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Kirby: Super Star Ultra
Kirby: Super Star Ultra
He's back! again >_<
Published by Whiskermush
Author review
Average 75%
Sm Kirby Kirby: Super Star Ultra

Kirby's new game Kirby Super Star Ultra has a little different perspective than the other kirby games. Super Star Ultra allows you to play different minigames with good ol' Kirby which hasn't changed at all. There is also a feature to play Meta Knight and go through all the stages which Kirby went through. Then there's a Hero to Hero minigame which allows you to play as Waddle Dee or any other enemey in the game. Again, it's all the same with kirby.

The graphics are alright but there could have been better in the terms of the gameplay graphics. 7.5/10


Not really much of a storyline since it's split up into individual games itself. So with the being of the storylines individual I will explain each:

Spring Breeze-Don't be surprised with this one. This is the exact same, maybe EASIER than the other Kirbys. Just walk from door to door eating up your foes as you go by.

Gourmet Race
- A simple race in three tracks with King Dee Dee. Eat food and go faster.
Dyna Blade- Another replica of the old kirbys and another copy of Spring Breeze except there are more stages to it instead. At the end you go against Dyna and thats the end of that one.

The Great Cave Offensive- This minigame is probably the one I found most interesting. There are 4 areas that have to be cleared and you need to try to find 60 treasures. The last 10 are the hardest and may be extremely difficult to find. This is probably one of the best minigames.

Revenge of Meta Knight
- A normal RPG that is timed and at the end you just kill Meta Knight and that's the end of that minigame. It isn't as interesting as the title says it is.

Milky Way Wishes
- A battle of the Sun and the Moon which was stolen from Mario Party 6. You have to get at least 1-2 copies of enemies because you can't eat your enemies in this minigame. Each planet contains 3 copies each. To get full credit you need to get all 3 copies in each planet.

Revenge of the King- Another copy of Spring Breeze except a little more harder. Still it should be easy to beat.

Meta Knightmare Ultra
- This is the minigame where you can play as Meta Knight. This is one of the best Minigames in Kirby Super Star.

The Arena/Hero to Hero- These two minigames allow you to play as Kirby or as a enemy and go against enemies as an enemy or kirby.


Arrow Pad- To move
Touch Screen- To click on various things and is needed in Gourmet Race and in some of the extra minigames.
A- Jump
B- Action

Gameplay/Controllers: 7.5/10
Graphics- 7/10
Sound- 8.5/10
Storyline- 7/10

So in total get your coat and buy the game in your Target or Best Buy. It is a good game and you will enjoy it!

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By Brandyn on 03-25-2009, 11:12 PM
Cool. I've been considering this a little bit but it's my sister that likes these. I've never really been into Kirby I've played the Amazing Mirror and it's alright but to me personally not one of Nintendo's best franchises.
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By Xenon on 03-26-2009, 07:46 AM
Kirby's pretty good, gameboy. Great review, by the way, I've been thinking about buying this game and now I just might.
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