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Guitar Hero: World Tour(Wii) - Review
Guitar Hero: World Tour(Wii) - Review
______ Hero <--- What goes in that blank?
Published by Saru786
Author review
Average 86%
Cool Guitar Hero: World Tour(Wii) - Review

Gameplay from the game before/after you read this review.

Welcome to my review of Guitar Hero: World Tour, a Rock Band wannabe? Find out in this review and I hopes you likes it a lots.

Guitar Hero: World Tour has been highly anticipated since its announcement. Many have hoped that it could surpass Rock Band. However, does Activision defeat the attempts of Harmonix, or is this game just a Rock Band wannabe?

Red Octane has had pretty good guitars ever since the beginning of the series, but I feel that they could not handle the drums. Everything about them do not feel as solid as the Rock Band drums. For one, I really dislike the bass pedal. It registers note hits via a pad on the bottom that the pedal hits whenever it goes down. This prevents bounceback like the Rock Band and Rock Band 2 bass pedals have. While cymbals seem like a good idea at first, the execution that Red Octane took was not too hot. The cymbals are required to be screwed on, which makes it hard to tighten the drums fully. This is a problem, since the cymbals seem to sometimes register one hit as two, and hitting another drum hard enough can cause vibrations. This causes an unwanted cymbal note to be registered.

The guitar for Guitar Hero: World Tour is surprisingly...underwhelming. While the new touch slider was advertised as a great addition, in reality, its not. The slider is set into the neck of the guitar, so it is difficult to feel where it is. Moreover, there is no kind of bump or anything to tell you which fret you are touching. This gets even worse, since there really is nothing distinguishing the individual frets. Ironically, you don't ever have to use it; it is completely optional during the tapping-designated sections of the song. One other problem with the guitar is the use of star power. The guitar does not always register being raised, so star power activation in this manner is erratic. The star power button has been changed, and it requires considerable force to push down. The strum bar does not feel very satisfying to strum. Ultimately, I'd say this guitar is on par with the Rock Band 2 guitar.

There is nothing special about the microphone: it's just a standard USB microphone. There are some issues with singing, but we'll get into that later.

The Guitar, Mic, and Drums for Guitar Hero: World Tour.

I have to say that I am slightly disappointed with this game's graphics. The fretboard on screen just seems not as refined as GH3. For example, it seems that the developers were lazy in not adding a line for eighth notes in every song. Compared to Rock Band, the fretboard just does not seem as clean, either. In addition to this, the characters and venues seem kind of jagged, at least on an LCD screen. They're actually a step back from Guitar Hero 3, I've found. But it's all playable, so that's really all that matters.

Graphics for Guitar Hero: World Tour.

The audio for this game is pretty good. Concerning the songs, I'd have to say that I like Rock Band 2's setlist more, but that's just a matter of opinion, really. One thing to notice, though, is that about 10 of the songs found in Guitar Hero: World Tour can be found in Rock Band 2. Most of the DLC is okay so far, but nothing great like the stuff that Rock Band has (Rush for the win!!!!).

Guitar Hero has been around for a few years now, and through all of the revamps and spin-offs, the concept has remained the same: you hit the note that corresponds with the note coming on screen. Previously, this had only involved strumming and putting your fingers on the corresponding notes when they come down the note highway on guitar, but the addition of drums and singing has added differences.

Like I've already stated, guitar involves strumming and fretting the notes as they appear on screen. The fact that you are using a replica of a guitar makes this all the more fun. While this may seem simple on pen and paper, once you get to expert difficulty, you'll be sliding up and down the fretboard with the speed of a god. You'll be getting all of the girls...only to lose them to that guy in the corner playing real guitar. In addition to the standard notes, a few extras have been added. Sustained notes can now be played in conjunction with regular notes if it is required (like on Float On and Freak on a Leash). Tapping sections are represented by purple-ish, translucent notes. You can use the touch slider or not, but you don't have strum. On bass, there is now a purple bar representing an open note. This is a great idea, but I think it should have been added to guitar as well. Ultimately, these additions do make the guitar more interesting.

For the drums, you hit the note that corresponds with the colored note on screen, with the purple bar representing the bass pedal. It's nothing you haven't seen if you have played Rock Band and is a rip-off.

