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The Golden days.....In my neighbourhood

This is a post from another Pokemon fan site I am a member of (not trying to troll). It shows the essence of Pokemania in the late '90s

Pokemon Red & Blue. Two games that defined the late 90's of America in many neighbour hoods like mine. The days where Physics reigned supreme, where the PokeDex was a challenge seen my many as "achievable" (compared to later versions, very achievable!) Here is the story of my neighborhood at the time of Pokemainia.

How It Started:

When Pokemon first came out, me and my friends felt a little bit ripped off. It was 1998 and the Game Boy Colour was coming out. I had purchased the Game Boy from my older brother who had had the fossil in his possesion since 1989. My friends had similarly acquired their own Game Boy's, but with a Game Boy WITH COLOUR coming out, we all felt a bit downhearted when we realised that the local games shop wouldn't have anymore in stock till next year thanks to every other kid in the neighbourhood's parents getting them one for Christmas.

Instead, me and my friends discovered "Pokemon". Eric, who was from Japan, told us of the craze that the game had over there. So, when the game came to our local games store, we immediately bought copies. Me and my firend Charlie had Blue, while Eric, James and Jaden had Red.

We trained, sometimes through the night (Charlie had a Gameboy Colour, and we always used to try to go over to his place to play our games on it) and eventually, for Christmas, we all got each other Link Cables. By this time, the craze had caught on. By New Year, 20 kids in our neighbourhood played Pokemon. In three months time, it had risen to nearly fifty.

We eventually set up a scoreboard at our school, so we could keep track of who was beating who, who was losing to who, and who was the local "Pokemon Master". We also had a table for trading Pokemon. People would put up what they needed, and trades were negociated from there. I remember everyone asking for Bulbasaur, because nearly everyone started off with Charmander, and the rest usually went with Squirtle (which I did) The ratio for Pokemon Red to Blue was 2:1, so it was easier for me to get the completed PokeDex.

The battles

No IV or EV's, no held items, no Move Deleter (those who taught their Charizard Cut were horrified when they realised they were effectively down to a 3 move Pokemon) and no spikes or Stealth Rock. Ahhh yes, the good ol' days.

Physic Pokemon reigned surpreme in our neighbourhood. If your team didnt have at least half Physics,(or Alakazam, for that matter) you were,in the perspective of the day, a sucker. People decided beforehand whether legendaries would be used or not. And legendaries means ALL legendaries, not the "Uber tier" that exists at Smogon. Sweepers, except for the old Golem, were the only types anyone dared use. So when I went to France on a holiday and saw people using Chansey in their team, a pokemon with 5 base attack and 5 base defence, I thought they were mad. But then my sweeping Physic team was demolished, and I started training Chansey the very next day.

With Chansey at my side, I made it to #3 on the scoreboard ladder. The implementation of Chansey meant that Physic Pokemon, although still the most used, were no longer a necessity in 5-6 team members. For awhile, Dugtrio became popular (and I must admit, its tendancy to CH at the right time has helped me kill many a pokemon) and Jolteon, with Pin Missile, became a popular choice. Most teams now had Alakazam, Rhydon and/or Lapras in it. People started experimenting with Minimize Muk, but the Earthquake and Physic deterrent was too great, and by now each team had a Swift User before we banned evasion moves in Spetember.

Hardly anyone used fire moves because a predicted switch could allow a pokemon to be thawed out.

The Grand Tournament

We had tried to start up a tournament for awhile, but the real push for the tournament came when Eric's older brother returned from Japan. He had brought back not one, not two, but three Mews! Two were for himself and Eric, but he then decided to use the third as the prize for a tournament, a tournament of Pokemon Battles! Eric's brother, Eric, Myself, and two others called Hayden and Mark were to organize the tournament.

The tournamend went like this:

-44 participants were split into 4 "super pools" and 7 lesser pools. each pool had 4 participants.

-After round robin matches, the top 2 from each super pool would advance to the top 16

-The top qualifier from each lesse pools made it into the top 16, with a wild card being decided by a named drawn put of the hat.

-the top 8 would then randomly face the bottom 7 and the wildcard in playoff battles.

-The remaining 8 would then play playoff matches to get the final 4

-In the final 4, players would do a "best of three" match against another person. they would then go to the finals

-the final two would then also pkay a best of three. the winner gets the Mew!

The tournament was done over the September-October Holidays. I got to the semi finals before I lost 2-1 when my Chansey froze whilst walling a Starmie.

The End

After what must of been the funnest year of my life, Pokemon Gold & Silver came out. Although we still played R&B from time to time (we had another tournament in which the winner would be shown how to obtain Mew via glitch) Gold and Silver, and, eventually Ruby and Sapphire took over. By the time that FR & LG had come out, most had moved on to other things.

Although I do participate in Shoddy Battle, my love will always be for Pokemon Red and Bule, for giving me the greatest time of my life!
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