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Contra 4
Contra 4
Its hard, its fun, its Contra!
Published by SegaSlayer33
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Contra 4: Its hard, its fun, its Contra!

Wearing only green pants never felt so right

A game that made Contra fanboys pee-pee in their pants, Contra 4 is the eleventh in the Contra series, yet it is made to be a direct sequel to Contra 3. The gameplay is similar to Contra 3, and has the ability to switch gameplay from screen to screen.

The gameplay is heavily fun, and any who loved the original Contra trilogy will agree with me. The gameplay is the same, they still have the qualities that made the originals great in their heyday.

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You can play as Bill, Lance, Mad Dog and Scorpion in this game, which is a nice touch. however, nothing beats the original duo. there is no fancy touch screen stuff, except for the menu. This game is true Contra

However, this game is not for the faint-hearted. This game is one cruel mistress that should not be approached without an experience in Contra games. The normal mode is the kind of sick joke you play on a little brother who thinks that he is the best in video games.

The game is short, the extra unlockable levels are single-player ad you need 2 games for multi-player. The game is easily a great game for me, being a big Contra fan,but for those who are relatively new and lack ability with run-and shoot platformers, I urge you to play Contra on an emulator first to see whether the game is suitable or not for you.

Graphics: 5.0

The graphics are true 16-bit era stuff. It reminds me of the early 90's Metal Slug games. The graphics are good for the real fanatic who likes retro games and the way that their graphics are done, but apart from those, it is if that the graphics are taken from the same era as the gameplay.

Storyline: 8.0

The storyline is good. It follows years, has defined enemies, and follows the story of the original Contra trilogy, something I am happy with. The game didn't do things it didn't have to, and did the things it did just right. The storyline feels just right for me.

Controls/Gameplay: 9.0
Awesome gameplay and controls. The game is an awesome addition to the game series, it takes aspects from a new time, while still staying true to the things that people knew and loved from the original trilogy. The boss battles involve careful exploitation of weakness and studying of the enemy. A great revival for an old classic.

Sound: 8.5
The soundtrack is original and appropriate. It strikes an interesting balance between quiet and loud music at the requiring times. An outstanding soundtrack worthy of the series success and fame.

Overall: 8.0
A game that fan boys will love for the years to come, yet it beggs for a sequel. Although critisized for its extreme difficulty, Contra 4 is a game that experienced platform and shooting fans alike will love.

For reading this thread!

Go any ideas for making my reviews better? Post away!
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By Mr.Negativel on 02-26-2009, 12:59 AM
well they couldof make mahiens that they can use and boss and better hard core bosse
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