Singing is also like Rock Band. The words come from right-to-left, and you have to match the specific pitches which, once again, is a rip-off.

One interesting extra that was put into the Wii-version of the game is Mii Freestyle. It's cool if you just want to play around with the instruments or whatever.

Other than the actually game design, one thing that seems to be a problem is the menu set-up. It's really disorganized and seems to be thrown together. It's just not as fluent as those of Rock Band.

For those of you who have played Guitar Hero 3, you know how everything works out for guitar. The only difference is that the timing window for notes has decreased slightly since Guitar Hero 3.

Like I have stated in the instruments section, one thing that is really annoying about the drums is the note registry. Sometimes the cymbals will register a double-hit; sometimes they will vibrate if you hit the drums hard enough.

The singing in this game is really pathetic. It seems like the game reads the pitches as the half-step closest to what you are singing. Also, the pitch meter jumps as opposed to Rock Band, where the pitch "climbs."

Online in this game is far improved from Guitar Hero 3 and Aerosmith. There is virtually no lag. My only complaint is the match-ups: if you play on expert, chances are, you're going to play against primarily easy and medium players (I don't know why.) Using friend codes are really the only way to guarantee what difficulties you are playing against.

Overall, the gameplay for this game is fun like all of the Guitar Heroes past, but, unfortunately, it doesn't equal that of Rock Band.

~Music Studio~
Activision must have decided that Guitar Hero needed to have some kind of definitive feature. This is where the music studio comes in. While it might not be for everybody, it's certainly an interesting little toy.

The Music Studio is divided into two different parts: Recording Studio and GHMix. If you are just trying to mess around, Music Studio is the place to go. If you are really serious, though, you'll probably spend most of your time in GHMix.

Essential, in GHMix you play notes in order to make a song (duh!). But there are a few ways to do this. You can either use live recording, which allows you to record your songs in a live format. If you want to be precise, though, you'll likely be using the Step Record, which allows you to place the notes into the exact positions you want. The snap count (or something like that) can be adjusted from a measure to thirty-second notes (sixty-fourth notes can be used, but only in live recording).

There are many factors to make a difference in your song. Beats per minute can be changed anywhere between 80 and 160. The scale can be changed with any half-step root note, and there are many different scales to choose from, like major, minor, and blues. Effects, sounds, and drum kits can be changed

While the music studio (GHMix specifically) is quite a lot of fun, there are quite a bit of issues. Firstly, it's kind of inconvenient to navigate through a music-creating program with a guitar controller. In terms of creating songs, there is a limit as to how high of a pitch there is (for rhythm guitar, it's only low E through high G). For guitar, there are no chords other than neutral and sharp (no suspended or minor, etc.), among many other problems.

Once you create your song, you can upload it to GHTunes, a place where people share there custom songs. Chances are, though, if you don't really tell anybody about your song, it likely will not receive any publicity.

Ultimately, there are quite a few issues with the music studio, but if you're serious about creating songs, you should plow right through the problems.

Music Studio for Guitar Hero: World Tour.

Guitar Hero: World Tour is indeed a fun game. However, it feels to be kind of sloppy and unrefined at some points. Hopefully, Activision will be able to fix these blemishes for its second outing with a full band game, for as it stands, Rock Band is currently beating Guitar Hero.

Final Scores
Graphics: 7.5/10 Not has improved from GH3, but you can tell what is what, which is what really matters.

Storyline: 10/10 You travel with your band to gigs and such to be an awesome rockstar and what not, what more can you want?

Controls/Gameplay: 7.2/10 The controls with the guitar or drums isn't really good, but the gameplay isn't all that good aswell, which is what effects the score most. But, decent.

Sound: 10/10 The sounds of the guitar and drums and your voice for the mic are perfect. You can hear the cymbal on the drums and "bing" on the guitar, and your voice aswell as it is.

for reading my review, please comment on your opinion of this review and the game itself.

- ftw!!!

- Next Review: Vurtial Boy(Nintendo)

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By DarkLegacy on 03-28-2009, 12:49 PM
Good review!
Btw you spelt virtual boy wrong
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By Saru786 on 03-28-2009, 12:50 PM
Member reviews
Average 86%
Thanks! Atleast someone commented.
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