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What happens when the numbers run out?
Published by Xenon
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Knowing – movie review

Knowing is a tremendous movie, released across the world on March 29, 2009. It stars Nicolas Cage as the main character, a middle-aged single parent who teaches Astrophysics at MIT. The young son, Caleb, is one of the Chosen. (I’m not gonna say anything more about him, because it will spoil the movie for people who want to see it).

Knowing is a movie about a little girl who puts forward an idea to celebrate the opening of her school. She proposes that they bury a time capsule. All the children draw pictures of what they think the future will be like, and put them inside the time capsule, which is to be opened fifty years later. However, while all the other children draw spaceships and futuristic cities, one girl, Lucinda Embry, simply writes two pages of seemingly random numbers, supposedly writing down the whispers in her head. The teacher snatches it away before she can write the final numbers, and they later find her using her skin to scratch them into doors, covered in blood. She begs them to “make the whispering stop”.

50 years later, and the children, of which Caleb is one of, are opening them. Caleb receives the one with the numbers, and takes it home. His father deciphers it to find that it shows all the natural disasters that have happened since that year fifty years ago, and then to find that it also shows three that haven’t happened yet. One is going to happen the next day, one the day after, and one the day after that. The numbers show the location, date and the number of people that will die in the disaster. The first two come true, so he seeks out the daughter and granddaughter of Lucinda (now dead), hoping they can help him. They agree, and then raise this question: If the numbers predict the future of the Earth, what happens when the numbers run out? I won’t spoil the rest.

This movie is a tremendous suspense thriller. Throughout the movie, Nicolas’s character John, his son Caleb, the daughter of Lucinda named Diana and her daughter Abbey struggle to interpret the mysteries of the numbers, and what they mean for all of humankind, all the while being stalked by “the whispering people”, people who hide their faces in darkness, and are always trying to kidnap Caleb and Abbey. The two actors of the adults portray their characters very successfully, even getting across such strong emotions as anger and hate and fear all at the same time, even while faced with the destruction of everything they love. In the end, they have to decide whether to make the ultimate sacrifice (and no, in this case it isn’t giving their lives so their children can live. Bit unpredictable, wouldn’t you say?). They struggle to uncover the mystery of this piece of paper, all the while witnessing the horrifying sites that burn images into their minds that they will never, ever be able to forget.

This is an excellently well made film. Even the sound portrays the suspense and terror so well throughout the whole movie that it had me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie, sitting there going “No, don’t do that!”. That’s when I know I’m watching a good movie. I don’t know about your peoples’ standards, but I have no problem whatsoever with calling it the best movie I’ve ever seen. It appealed to my scientific side and my (newfound) love of suspense, and it had the perfect combination of both, as well as just a little bit of comedy thrown in as well. I think this movie used suspense so well, it’s given me a love of suspenseful films. However, this definitely isn’t one to take children under 11 to see. Indeed, if you don’t like seeing people dying, don’t see this movie. Some of the more horrific scenes include people burning to death and watching people fall underneath moving trains… Anyway, it’s an excellent film. Well done, Nicolas Cage, and well done Universal Studios!

However, for all those people who won't actually see the film or want to spoil it for themselves, here is the rest of the storyline:

The first disaster was a plane crash, right near him. The plane crashed, and John helped as many people as he could, although the numbers came true.
The second disaster was on a train, where it came off the track and swept across the platform, killing 81 people. Again, the numbers came true.
After they agree to help him, they go to Lucinda’s mobile home, which is where she lived out the last weeks of her life. When they arrive, they leave the children in the car and go inside to investigate, which is when Diana realizes that the last two numbers aren’t numbers at all, but in fact two letters written where the amount of deaths of the last event should be. The letters are “EE”. They are both baffled as to what this means, until they lift up the old bed and discover it; the number of people that are going to die in the last event is “Everyone Else”. Meanwhile, four of the whispering people are advancing on the car which the children are still in from all sides. They lock the doors, and Caleb presses the horn, summoning the two adults from inside the house. Once they are sighted, the people scatter into the bush. John gives chase and confronts one in a clearing, demanding that it tell him what it wants with his son. It merely opens its mouth and releases a burst of light and then promptly disappears without a trace. They flee back home, and discover what the final event is. A massive burst of gamma radiation from the Sun that will destroy the Earth’s ozone layer and kill everyone instantaneously, thus killing “everyone else”. John lies to Diana and tells her that they will be safe if they hide underground. The last set of numbers doesn’t have a location, until John realizes that Lucinda must have scratched the location onto the door that they found her in fifty years ago. He finds the door, but by this point, Diana thinks he’s crazy and takes the children to the cave. He discovers that the location the numbers say to go to is the location of Lucinda’s mobile home. However, Diana disagrees, and stops at a gas station to fuel the car. Wile she’s paying, the whispering people steal the car with the children still inside, and start driving to Lucinda’s mobile home. Diana promptly takes another car and gives chases, gets run over by a truck and dies.

However, Nicolas finds the car, drives to the mobile home and finds Caleb and Abbey, in the care of the whispering people. H initially prepares to shoot them, until Caleb steps out and reveals that they aren’t trying to hurt them, merely protect them. They reveal that they are actually aliens, come from another world when they were alerted to the imminent destruction of Earth. They had Chosen two children that they would fly away and use to repopulate another planet with human, thus saving the human race. They say, however, that this does not include John. John successfully convinces Caleb and Abbey to go without them, although they do so reluctantly. As the spaceship leaves Earth, we also see that the whispering people are angel-like in their true form, and that Caleb and Abbey were not the only ones rescued; several other ships leave Earth as well. John returns home to be with his loving family, and his last moments are with them, as we see the radiation sweep across the Earth and eradicate all life.

The last scene, however, is a joyful one, as we see the children stepping off onto their new world.

So, guys I hope you enjoyed the review!
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By Konata on 03-29-2009, 06:42 AM
Good Review Brawler.
By Jonjosuff ᴥ on 03-29-2009, 06:54 AM
waarrgghhh, looks pretty epic. I'm going to the cinema with my girlfriend tomorrow and am well seeing that.
By AlloftheAbove on 03-30-2009, 02:24 AM
Imagine saying to your son "Now, you have to have sex with this little girl, and your kids will have sex with each other, and that will keep happening until there are lots of people again."
By Xenon on 03-31-2009, 01:16 AM
Yeah, and the kid as only 8, so they'll have to teach them about the birds and the bees on the way...
By Cindy on 08-24-2009, 03:58 AM
omg what a great movie how, ominous, it made me feel lol.The music gives it it's life like most films.Yeah the last scene is very much like A.I. with the effects and all but yeah throughout the whole movie I kept thinking the ''whisper's'' were such pedo stalkers! haha but still love these types of movies and was definitely about 5* . good review xenon =]
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