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Siberianhusky89 We have a Nintendo Fan in the Making

Go Go Ackman!

(Has been meaning to do this)

Go Go Ackman is a Super Famicom game (Super Nintendo of Japan) that was never released into America. It's a 2D Platformer game that has an anime style to it, though, the game was created by Akira (The creator of Dragon Ball Z) and it was based off of his pilot anime Go Go Ackman! which he decided to turn into a trilogy of games.

Story: After many years, Ackman has finally awoken. Now he must go out and collect souls (With his assistant demon Godon, a small red bat-like demon) that he can sell to Satan. Ackman must face the trouble of fighting off his nemesis, Tenshi. Tenshi is an angel that tries to stop Ackman from his exploits, however, he miserably fails every time.

Gameplay: Just like most 2D Platformers, you have the basics, walking left, right, and jumping. Anyhow, you can also attack by punching, charge your punch to shoot a blast, get guns, a sword, bombs, and other things. Killing enemies means you get souls, getting 100 souls means you get an extra life. You also do parts where you drive a car and crush people with your car and such. The game is humorous and the jokes are clever. You can also slide and such as well. Later in the game you can choose paths you wanted to go to.

Music: The music is "catchy" at times and fits in well. Not much to say about it besides that.

Style: The style is unique (Not the most unique but unique nonetheless) and is interesting because you play a villian er... Anti-hero? Well, he kills to collect souls and sell them to Satan, so he's somewhat of a villian. Anyhow, the game is humorous and uses adult jokes and some are actually really good (Unlike alot of Earthbound's jokes which were meant for 4 year olds but adults and teens laugh at it because they either haven't heard a good joke in their life or just think it's funny because it's Earthbound.)

Movie time

And the Anime Pilot for laughs

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