew her for a while, but... We started going out during Summer vacation... I was so happy... Her brother wasn't though and didn't like our relationship much...

College 1 - We were going out, we broke up, it hurt like Hell... Anyhow, we got back together eventually and I was extremely happy again... All this shit happened, stressful job where my manager couldn't remember my name and was a bitch.

College Break - It was sooo... Weird... She dumped me again, but this time... It felt way worse. I was always nagged, my dad went to become a translator, my family was left to run the shitty store that was a shithole. It was a horrible experience, but I didn't become racist because I made friends in Detroit, one becoming a best friend of mine. Anyhow, it was complete shit, and things didn't get better till the shithole was sold, but I was still heartbroken and unhappy with a low self esteem and plenty of stress. Even on this very day, I'm heartbroken and I still love Brenda very much...

This sums up things in a short way, there's way more, but I didn't want to waste time going into detail.

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