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The NEET Thing To Do
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The Conduit, Clichéd? Wrong.

Originally Posted by HDWarriors
Everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, when it comes to High Voltage Software's upcoming First Person Shooter The Conduit, there has been alot of negativity going around that isn't particularly fair considering that we have not played the full game yet.

For example, a recently released preview of the game on has the opinion that The Conduit is "clichéd, uninspired, and quite forgettable". While the vast majority of gamers are excited, and open minded about the game's story and setting, in case you didn't know, the negative opinion is not necessarily a niche one. There are alot of people who feel this way as an absolute, while others are more open minded yet still approaching The Conduit with that same sort of attitude. has an opinion that represents those gamers. Again, they are entitled to it.

This raises a couple of interesting questions though. Since all of us (at this point) are basing our opinions off of what we've heard from the developers, seen on video, or from what are relatively short demo experiences of the game, is it proper to have such a strong negative opinion of The Conduit? Also, what exactly would the criteria be for an Earth based FPS to escape being cliché to the point of voicing distaste?

No one has played this game's story through yet. The truth is, we only have the outline of the general story. What we do have as information to pad the little we've seen though is what the game's Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger has stated. In our interview with Nofsinger from October last year, when we asked him about this game's supposed non-existant inspiration he stated:

We really did pull from the Masons for sure, and that is integral to our storyline. But there are a lot of areas in the story where we pull from our love of Conspiracy Theories. I’ve got a big ol’ encyclopedia in my office on Secret Societies. We wrote a sort of “Universe Guide” for the Conduit. It’s gigantic. It’s culled from all of these different conspiracy theories with enough content for far more games than we could ever have time to create in our lifetime. I think that it makes the world just that much more robust since we thought it through to that extent.

I think that this game for us is a culmination of something that myself and many, many of the talented people that work with us – I mean I’ve been at High Voltage for nearly 15 years, and this is a culmination of that for a lot of us; where we’ve worked on a lot of licensed titles, and we’ve worked on things that we feel good about, what they are and how it ended up, but this is a different thing. This is something that is very personal to us, something where it feels like the stars have aligned.

So is The Conduit clichéd or uninspired because it dabbles in all things conspiracy related? Should HVS have released their Bible thick "Universe Guide"before the game is even released in order to appease the impatient or hasty tongued? Perhaps the game is forgettable because currently yet to exist areas weren't created for a game whose setting is Earth/Washington D.C. in our current time line? Or maybe it's because the art direction isn't as amazing as that of the Metroid Prime series, which has one of the best of all time?

The Conduit seems to be one of those games where people either love the idea of it or hate its guts to the point where they feel the need to marginalize or belittle it. And again, the game has yet to even be released. How can someone praise a FPS for having some interesting new weapons while in the same breath expect it to have weapons as new and interesting to the genre as a game from last decade did? Seriously. What do people want from these guys?

High Voltage Software has created a fun, good looking first person shooter, with the best controls and customization seen on a console to date. On the Wii. At the same time, they've gone through the trouble of putting together what is perhaps the deepest story seen in the genre. Complete with encyclopedic Universe Guide! Yet before the game is even released, it is being called run of the mill, same ol', same ol', etc. by people who've played or seen a piece of one or two levels, and by people who haven't even done that.

All we know is the little that we've been allowed to glean so far, and rightly so. You can't reveal too much beforehand of a 10 hour or so long game. Beyond that though we do have a hint of the depth that lies in wait for us. Wait we must however. Especially before we form adamant negative opinions, and use words that would try to undermine the hype for one of the greatest 3rd party efforts on the Wii to date.

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Well, theres not many great or Original FPS out there. There all pretty much the same. Granted this uses the wii's controls. They all seem the same regardless.

I'm still excited about The Conduit. Its good that people are questioning it, instead of blind anticipation of how great it will be.
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