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Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
Bugs destroy a great game
Published by SegaSlayer33
Author review
Average 68%
Angry Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Lego Star Wars II: A Glitch city for the DS era

Lego Star Wars II is the retelling of the original Star Wars trilogy in Lego form. It is the sequel to the first Lego Star Wars and follows similar game mechanics.

I played this game on the PS2 and I loved it. Especially that Emperor, whoever game Yoda the slowest walk ever I hate, by the way. My friend, who quite liked the original and had played the game at my house, decided that it would be a great idea to purchase the game on the DS. How wrong he was.

There is one thing that sets this game apart from the stellar console version. It is the motherload of glitch.

My team mate shoots me for no reason. The screen doesn't follow the character, you fall through the scenery, the levels disappear. When I bet $20 that I could beat that game in 1 day, I went home 20 dollars short. I had to restart one level 6 times because the level disappeared!

The only icing on the cake is that this game uses the soundtrack from the movies.

Graphics: 5.0
Lego graphics, nothing too fancy. Imagine building this game with Lego in real world lol.

Storyline: 9.5
The game follows the Star Wars storyline perfectly, adding in an extra little humor now and then. The story is quite clever in the way it narrates the game without speech, but nothing beats hear Darth Vader whisper "I am your father......"

Controls/Gameplay: 2.5
Once again, bugs destroy a great game. I seriously recommend playing this game on one of the Sony consoles, however. This game would of owned.

Sound: 10.0
My only Perfect 10 and it deserves it. The music is masterful, perfect, the best on the DS without a doubt. It adds emotion to what feels like the beta testing mode of the game. Simply brilliant.

Overall: 6.0

The sound and storyline are fantastic. But they are copies of a move, so you expect that. The gameplay is destroyed by these glitches. No glitches would of equaled a great game.

For reading this review!

Got any tips to make my reviews better? Post away!
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By Mario on 01-02-2009, 02:48 PM
Good Review Sega!! Your becoming good at your reviews. Too bad Nintendo doesn't release fixes for their games.
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