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Ne-Yo - Year Of The Gentlemen
Ne-Yo - Year Of The Gentlemen
Published by Konata
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Ne-Yo - Year Of The Gentlemen

This is my review for Ne-Yo's latest and 3rd album, Year of the gentlemen. I think that this album is far better than his last, the songs are more varied, and most of them seem to have a far better tune than the song's in "Because Of You" and "In My Own Words". Although the songs in his album's are slow, the beats to most of the songs in Year Of The Gentlemen make them seem slightly more upbeat to previous songs, which is a step up.

However this album didn't do so good, and only got to number 1 in one chart, the U.S. Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. It reached a peak position of 2nd in the Japanese Oricon Album Chart, the UK Album Charts, and the U.S. Billboard 200.

Overall Album Rating - 8.5/10

Track Listing
1. Closer
2. Nobody
3. Single
4. Mad
5. Miss Independent
6. Why does she stay
7. Fade into the background
8. So you can cry
9. Part of the list
10. Back to what you know
11. Lie to me
12. Stop this world

13. Sexy Love (Brazilian Bonus Track)

Track Ratings

Closer - Very catchy beat to it, except it's one of those songs where the chorus and verse clash slightly, and it can get pretty repetitive after a few listens. 9/10.

Nobody - Wasn't much for this one to be honest, the beat wasn't catchy, but it's alright to listen to, and it isn't the worst on the album. Good song if your depressed..7/10.

Single - Great song, it continues with the same style throughout, so you don't have to worry about those parts of the song which you just want to skip through to get the chorus, and with slight changes in this song, it doesn't get boring. 9/10.

Mad - Got to be my favourite song on this album, it's got a great chorus with lyrics you can learn easily. It's got 4 types of tune in it, which are all great and surprisingly there all catchy. 10/10.

Miss Independent - Another great song, never gets old, one of those you just want to listen to over and over again. Brilliant chorus, and the verses have great lyrics. 10/10.

Why does she stay - A good song, but if you put it next to some of the other songs on here it doesn't really match the style, it feels out of place on this album to me, and the verses, are actually better than the chorus. 7/10.

Fade into the background - The worst song on the album, it has no beat to it at all, and gets boring half way through, the chorus has the exact same tune as the verses, and well, it was a let down to be honest. 5/10.

So you can cry - Pretty good song, got a good beat, nothing else to really say about this one, the lyrics could do with some work, but other than that it's good. 7/10.

Part of the list - Great song, the lyrics really make this, and the beat is one of the best on the album. Although after a while this one may get repetitive, which it did with me xD. 9.5/10.

Back to what you know - An average song to the others on the album, but without comparison its still average, not the best, but it isn't the worst, even though the beat isn't all too good, i couldn't stop listening to this one. 8.5/10.

Lie to me - Great song, that's all i can say really xD. Except that the lyrics need work, yeah, there's nothing else i could say..8.5/10.

Stop this world - Meh, as above, but what was he trying to do when he did this? It's nothing special, but still a good song. 8/10.

Sexy Love - One of the best songs on the album, great beat, great lyrics, another one which you can't stop playing and it never gets repetitive. The chorus is addictive and easy to learn the lyrics to. 10/10.

That's it for my review, hope you liked it =].
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By yoshmeister on 02-04-2009, 04:30 PM
Lol nice review.

May listen to this one day :G
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