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Revenge of the Sith Review
Revenge of the Sith Review
Published by Smooth Criminal
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Average 73%
Revenge of the Sith Review

Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Ahh, Star Wars, youíve been so good to us over the years. Youíve given us hours, no, years, of entertainment. Youíve given us great characters, an awesome storyline, and just when you think you know whatís going to happen, you throw everything on its head. Episode III was amazing, and easily the best of the new trilogy. My little brothers are Star Wars fanatics. They are also Nintendo fanatics, and both had received a DS for Christmas 2004. Imagine my utmost amazement when one of them saysÖ

ďThis game is awesome!Ē

And 4 hours later, Iíve gone down to GameStop and I have Revenge of the Sith in my DS. Time to find out what all the fuss is about.

Revenge of the Sith is a typical beat em up in which you can follow either Obi-Wan or Anakin through the Revenge of the Sith storyline. Iíll admit right off the bat, I love beat em ups, and the way you can choose two characters really adds to the game. It virtually gives you two different games, which I think is a great feature that a lot of other beat em ups could of benefitted from. Both characters get entirely different storylines, different worlds, different enemies, and different strategies work with different characters. I personally prefer Anakin, but thatís just because his enemies are more varied. And force choke is uber awesome.

Both characters use a lightsabre, and there are all the expected moves. Both characters can use 3 hit combos, upper cuts, and a lot of basic things in beat em ups. But a really useful thing (especially in Obi Wan mode) is the ability to block. The cool thing about blocking (which by itself is anything but cool) is that you can deflect blaster bolts back at opponents with a little timing. I always thought this was really cool. But by far the best thing is the force powers. Each character has different moves, and they really make a good game great. Want to hit that enemy on the other side of the screen? Throw your lightsabre at him, and watch as Anakin pulls it back within his reach with his force powers. Want to heal that missile strike that blasted your leg off? Watch Obi-Wan wave his hand in the air and the blood magically turns into skin and muscle. These force powers are unlocked by using green gems, which are hidden throughout the levels. Each power has three levels, with level one already available on force push. As you go through the game, these force powers become increasingly useful. And finally there are super moves (for want of a better word) that use a ďsuper move meterĒ. This meter builds up when you damage enemies. You can use 4 different ďsuper movesĒ, each of which are unique to each character. Ironically, the most powerful one (which uses up the entire meter) is available at the beginning of the game. Iíll explain how to unlock these later.

In each storyline, there are 4 bosses. The first one (Count Dooku) is the same for both characters, with the last one being the other character (the last fight on Mustafar). But the other two bosses are unique to each character. These boss fights are relatively simple, with you having to either block up, down or use force to block the opponents moves, while getting in hits when theyíre open. Some moves are complex combos, which involve you to block up or down with timing. This part of the game is relatively easy once you know what to do, and is a real letdown, especially in comparison to even some enemies in the later levels. Overall, theyíre gimmicky, but my nephews enjoyed them, and when they made this game they werenít making the next Zelda title, so Iíll let it slide. One cool thing is, when you defeat the boss, you get to ďstealĒ their special move, which I think is ironic. But I still think itís a shame.

However, there is one thing that I canít ignore: The space levels

There are about 2-3 times in the game where you must engage in a space level. These involve you flying around in your space ship, shooting down other space ships. Occasionally, you will find power ups, which give you more missiles (you start out with four), health and the like. The entire multiplayer aspect of the game involves flying in these ships, shooting each other. You can also unlock better ships, eventually getting the Millennium Falcon.

The space levels are REALLY mediocre. You spend nearly the entire time flying into nothing, just waiting for something to appear. The multiplayer is better, but there is simply no skill. You just use the missile and unless they have spent hours unlocking a character with extra armour, they die. Even when they donít die another missile kills them in a flash. My nephews played the multiplayer for about 5 minutes, and they all said exactly what I was thinking: Halo 2 is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than this garbage. Smart kids.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics on this game are pretty good. They wonít win any awards, but the graphics were pretty good. . As for the space levels, the graphics wereÖnot too bad (Iím gracious). They reminded me more of a PlayStation game. Overall the graphics were pretty decent. I give it a 7

Sound: 8/10

The thing that really makes me mad is when Star Wars games (or any movie games for that matter) donít use the soundtrack from the movies. Revenge of the Sith did and for that I applaud it, I really do. However seeing it effectively took the music from somewhere else, I canít give it full marks. But still, very good. I give it an 8

Gameplay: 6/10

A good game, and easily one of the better movie games. I completely ignored the Space levels for this, because it makes up such a small portion of the game. Itís a good beat em up, and relates quite well to the saga. Itís not an excellent game: It hasnít won many awards and I doubt it ever will. But this game is OK. I give it a 6.

Replay Value: 5/10

Replay is pretty solid. The game has a master mode, which for anyone crazy about beat em ups will surely give them a challenge. However, for anyone else, there isnít much else here. The multiplayer Iím sure was suppose to add depth that it certainly doesnít. Itís a beat em up, and beat em ups arenít world renowned for their depth. I give it a 5

Overall: 6.5/10

Once again, itís not a stellar game. But itís good while it lasts. It takes the old formula and adds in a nifty new aspect (even though I would love to use a dead enemies weapons), which makes it really fun to play. The super moves are cool, the force choke is back (and here to stay!), and for a first, itís on the go. Revenge of the Sith is a game that you can power through in one sitting, the wrap up again and send it to your best friend for Christmas. Which is exactly what my little brothers and I did.

Thanks for reading my first review . If you have any comments, or tips to make this review better, feel free to post
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