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Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Diamond
Published by SirManguydude
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Pikachu Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Diamond
You begin your journey on your way to visit the lake near your village.
Once you arrive there you find Professor Rowan being attack by a pokemon.
You see a bag lying on the ground, with some balls laying alongside it.
You decide which one you want, and you fight your first pokemon.

The Graphics are in a 2D format, with slight 3D aspects, lets call it 2.5D. The graphics are pretty good, except when it shows the close up on the two battling characters during the Elite Four, where it looks horribly pixelated. It doesn't ruin the game though, just it gets frequently annoying if you constantly visit the Elite Four for level weak pokemon, and to gain money. Definately doesn't break the game. 9.5/10

You know what they say, if it isn't broken don't fix it, well that is the case here. It has the same basic storyline as all the other games, but has its various twists thrown in there. Still hasn't worn thin like some other games that follow the if it isn't broken don't fix it(Points at Tony Hawk series). 8/10


The controls work great in this game, except for the fact that you can't move diagonally. You use the D-pad for movement so it is expected. On your touchscreen you have your PokeEtech, as the game progresses you gain more applications for your Etech(such as Day Care Monitor, clock(analog and Digital), Step Counter, Calculator, etc.) During Battle you use the Touchscreen to select different commands such as attack, run, items, and swap. Now Gameplay is great, I haven't found any glitches, but know that in the Japanese version there is the Elite Four Door Glitch, but it was fixed for the US release. You also have Wi-Fi availible, so you can use a building to trade with other players around the world, trade and battle with friends, and in the battle tower, you can battle other "people", but it is just a NPC with a real person's pokemon, and some battle recognition. The worst part is, is that to actually battle an online person you need their friend code. Also the underground, and Union Room have Area Connection where if someone around you is in there they can battle trade and steal your Underground Flag, supposibly they changed that in Platinum. 10/10

Keeping this one short and sweet since the last one was long. I'm still amazed by the sound quality of the tiny DS and this game helps stun me. Long gone are the Monotonal diddies of the past, and now great musical feats, which haven't gotten boring yet(Check after 300 hours, though sometimes I listen to the radio when playing). 10/10

Overall Score: 9.25/10
Definately go out and BUY this game, or at least rent it. I recommend buying cause this game has great Replay Value and will keep you coming back for more, even if you are not a giant pokemon fan.

~Sir Manguydude
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By Konata on 02-07-2009, 10:02 AM
Member reviews
Average 73%
Good review but pretty short...
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By 4poke on 05-09-2009, 11:21 PM
Good review pearl is my faved too
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By AlloftheAbove on 05-10-2009, 06:36 AM
You really gave the graphics a near-perfect rating? Okay, fair enough.
I'm not a fan of the Pokemon series, so I'm not going to get this game. But I like your review. It's very short and to-the-point. If that's what you've aimed for, you've succeeded.
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By Xenon on 06-06-2009, 10:00 AM
Short, succint and straight to the point. Awesome work!
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By Tzini9 on 06-06-2009, 10:29 AM
nice work...short but very convincing
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By SirManguydude on 06-06-2009, 11:42 AM
Time to make my Pokemon Platinum review.
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By Tzini9 on 06-06-2009, 11:44 AM
Thumbs up

sure!make it better.....
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By YoshiDude on 08-19-2009, 02:19 PM
Member reviews
Average 73%

I don't really play this anymore, and I also have the Japanese version.

But I did enjoy the time I played on it. but so many problems with my DS Cardtrige slot when I use AR on Pokemon Diamond.
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