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MegaMan ZX Review
MegaMan ZX Review
Published by DragonLX
Author review
Average 85%
MegaMan ZX Review

This is an in-depth review I posted on another site.

MegaMan ZX
A Review by DragonLX

The Box Art of MegaMan ZX.
Release date:
-America: September 12, 2006
-Japan: July 6, 2006
Console: Nintendo DS
Developer: Inti Creates
Publisher: Capcom
Rating: E
Players: Single player

I decided to make a review of the "revival" of the great sidescroller that is Mega Man, Mega Man ZX.

This game revives most of the old traditions of the Mega Man series, almost seeming as the "evolution" of Mega Man Zero. Some innovative concepts appear in this game as well that make gameplay unique in certain ways, still the gameplay feels pretty similar to past Mega Man games. Any fan of platform games, that are willing to try the good ol' Mega Man games again with some fresh twists will really enjoy this game.


The game starts showing a clear sky with flying birds, then some dialogs appear stating the start of a phone call. The person who receives the call is named Girouette, he owns a delivery service called Giro Express. The person that sends the call says if he received the package he was commended to deliver to a client on the agreed upon the rendezvous point of Area A forest.

When Giro finishes talking, he asks his companion Vent/Aile (depending on who you choose at the start of the game) if they're ready to move out. Vent/Aile is watching the biggest building of the country, Slither Inc. from a cliff overlooking the area. He/She starts to remember the incident that took away the life of its mother ten years ago, in Area H is amusement park. Giro says some words of encouragement to him/her and when both are ready to leave, a group of Mavericks attack them from nowhere. By an explosion Vent/Aile falls into the forest below...

When Vent/Aile regains consciousness, Giro tells him/her through a device to deliver the package to the rendezvous point without him, and without mattering the conditions. When he/she gets near the package, a group of people, some Guardians, appear as well, but interrupting this meeting another Maverick appears, a giant snake mechaniloid. Vent/Aile reunites courage to try to defend the woman accompanying the Guardians, still he/she is too weak to beat the mechaniloid. The package gets near Vent/Aile and says that it will lend a hand. Suddenly a light starts to surround Vent/Aile and they a gain an "armor." With this new power, he/she fires the mechaniloid a blast of energy making it retreat, so Vent/Aile tries to the package deliver while fighting off the mechaniloid...

Storyline: 7.5/10
Normally, in a Mega Man game, the storyline isn't too deep and often difficult to relate to it's sequels, also, sometimes hard to understand. In this case, I found the storyline rather interesting and the "urge" of knowing what happens next while reading the dialogs of important parts of the game. Still, the storyline isn't the strong point of the game.


Many of the old solid formulas from the Mega Man franchise return in this title, which the old school players of this franchise will remember and love again because anyone who played the Mega Man X or Zero series will feel at home while playing Mega Man ZX. I say this because the gameplay style is very similar to the Mega Man X series but it also contains many features of the Mega Man Zero series, like the use of multiple weapons, elemental weaknesses, etc. But this title has new features that makes it stand out from the other Mega Man series.

Now the players are, again, in a 2D overworld map that is divided into several areas that the player will be able to explore at any time. Every area of the game is connected to another, which gives the feeling of a whole connected world, resembling Mega Man Zero. The method of selecting your missions is pretty similar, again, to Mega Man Zero. To select your mission you must enter into a transerver and select one of the current available ones, but there are many side quests that the player can find without the use of a transerver.

In the areas you must jump platforms, shoot or slice enemies, etc. Also at the end of almost every area there's a boss waiting for your arrival and you must defeat it. After leaving victorious you will receive a new Biometal. As always, the players will have an energy bar that when depleted, you will lose a life, and if all lifes are lost, the result will be a game over.

Model HX fightning a mini-boss.

The difference with the other Mega Man handheld games is that now you have the touch screen, which makes gameplay unique. You won't "touch" it a lot but it will be working as a second screen. It can show: enemy data, an item searcher, or you can even draw paths for your "bullets" to follow. Still, it feels like the touch screen is sit there doing nothing, it feels lacking.

