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Wave Race 64
Wave Race 64
Published by Alaska_Gamer
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Average 91%
Wave Race 64

You ever play jet ski games before? Well, that seems not so likely, since there aren't many racing games in that category, but in Nintendo's classic N64 gem Wave Race 64, you got yourself something VERY fun. The game that demonstrated wave physics at it's best, using 80% of the system's power, deserves to be in ANY Nintendo fan's collection.

Also, on a side note, for the complete trio of extreme sport games from Nintendo, get this along with 1080 and Excitebike 64.


Typical N64 graphics, but the one thing that really makes the visuals shine, are the waves and the texture of the ocean. It still impresses me today how they managed to pull it off. It's clear, it looks, feels, acts like how water would behave, and mixed with the other textures and visuals in the game, it's very nice to look at, even if it's 64 bit.


For games like this, we will replace "storyline" with "presentation", because there really is no story. In terms of the presentation, you'll pretty much see water everywhere. On menu screens, you'll be looking at the options and other things with water creating ripples or waves and other physics in the back ground, demonstrating even more of the power that was put into this game. Plus, you got a mildly cheesy (or enthusiastic, whichever fits) announcer during races and some small voice samples here and there. All in all, pretty solid.


Nintendo games are always well know for tight and well tuned controls, and this game is no exception. Controls are very easy get a hold of, and if that wasn't enough, racing around the course, if you get in the air, by whatever means, you can do stunts, and pulling off the stunts can be a bit challenging, but are rewarding, especially when you try to do a barrel roll with Dave Mariner (fat, but fast).

So, with the above mentioned controls, how it goes into gameplay, there is a championship mode, time trial, a stunt mode, and a versus mode. Only downside to the versus mode is that only up to two players are permitted, which is strange since the N64 was the only console at the time to support 4 players at once. Still, everything is very solid, and on the highest difficulty in Championship mode, don't be surprised to see some rubber-banding.


I actually have a bit of a hard time trying to describe the music. There are guitars in it, yes, but it isn't necessarily any hard form of medal. I guess you could say it's a ton of variations, but soundtrack, especially the main theme, is pretty catchy. That's all I can say really, and when you're playing the game, you don't take the time to decide what kind of style the music is. It's just good, alright?


Nintendo and Miyamoto really gave another fun game while at the same time demonstrating what they could do with the technology of the console. The one thing that will always be remembered about Wave Race, is that the wave physics, the biggest aspect of the game, was and still is impressive.

Go on. Play it.
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By SeanMi on 01-01-2009, 08:00 PM
I love this game. Me and my bro always played it. Nice review man
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