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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
Published by Kansaibou
Author review
Average 88%
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition by Capcom
Rated T and for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Lost Planet is a somewhat older game (about 2-3 years) that I recently picked up. In short, its a third-person-shooter that takes place on a frozen planet. You must utilize VS (vital suits, or mechas) to your advantage to take on the enemy Akrid and Snow pirates. Overall, it could be described as GOW with snow and mechas.


The game focuses around playing as Wayne, the protagonist, traveling through the massive snow-covered planes while fighting your way through Snow pirates (human bandits and thieves) and the Akird, a hostile insect-like alien native to the planet youre on.
You can fight in the conventional method, or you may utilize the aforementioned VS's to aid your combat.

An interesting element was added to the game; Thermal energy, or T-ENG. This is an energy source that depletes rapidly due to your own metabolism and the harsh weather. You must keep this thermal energy plentiful (which you obtain by defeating enemies or activating data-posts throughout the levels) in order to survive. Without it, your health depletes slowly.
Luckily, your character has a special device on his arm which allows your health to replenish as long as you have T-ENG.

Now, for the pros and cons of the gameplay;


-The game has got all the basic needs of a third person shooter, and works with them smoothly.

-The boss fights in this game are simply amazing. They keep your heart pumping, are interesting to defeat, and usually are just plain cool. On extreme mode, these guys will make you gauge your eyes out in sheer frustration.
-Using the VS's is a game within itself. There isnt a huge variety of them, but they are still amazing.
-The online is one of the funnest ive yet to play. With the colonies addition (a special addition version) you get to even play as the akrid online.
-The thermal energy is a unique and fitting addition. It becomes a total detrement on harder difficulties, though.


-Although the thermal energy is great, they could have done more with it.
-A minor annoyance, but your character runs rather slowly. This can be SLIGHTLY cured by rolling, but that uses up thermal energy faster.
-The campaign is very short. Only 11 missions. Luckily, each mission is about 1:30 long.
-Variety is a problem. Youve got only about 12 different guns to use; half of which are just mech versions of human guns. (This is fixed in the colonies addition, though, with a good 10 new guns added.)
-Unfortunately, balance amongst the guns is an issue. The machine gun takes a good 5-7 seconds of spraying to make sure an enemy is down.


The game takes place in the future. Earth is slowly becoming inhospitable, and mankind is forced to find a new home. They discover a planet named E.D.N III. The planet, being mainly covered in snow, has similar qualities of Earth, simply colder. Humans colonize the planet and life begins to thrive.
Suddenly, during the colonization, a hostile lifeform known as the Akrid (whom live primarily underground or in caves) emerges and attacks man.

Humans soon figure out that conventional weaponary is almost useless against the rock-hard bodies of the Akrid, so they began to flee. However, while fleeing the planet, they discover the Thermal Energy within the bodies of the Akrid, and realize how incredibly powerful it is.
Determines to fight back, humans develop mechas, (the VS's) to fight back the Akrid and fight for life.

Now, the stories got a great setting and beginning. It starts getting hairy when you play through it though. Simply put, its not that exciting during the campaign. Nothing out of the ordinary, no cool cut scenes, nothing.
The characters arent very memorable, and it just feels like they didnt try very hard.
Its not HORRIBLE, just lackluster.


The music in the game is a army-styled combat sort of music. Orchestrated instruments played and gave off a great feeling.
Overall, the music protrayed a great feeling in the game. It got you ready for fighting, and never seemed out-of-place.

The voice acting varied. Some was pretty good, others were meh. There wasnt much varried voices for the enemies, so you generally heard the same lines over and over. "Hes just one man!" "IM NOT GONNA DIE!!!" "Get him! There he is!" "Damn you!". Not terribly exciting, to say the least.
Waynes voice acting, however, was pretty good. It had that "common soldier" feel to it, and he always seemed ready and willing for combat.

The other sounds were great. There was the almost constant heavy snow-blowing sound, in the snowy areas, and volcanic eruptions in the rare volcanic areas. The mechas sounded fine, the guns fit, and everything else was fine.


The graphics were another really high-scoring part of the game. The environments looked GREAT. It gave you that desolate, isolated feel, and almost sent chills of icy wind down your back. If not in the snowy landscape, you were likely in an enemy base, or volcanic area. Again, both of those areas did an amazing job at giving the feeling.

The designs were also great. The VS's look cool, the character design are above-average, and it all looks great.

The explosion effects are also incredibly nice. This is one of the only games ive played where the smoke from the explosion actually can be more of a pain than the actual impact. It almost blinds you.
A ton of little things add to the coolness of it. The gatling gun from the VS's hitting snow shoots snow up 10-20 feet in the air, missiles leave great looking trails of dust, and even the T-ENG looks cool.

Theres very little wrong with this area. Really, the only flaw is that the frame rate drops in a few areas; mainly when youre being bombared with 3-4 missiles at a time.


The game doesnt suffer from anything TOO major. Most of the faults come from a few mediocrities here and there. Most, if not all of the gameplay annoyances are fixed in full in the Colonies edition of the game.


-Great and addictive gameplay
-Amazing online
-The colonies edition gives a huge variety of activites
-Graphics are beautiful
-The VS addition adds a whole new element to the game.


-A bit repettive at some points
-Campaign is short
-Forgettable storyline
-Needs more variety (though, like i said, its fixed in the Colonies edition)

This game definitely holds strong in the shooter environment. If you liked Gears of War, youll probably enjoy this game as well.
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By Mario on 02-22-2009, 12:50 PM
Another good review by ya Kans...
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By Kansaibou on 02-22-2009, 12:52 PM
Member reviews
Average 88%
Originally Posted by Mario View Post
Another good review by ya Kans...
And, once again, thanks muchly X3...
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