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New Super Mario Bros. Review
New Super Mario Bros. Review
Published by DragonLX
Author review
Average 76%
New Super Mario Bros. Review

New Super Mario Brothers
A review made by DragonLX

Release date:
-America: May 15, 2006
-Japan: May 25, 2006
Console: Nintendo DS
Genre: Sidescroller-Platformer
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: E
Players: 1-2 players
New Super Mario Bros. North America Commercial
The last game of the Mario franchise that still keeps loyal to its beginnings. New Super Mario Bros. holds the real essence of the Mario franchise as it reintroduces many of its old solid formulas the series had throughout the years, but this game focuses on reviving the 2D style that we grew up with. If you are interested on what else I have to say for this incredible game, keep reading.


One day Mario and Princess Toadstool decide to take a walk around her castle. Suddenly a thunder strikes it and the Toads around start to freak out. Mario runs a little closer to check what's going on. While he's away, Bowser Jr. (the main antagonist of the game) sneaks behind Peach and kidnaps her. Peach screams for help (as usual). Mario turns around and starts running after Bowser Jr. and so the new adventure begins...

Storyline: 5/10
As you see, the plot isn't really innovative if comparing to other Mario titles. It is the typical Mario plot: Someone kidnaps Peach (for a 100th time), Mario has to defeat the kidnapper and rescue her. Nothing really exciting, but the Mario series need a real plot? In my opinion, no, the games are the real thing.


The gameplay is no surprise either. Mario has to go through a series of worlds in order to rescue Princess Peach, each containing a different and unique theme (for example, a desert world, a sky world, etc.) and each of them a series of levels, and the player will have to run through those levels while defeating various enemies, like goombas, koopas, etc. and, if possible, collect coins and power-ups that will help you. This concept is not innovative as it's almost the one used for the various Mario platformers, which for some players are really good news. This game also reintroduces some moves from previous Mario games, like the wall-jump and the triple jump. They are hard to get at first (if this is your first Mario game) but easily done with experience.

Due to the addition of the touch screen, the gameplay varies a little. Some of the new features it has to offer: showing your current high score, the length and your current position on a level, between others. The most important feature that the touch screen has is allowing you to tap the power-up you have in reserve so you can use it later, like in Super Mario World.

Gameplay: 8/10
This title may have new features and the reintroduction of some bosses, but it still feels pretty similar to its platformer predecessors. Nevertheless, it is really fun and it will never leave you bored.

The New Power-Ups

This game carries the typical power-ups, like the Super Mushroom, the Fire Flower and the Starman, but it also features new ones, which in my opinion, were the best thing of the game as they make this title more unique.
Mega Mushroom

Probably the first power-up you'll get. When Mario gets this mushroom, he'll grow to a gigantic size making him almost unstoppable and with the ability to destroy the many enemies and objects within a level, don't expect to jump into a lava pool and survive, though. Also, when this power-up is in use, there will be a 'destruction' counter on the top of the screen that fills depending on how many things you destroyed while as Giant Mario and it will give you 1-UP Mushrooms if the meter has filled enough.

In my opinion the best and funniest power-up of this game. Contrary to the Mega Shroom, the Mini-Shroom will shrink Mario to a very tiny size (no time limit). You will be able to jump higher, enter tiny pipes and run on the water's surface. The only downsides about this form are that you won't be able to stomp enemy normally and if you get hit once, Mario will lose a life.
Blue Shell
When Mario enters a Blue Shell, he'll turn into Shell-Mario allowing him to spin like a shell while running. This helps you to destroy blocks by sides and kill enemies while spinning, and, if the player presses the down arrow button, Mario will withdraw into the shell to protect himself.


This title may be a 2D platformer, but it was given 3D graphics. All the enemies of this game were made in a 3D perspective and every background is nicely done. The overworld is well-done too, and even those very little details, like the shadow effects, are lovely. Considering the DS' graphic capabilities, this title's graphics are amazing.
Graphics: 8.7/10


New Super Mario Bros. features a great soundtrack with some remakes of past Mario titles songs. Most of the original sound effects were left intact, which gives the feeling of playing the classical Super Mario Bros. again. Also, something funny about the soundtrack: a sound like 'BAH BAH!' will go along with the background song and some enemies will do a pose with it, for example the power-ups and goombas will jump and the spinies will turn around.

Sound: 9.3/10
A trip through memories is played along with this soundtrack and sound effects. I simply loved it and retro Mario gamers (hopefully) will too.

Here, examples of the soundtrack.

Walking the Plains

The Mushroom Waltz
Replay Value

The replay value is great. After finishing the main quest you will be able to play with another character (not telling ;]), also you can try to collect all the 240 Star coins within the game, or doing the long task of completing the maximum score.

Replay Value: 8.4/10
The features that go along with this game increase this score, like the various minigames you'll unlock and the multiplayer, which are really fun.


I never got the chance to test the multiplayer myself, so I'll base my opinions on what I've seen on videos and the instructions manual.

The multiplayer seems pretty simple, the players will be able to use either Mario or Luigi and fight for coins and stars, while stomping each-other and avoiding the hazards of various stage, also the bottom screen seems to act differently, showing different scores and holding up to three power-ups for reserve. I would have wished for a Co-op mode for the main game, but you can't have everything you want. :/

Multiplayer Mode Gameplay Video
Multiplayer: 7/10
It seems fun and kind of innovative.
(When I get the chance to try the multiplayer myself, I'll update this section)

Final Score

New Super Mario Bros is the revival of an almost lost tradition. It is pretty fun remembering the old Mario platformers while reviving the gameplay most of us grew up with. If you aren't a die hard Mario gamer, then you would be better renting it, if possible. See if you want to keep it so you can still enjoy the features that go along with this title like the mini games and multiplayer. All in all, this game is worth giving a try, even if you haven't played a Mario platformer before.

+ The old Mario platformer gameplay style revives in this title.

- Plot is innovative and not exciting.
- Lacks a Co-op mode.

Thanks for reading this review!
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By AlloftheAbove on 04-19-2009, 07:23 PM
I agree with the majority of this review. Nice work! ^_^
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By Rin on 04-19-2009, 07:26 PM
Very well done man. Very well done. It's a nice review :3
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