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A future with deadly camera angles
Published by SegaSlayer33
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Average 53%

WALL-E: A Future with deadly camera angles

My friend went to see WALL-E a while back with his little sister. Although my brother thought the movie was bland, with a lack of blood or guts that he was accustomed to every time he went to the cinema, her sister loved it. Adored it. so much so that her mum purchased WALL-E for the DS as her Christmas. when I returned from my holiday and went to visit friends house, the first thing I heard before I entered the door was......


WALL-E is a puzzle game in which you use recycled garbage cubes to help you solve a variety of puzzles.The rooms are filled with enemies, pitfalls and switches, all requiring these garbage cubes to pass.

First off, what has to be the worst bit of any game in the DS library: The camera angle. It seems to exist only for the sole purpose to annoy you. This camera takes FOREVER to adjust. I'm talking Superman 64 bottom of the barrel here.

Furthermore, the punishment system is far too strict. You can only be hit five times per level before you die. Each level has about five rooms that you need to successfully traverse before you can save your progress. Every time you are struck by a laser or accidentally fall down a pit, you lose precious energy. Because of your limited view of the play area, it is far too common to slip down a hole you didn't realize you were standing so close to or be hit by a laser you would have sworn was going to miss.

The camera angle is also annoying for another thing. The walls are lined with switches that are required to pass the level, but due to my camera angle, I CAN'T SEE THEM!

There are some parts of the game in which you can play as a white robot called Eve, racing through levels and avoiding obstacles along the way. However, the graphics are more of a hindrance than a help, and it takes a while to discover which blurs are obstacles and which are objects you are able to interact with. Although to be honest, most of the graphics in this game feel like a blur.

There is a two-player mode in which you can race your friends through the Eve levels, but the game is just as uninteresting with friends.

Graphics: 4.5

The graphics are underwhelming, to say the least. They are difficult to interpret at first, and belong in a N64 game.

Storyline: 8.0
This is quite good. But its from a movie,so you should expect that. But still pretty good for a video game

Controls/Gameplay: 4.0
Like a lot of games, one feature turns a good game into a crappy one. The camera angle is death sentence, and really detracts from what should be a rewarding puzzle game. When completed I felt dissatisfied.

Sound: 5.5
Not bad, not good either. Its lukewarn, as lukewarm as this game

Overall: 5.5
A game that was destroyed by its camera. If the camera angle was better, I would recommend this as a puzzle game. But it's not, so this game, like many others, just adds to the reputation that movies make bad games.

For reading this thread!

Have any suggestions to make my reviews better? Post away!
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