The O.I.S (Overdrive Invoque System) that appears in this game is a brand new power. This special state can be activated/deactivated with the A button. This gives special attributes and more power to the attacks of the players (these attributes vary from Biometal to Biometal) but draining slowly the weapon bar in exchange. This can be really useful when battling those hard bosses and some biometals gain special techniques when the O.I.S is used.

Model ZX vs. Lurrere:
Gameplay: 8.3/10
I really don't like some things of the game… the confusing overworld map; from my seven hours of gameplay, I took 2-3 hours to even find an area! Also the difficulty level... I had some impatience problems because if you get a game over you will have to restart from the last save point and then you will have to repeat the whole level again... which becomes quite frustrating due to the fact that it's easy to die in some areas and in zones with spikes. Also mentioning impatience, in various points of the game you must have interaction with other characters of the game, and the game won't advance until you talk to them, this can be a bother for impatient gamers.

Anyways, the gameplay of the Mega Man series is really good, personally it's one of my favorites because it's a fun platformer and sidescroller. The controls are really easy to get with, any experienced gamer in any type of game can play really well because the buttons become second nature in no time. Though the gameplay may not be the most innovative, it will never leave you bored with all the new types of gameplay experience the game has to offer with every new area you enter.


Since this is the "evolution" of Mega Man Zero, a new and unique concept needed to be added, and so the Biometals were born. With these Biometals you can transform (in game, called "Megamerge") into a similar form to that which the Biometal was based on.

I find the Biometals the greatest feature of the game. All the transformations you'll get in the game are very diverse and in various points of the game you will need the use of their unique abilities to advance.

Here are most of the biometals available for gameplay:

Your human form. It can not attack, but it's needed because with it you can crouch in small places, talk to people that are afraid to talk in your Biometal forms and you can float on the water's surface.

Model X: The Blue Mega Man

It's the first Biometal you will get. His attacks were based on the X from the MegaMan X series, but his design was based on the X from the series Zero series. Model X was made for long-range combat as its weapon is the X buster, which is only capable of shooting. This weapon has 4 charge stages. Once you get Model Z, you won't be able to use Model X anymore, but you can get it again if you finish the game with both Vent and Aile, and if starting a new game data.

Model ZX: The Ultimate Mega Man

Model ZX is based on Zero, from the MegaMan Zero series. It has a really similar gameplay experience as Mega Man Zero. This model can attack both in a near and long range as its weapons are the ZX saber and the ZX buster and this Model is not capable of using the O.I.S system and has no elemental attributes. This reasons make Model ZX the most neutral and balanced Model.

Model FX: The Mega Man of Fire

It resembles Fefnir from the Mega Man Zero series. Model FX was made for long-range combat, but it has a really strong melee power making it really useful for destroying strong enemies from afar. Model FX has two Knuckle Busters that can be used to create fire shock waves and charge to punch and destroy blocks. Also this is the model with the most available firing ranges as it can do attacks in all directions. Its touch screen feature is the 'Buster Edit' which allows you to draw the bullets’ path for both knuckles making the firing range and directions even bigger and more customizable. This model holds the Fire element.

Model HX: The Mega Man of Wind

Based on Harpuia from the MegaMan Zero series. With it, Vent/Aile is able to air dash both vertically and horizontally, hover, and use Harpuia's weapon, the double sabers. While charging it can create electric-orbs that follow enemies and in later stages of the game, you will be able to create short-lived tornadoes. Also this is the only model in the game that can do a real "combo" with its swords if the player presses Y, R, and Y.
In the touch screen it displays the "Analyzing Enemy" screen, which shows the weak spots of Pseudoroids, also showing how many energy the enemy currently has left. This Model holds the power of the Wind.

Model LX: The Mega Man of Ice

Model LX represents Leviathan from the MegaMan Zero series. It holds a Halberd as its weapon. Though this model is essencial in marine combat, it isn't as powerful on earth, but it still packs great power for close range combat. With this Biometal, water is your home. With it, you can freely move and dash in water while pressing twice the jump button. Also, with charged attacks, Model LX will create ice platforms and ice dragons (that follow the nearby enemies, even out of water). In the touch screen it displays the "Item Scanner" which features a Cyber Elf and if an item is nearby the map, it will reach it in the touch screen trying to show you its location. Model LX holds the element of Ice.

