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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review
a Beef review
Published by da Beef
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Average 88%
Arrow Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review

This is the intro music to the game. It is very epic. Listen as you read if you like.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Developer: Retro Studios
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Wii
Release Date: August 27, 2007
ESRB Rating: Teen
Players: 1
Control Method: Wii Remote and Nunchuk

The third and final game in the Metroid Prime series undoubtedly pushes the Wii to its limits and uses its motion controls better than any other title, but is it a worthy finale to the revolutionary Prime?

Itís what you have come to expect from Retro Studios. The same smart and fun gameplay is still intact. Running around solving puzzles, killing space pirates, getting power ups and energy tanks, battling screen-filling bosses that test your wits and your trigger finger Ö Itís all here, and even though the basic structure is starting to stagnate, this is the formula perfected.

Samus' latest outing is set six months after the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and the Space Pirates are yet again up to no good. The main plot revolves around the Pirates' continuing misuse of Phazon, but this time the conflict ties all the way back to the source of the substance, the living planet Phaaze. Dark Samus has became the leader of the Space Pirates, and is causing trouble for the Federation, launching "seeds" of Phaaze throughout the galaxy to corrupt other worlds. So once again the lovely and deadly Samus Aran is called into action to fix everything.

So, yeah, the story is a bit out of control and predictable. Early in the game you're introduced to several other bounty hunters (which is cool), but they have "We will turn evil and become boss characters" written all over them. Despite the story being pretty standard, it's still fun to watch the events unfold, even if you did see them coming a mile away. An interesting aspect of the plot is that Samus is infected with Phazon, and that her body is slowly being "corrupted" by it. It works as a great catalyst for her and your actions, and really deepens the pathos of a fairly bland character. To say the least, the story isn't amazing, but works. It's great to see the end the story arc started way back in the original Prime, and the addition of voice acting really enriches the experience.

Combat is actually better than ever, but it still isn't up to par with standard shooters. Of course, this is Metroid, so combat is not the focus.

The biggest difference in Corruption from Echoes and Prime, and the biggest reason to even continue playing the series and to check out this game, is the controls. They are awesome. I have never played a Wii game that makes better use of the motion capabilities. Even though the controls alter the gameplay fairly significantly from the past two games, namely combat, I really think itís for the better. In the other Prime games I always felt constricted by the awkward aiming and movement. Which I guess was sort of the point, adding a bit of realism to a game where you play as a skinny chick clad in power armor, but it became a problem when I all too often bumped into walls thanks to the single stick navigation, or had to back up just to lock on to an enemy. The game plays much more like a standard FPS now, and while it does unfortunately lose some of the charm of feeling like youíre hulking around a sexy tank, movement and combat is so much more fun now that you wonít regret the tradeoff.

For the most part though, Corruption is more of the same. In many ways this is a problem. It feels as though Nintendo played it pretty safe on this one, (shocker) when real strides in the series' design could have been made. Admittedly there are some brilliant changes such as axing the tradition of Samus losing most of her abilities at the beginning of the game, and splitting the adventure across different locales with the option of choosing which to explore first. Not to mention the wonderful new controls. Overall though it feels quite a bit too much like the previous Primes. I know this is a weird criticism since it's a trilogy and all, but the fact remains that the map still sucks (which doesnít help because some of the puzzles are just uber abstract), the item upgrades make about as much sense as finding advanced space weaponry while hiking, and the general Zeldaesque feel to game's formula is starting to feel not only, well, formulaic, but also I'm not sure if it's even right for the series. What I would really love to see in the next Metroid game is another reinvention, much like the original Prime.

Art direction is everything. The environments are as beautiful and captivating as ever, even on the Wii's limited hardware.

While these flaws are indeed substantial, they are amazingly not crippling. Corruption is still an incredibly immersive and well-crafted experience. The Metroid games, the Prime series in particular, are know for their engaging atmospheres, and Corruption is easily the best in terms of visual design and presentation. Each area of the game simply oozes with breathtaking detail, and are often quite literally jaw dropping to behold. The staggering amount of scan data available also fleshes out the world immensely, creating an environment that you want to learn about and exist in, the simple pleasure of doing so being a big part of my love for the game. Sometimes I pop this game in just to run around for a bit and soak in the atmosphere or listen to the amazing soundtrack. Now thatís staying power. Itís far from perfect, and itís not even the best of the Prime games, but itís easily my personal favorite Wii title and one of the most enthralling experiences in gaming Iíve had this generation. A ďprimeĒ example of the sum being greater than its parts.

8.8/10 - "Great"
If you missed out on this one, by all means check it out. It starts out slow, but somehow transcends its problems and builds into a really involving adventure. Worth a purchase.

- da Beef
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