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Talking Shawario Game Ideas

I've got some cool game ideas!

In this game, there's a HUGE party happening in all of the world. Even Bowser is having a party, but nobody comes in his party. Bowser got mad and sent his minnons to steal all the mini-games, gaddets, and iteams from all the partys in the world and destroy them. Mario can stop Bowser!....

In the game, you go to E. Gadd's Lab. When you beat the level, you drop into a machine and you get a baby version of the charater you won with.

In this game, there these charater : Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Birdo, Boshi, Wario [also in Wario Ware suit], Waluigi, Peach, Daisy, Koopa Kid, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Wario, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, and Rosalina [with a luma]! And the boards are Bowser Jr.'s Toy Box, Cheep-Cheep Falls, Bowser Land, Mushroom Town, Raindow Road, Munt Chomp, Troopa Jr.'s Playground, Boo's Graveyard, Isle Delfino, Bean Bean Town, E. Gadd's Lad, Baby Park

There's candys, orbs, and ice cream in the game. You get orbs from vending machines, you get candy form little candy shops, and you get ice cream from ice cream tracks that drive around the board.

You guys know the boo orb, you guys also know he steals coins or stars from one player...well, a KING boo orb[a RARE orb] can steal coins or stars from EVERY player.

And in Bowser Jr.'s Toy Box, there's a Chain Chomp with a cailer named Spike. When Spike sees you, he runs to you and smashes you. If you jump on him, you can ride him ALL the way to his dog house[that means NO dice!]. And when you pass a player, you smash the player and get 3 or 5 coins.

You guys know the Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy? The place where you go other galaxys. Well, that's the bonus place. And when you get Grand Stars, they go to the Comet Observatory and gives more power to the Comet Observatory and get more bonus thingys!

When you get 10 stars in a board, you get a Grand Star! There's a mini-game called Pick-a-Boo. In the mini-game, you've got to pick the boos with the stars and get the most to win.

There's a green dice space, when you land on it, you get 1 extra dice. And there's a red dice space, when you land on it, you get 2 extra die. There's also a yellow/gold dice space, when you land on it, you get 3 extra die.

There's a blue space called the Geyser Space. If you land on it, a big geyser comes out of the space and you'll land on another geyser space. There's a space called the Lava Space, its the same thing but red and lava comes out and you land on a lava space. There's a blue space with picture of a green pipe. If you pass by it, you can use it or not. If you land on it, you have to use it. If you use it, you'll warp to where's a another charater's at.
You know those Bob-Ombs Buddies [Pink Bob-Ombs] that let you use cannons from Super Mario 64 and DS? I made a Bob-Omb Buddy Space. If you pass by it, you canuse [the Bob-Omb Buddy will ask you] and if you land on it, you've got use the space. If you use it, the space will open and a connon will come out, then you'll fall in it. Once you're in, you're going to be shooted to any where in the board.

There's a mini-game called Coins Coins Everywhere. In the mini-game, there's 100 coins and you've got to get the most coins. All the coins are hidden in a mini-game level and there's only 60 sec. There's also a mini-game called Star Finder, it's like VS in Super Mario 64 DS. And there's a mini-game called Grounded Beans. In the mini-game, you've got to find beans under the ground by digging and get the most in 30 sec.

Online Mode[Get to play with other people online], P1 Mode[it's like the game MPA, but fun], Board Maker[Get to make you're own board and get to play on it in Extra Mode], and Candy Madness[Get to play in any board, but there's a lot of candy spaces and candy shops and you've got to get the most stars by using you're candy].

I thought of a board called Shroom City. There's some ? space swith a bus stop signs infront of it. If you land on it, then you just wait for 5 min and then a wiggle looking bus cames. You go inside and take a ride to any stop sigh you want in the board.

What do you guys think? Good or Bad? I'm going to add more later...
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