Model PX: The Mega Man of Shadow

It represents Phantom from the Mega Man Zero series. Having a kunai (ninja daggers) as its weapon and a shuriken during charged attacks, when used correctly, this Model is by far the safest and most efficient way to dispatch several enemy units due to its rapid-fire capabilities. Also, this model is able to latch onto ceilings and poles. The "Radar Scope" is displayed in the touch screen, showing hidden enemies and hidden passages and, while using Model PX, dark areas will look clearer. This Model has no elemental attributes.


Model X fighting the first boss of the game.

Model ZX entering the first screen of Area I.

Graphics: 8.6/10
If you played Mega Man hand held games before, you will easily note the difference.

This game stands up a good fight against other 2D-based games on graphics. All the backgrounds of this title are beautifully drawn and Capcom "spiced" things a little by adding multiple of them, and this makes the levels look even better. Also the shadow effects are really well done. I really like the graphics of this game.

A Mega Man Anime?

Capcom and Inti Creates putted so much effort into this, that they made anime cut scenes to add more drama into the game and also to get players more in the story. These are really well done for a DS is graphic capabilities, though they look "pixilated" due to restrictions of the same console. Unluckily these cut scenes have Japanese voices... but they have English subtitles, so it really doesn't matter.

A cut scene from the beginning of the game


All the sound effects, like the swing of the sword or the voices of the characters are well done and I really like them but if you play this game for a long time you may find a little repetitive to hear the same swing of the sword and the same "Rokku On!" all the time...

The soundtrack of this title is amazing… just amazing. Capcom has never disappointed me with the soundtracks of the Mega Man franchise. All the Mega Man series have a great soundtrack and this game is no exception, all the themes always pump you up, these are really catchy and really fit the place you're currently in.

Also this game had an album, ZX Tunes, which was a huge success in Japan and it sold many copies.
Sound: 10/10

Here are some examples of the awesome soundtrack:

Area L

Boss Battle

Replay Value

There isn't much to do after your first run… Try to get Model X permanently, do a run on Expert mode or even doing a 100% run trying to collect everything, but that doesn't mean this game loses its shine on a second run!

Replay Value: 6.2/10
Not a great replay value, but it will keep you busy for a while.

Final Score

This game has excellent soundtrack, amazing graphics, addictive gameplay, but why not a nine or ten? Lack of Wi-Fi Syndrome… a Wi-Fi feature would have been great for this game...

Anyhow, this game revives the old traditions of the Mega Man series. This is a game that veterans of the game should definitely enjoy, and even new-comers to the series will too!
In my opinion this is a great side-scroller that is worth of buying if you like platformers, and is a must have if you're a Mega Man fan, but you would be better renting it off first to see if you really like this game.

+ The old gameplay of the Mega Man series returns. (can also fit as a con for some people)
+ Unique gameplay is introduced with the use of a second screen and the biometals.

- Lacks Wi-Fi features.
- The Touch Screen feels lacking.
- Confusing overworld map.

Thanks for reading this review!
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By SirManguydude on 04-20-2009, 07:44 PM
That is the X from MegaManZero not Megaman X.
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By DragonLX on 04-20-2009, 10:28 PM
Member reviews
Average 85%
I referenced him as the one from X series so the readers can get an idea of the attacks that Model X uses. as its attacks are somewhat similar to the X series one, or does the X from the Zero series attack once so you can get a reference of his attacks and gameplay? No, but I'm well aware his design was based on the MMZ series one.

Edit: Putted "Attacks based on X series, design on Zero series X". :/
Last edited by DragonLX; 04-25-2009 at 01:38 PM..
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By Skullz on 06-06-2009, 09:11 PM
I have the game but the overworld map ruined it for me. I've been stuck for way too long and I just don't feel any need to ever get back to it.
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By da Beef on 08-06-2009, 12:25 AM
i'm pretty interested in this game. looks like megaman plus a bit of metroid
Reply With Quote
By op89x on 08-06-2009, 07:59 AM
It's pretty meh if you ask me.
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