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Old 12-22-2008, 05:49 PM   #1
Finishing the Fight
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Points: 21,468, Level: 92 Points: 21,468, Level: 92 Points: 21,468, Level: 92
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Sm Mario Your Top 10 Nintendo Games of all Time

There are good games. There are great games. There are games that make you want to puke. But there are magic games. And I want to hear which games you think make it into the magical Top 10 Nintendo games of all time.

If you are going to post a cookie-cutter Top 10 out of another website, then leave now. This is "Your" top 10; The games that YOU like, not some guy whose job it is to do this kind of thing. If you don't like Mario, don't post Mario. Post the games that YOU like to play.

To try and get a variety of games, try to only post 2 game per franchise as a max.

NOTE: Mario Kart and Mario are two different franchises

Here's my Top 10.

10: Tetris

I know it's not technically a Nintendo game, but it only appeared on the Nintendo consoles, so it's here on my list. This addictive puzzle game was perfect for people on the go, and my Game Boy and Tetris held a space in my heart whenever I left my house. The tune is addictive and, whenever I hear it, all I can think of is blocks falling. This game kicks

9: Blaster Master

I love this game. Take to your tank or walk on two feet as you blast your way through NES greatness. This game is fun, addictive, and deserves to be on my list because , well, I said so. This is my list anyway.

8: Smash Bros Brawl

I have never played Melee, so this will have to do. The sheer selection of Nintendo's mascots makes this game one that never ceases to teach you something. And I hate Pikachu.

7: Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal

These games took what made the original a worldwide success and make it even more fun. Item holding, Pokemon breeding, owning noobs in SIXTEEN gyms, all the while building up to the fight...... with yourself in RBY. The irony is priceless.

6: Mario Kart DS

I have yet to play Mario Kart Wii, but this is one beast of a game. Wi-fi means you can own guys without even having to live in the same continent as them, and a selection of old race tracks really makes this game awesome. New Karts, missions and the old fear of the red shell still stand in what is the best handheld racing game ever...........for Nintendo.

5: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

How can you not love the new gun=Wii remote feature? This game owns and you know it, I know it, Sony knows it and Jesus himself, knows it. Ripping off shields, new mazes with the morph ball, telling guys to piss off with the closest thing to god mode, pure genius. Needs, no, is BEGGING, Nintendo to give it an internet multi-player.

4: Contra

Contra owns you soul. Well, if it doesn't own yours, it definitely owns mine. Guys in tights (and not much else) with guns shooting never loses its flare. Come on, you know it's true.

3: Super Mario Bros

The game that saved video games, every gamer should know the ins and outs of this game. The world skips, especially when world 4-2 tricks you into warping to world 5 insteald of going to world 8. The 1-ups, the pipes, the whole hot dog. Without this game, the video game market would be reduced to a fad in the early 80's in the minds of historians. Instead, we have the video game market that is today, and for that, we should be grateful.

2: Super Metroid

The pinnacle of 2D shooters, Super Metroid was one of only 3 games that I have on my SNES that I soon dumped for the 64 soon after. The bosses, the weapons, the swinging, the killing, the story, THE AWESOMENESS!!!! This game owns all shooters past, present and the known future of Nintendo gaming.

1: Super Mario Bros 3

How do you top the game that saved video games, the best shooter ever, one of the best racers ever, the best Nintendo fighting game franchise and the greatest selling puzzle game of all time?

You create this.

More power-ups, more levels, more secrets, more diversity, more complexity, a map screen, and the best gaming character in history. That is Super Mario Bros 3.

I could spend my whole life saying how ownage this game is, but I don't need to. Play it for yourself, whether on the NES or the GBA, either way, this game will blow you away. Stuff Zelda, this is the Best Game of All Time

-Super Mario 64 would probably be fourth if not for the max of 2 per franchise
-As you can see, I hate Zelda games
-I can go look at other sites to make sure you aren't copying lists. Don't bother.

Think I'm wrong? Post your list!

To see an index of my review, click here
Latest review: Ristar
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Old 12-23-2008, 09:39 PM   #2
NOT an Eskimo
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Points: 1,727, Level: 24 Points: 1,727, Level: 24 Points: 1,727, Level: 24
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Okay, here's mine.

10) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Super fun 2D platformer, made even more fun by the DK Bongos. It's short, yes, but who cares, that just adds more to the replayability. Plus, the Kong fights were great.

9) Punch-Out!!

Ah yes, who can not forget this NES classic. The characters, the patterns, the personality, the racism (well, more like stereotype jokes, but you get the idea), not to mention fighting against Mike Tyson, back when he was awesome and before he went down in his career.

8) Star Fox 64

Four Words "DO A BARREL ROLL!" A great on-rails space shoter, back when the series was at the best it could go. I'm still waiting for that true SF64 successor

7) F-Zero X

Not only is it my favorite game out of the series, but it is probably has the best rock guitar composition in any game. The riffs and tunes just add so much to the game, and makes it one enjoyable ride.

6) Metroid Prime

This game has some of the best story narrative I have ever seen in a video game, and the "looking through samus's visor" aspect brings out another whole layer of detail and immersion, all the while retaining the aspects that make the series so awesome in the first place.

5) Super Smash Bros Brawl.

SO. MUCH. CONTENT. The game is like a history museum of how far Nintendo has come. The main gameplay is always fun and a great subject for parties, but for people like me who love all the pieces of Nintendo history, it's always nice to sit back and learn some tidbits about characters or objects in the trophy gallary.

4) Sin & Punishment: Successor to the Earth.

What can I say? It's insane, on-rails, 3D action shooter, with clever bosses, a complex story line, and to top it all off, it's an import. This game is a very amazing piece of awesomeness, and the credit goes to Treasure.

3) The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

The game that defined the 3D adventure genre. So many memories can be spent on this by gamers everywhere. Plus, we all sure hate the water temple.

2) The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask.

This game takes all the great things estabilished by OoT, and kicks it up a notch, making it beat it's predecessor in nearly EVERY aspect. The three day system really had you going, the mood was abstract and mysterious, the characters were memorable, so much more could be said about this.

1) Super Mario Galaxy

This game is, IMO, the greatest game of all time. Miyamoto and his team really did a great job with this game, with truely amazing level design, and such an extremely high level of polish. This is the 3D equivelant of Super Mario Bros 3, and that's saying something.
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Old 12-30-2008, 05:56 PM   #3
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10) Super Mario 64 Ds
9)Wii Music
8)Cooking Mama
7)My Sims
6)Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games
5)Mario Kart Ds
4)Mario Kart Wii
3)Tetris Ds
2)Wii Sports
1)Animal Crossing
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Old 01-02-2009, 09:59 AM   #4
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My top 10 favorite Nintendo games are:

10. Tetris DS
9. Super Mario 64 DS
8. Mario Party 8
7. Tetris (NES)
6. Paper Mario And The Thousand Year Door
5. Super Smash Bros.
4. Super Mario Galaxy
3. Super Mario Bros. 3
2. Super Mario Bros.
1. Super Mario 64

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