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Wave Race Blue Storm
Wave Race Blue Storm
Published by Alaska_Gamer
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Wave Race Blue Storm

Wave Race made a huge splash (pun intended) on the video game market, due to being a game that had demonstrated wave physics, which are hard to program BTW, at their best with one of the N64's biggest technological achievements. Now, when the sequel was coming up, the development was passed on to American based first party devs at NST. The result: In NST's first take on Miyamoto's jet ski creation, everything from the wave physics to the presentation is all there, but not without, surprisingly, a higher learning curve to the controls and the recycling of of old stages from it's predecessor.


The waves along with the visuals in the original game were definetely stunning for their time, and with the tech behind the waves intact for this game, they look more beautiful as ever. Character models are much better too. The characters from the previous game, who wore helmets and goggles, went and ditched them to let their faces be more recognized, and thanks to the graphical power of the Gamecube, it's made decent. The one complaint about these though is that at a close up, you can tell that these are low polygon models.


In this case, presentation. Like the menu screens from Wave Race 64, Blue Storm uses the waves at any possible moment. When you start up the game, you are greated to a camera view of crystal clear water, and as it ripples, the title and developer studio's name comes by, with some very nice details as well. This is present in the loading screens as well, and you know the race is ready once the view of what's under water is obscured by countless ripples. The rest of it manages to stick close to the original presentation of Wave Race 64.


This is where the game SLIGHTLY falls apart. Hey, I'm being honest when I say this, but the controls, really take a delicate touch to master, and thus, using the controls are more difficult to use than in the predecessor. In Wave Race 64, you could easily make any sort of turn, even sharp ons, with the analog stick. Now, in Blue Storm, you have to use either the left or right triggers to make a sharp turn in the respective direction. But like 1080, you will start having fun once you get ahold of it, but it's a shame that the controls had to be like this in contrast to the more appropriate Wave Race 64 controls. Besides that, many of the modes in the original still apply to this. Including copies of original stages. This is another thing that might bug those that are expecting content entirely new, because some of the stages in the game are pretty much near identical to their predecessor's counterparts. Another slight disapointment, but it doesn't destroy the experience.


The soundtrack stays partly close to the original's music score, although in this one, the metal guitar is more noticeable, and it's very nice to listen to. They even did a remix of the original Wave Race theme. Now that's nice. But it doesn't still hold the same charm as Wave Race 64's themes. I'm assuming it's because of the use of MIDI that made the songs reminicsent of Mario Kart 64, but Blue Storm's soundtrack isn't by all means bad, but I just didn't find it as charming as I wanted.


Only riddled by a few faults, this is still a very solid racing game and a great representation of water physics in any video game. Big fans of Wave Race (like me) won't get their attention held by this game for long, since it just comes up a bit short to expectations set by Wave Race 64, and especially with twitchy control's like this game, you most likely aren't gonna make this your number 1 favourite.
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