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Fifa 09
Fifa 09
The beautiful game, made more beautiful
Published by safcrhys
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Fifa 09

Well, the most popular sport on the planet has been brought right to us in the comfort of our own homes so that we don't have to pay at the turnstile to watch the local team in the freezing weather. This game may not appeal to Americans but to people from almost every other country, this game has been top of their list. And here is why...

The anticipation of matchday, the passion of the fans, that general buzz that you can feel in the air, is brought to you in this game. You can feel the pressure of getting that vital win, you can feel the fans breathing viciously down your neck, and you also feel the euphoria when that last minute goal goes in. But you not only feel it, you are apart of it.

FIFA 09 brings the beautiful game upclose and personal as you wrestle for trophies amongst other things, there are a number of game modes available which are sure to tide you over until the new version of the game comes out in October. First of all, it is a good idea to have an exhibition match to get used to the games controls, although it shouldn't take you too long on the Xbox 360. Immediately you will be immersed at how slick everything is, you will see the massive stadium unfold before your eyes, with thousands of people standing up and cheering in anticipation. This is what makes FIFA special.

For the hardcore FIFA gamers, you may want to look at modes such as "Be a Pro" where you can create your own football player and select him to play for a team of your choice. You will play solely as him, and try to work your way to the top, earning transfers to bigger clubs in the process. It is a 5 year career and one that can be alot of fun, although at first you will have to play in the reserves squad and progress. Alternatively you can choose a real player such as Cristiano Ronaldo and lead a team such as Manchester United to glory straight from the off...

Perhaps the most immersing game mode on FIFA however, is the "Manager Mode" where you create your manager, choose a club and try to lead that club to glory. There will be different expectations depending on the club you choose (Manchester United will want to win the league amongst other things while a team such as Hull will want to avoid relegation), along the way your manager prestige will rise which means that eventually you will be able to manage any club in the world.

You are even placed incharge of ticket prices, and if your team needs improved then there is every reason to dabble in the transfer market and try to sign the next world superstar. You can also develop academy players so that they become good enough to play for the first team or you can sell them on to make a massive profit... There are many other features in this mode, I have barely even scratched the surface.

Then ofcourse, you have the online mode where you can take on fellow FIFA fans from all over the world in a bid to make yourself number one. If you have the Xbox headset then you can also talk to any foes you play. It is all here and this is one amazing football game that should be seriously looked at for any fans of the beautiful game.

Graphics: 9.5 - The game makes use of the Xbox's fantastic capabilites to create the most realistic football game ever. Stadium's look massive and the players look extremely lifelike.

Storyline: 8.0 - There isn't really a storyline to a sports game, all I can say is read above for all the features that will tide you over.

Controls/Gameplay: 9.0 - The game feels very slick, the controls are very responsive and there is a huge amount of fantastic tricks you can do if you master the combos.

Sound: 9.5 - Amazingly good, as usual EA has grantes us numerous songs which range from Sam Sparro's "Black and Gold" to other more peculiar foreign beats. The crowds sound very realistic, and depending which stadium you play in you will hear chants and songs ranging from Liverpool's "You'll Never Walk Alone" to Portsmouth's short but sweet "Blue Army!" chant.
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By Jonjosuff ᴥ on 03-26-2009, 07:56 PM
I would of put storyline as a null value, it doesn't come into play really.

But yeah, an amazing game. made me feels really slick for playing it for some reason.

Must admit though, if I didn't know better, I could easily play Fifa 08 and Fifa 09 as the same game.
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