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Eighteen Visions - Obsession
Eighteen Visions - Obsession
I Can't Stop My Mind...This Time...My Mind
Published by Lukario
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Eighteen Visions - Obsession

I have to say straight up, this album was a surprise in terms of sound and feel. Very marketable in my opinion. I have listened to their music for nearly three years now, and this album has to be one of my favorites. Before you say that the genre doesn't appeal to you; you should really check out the songs on this album. It is a much more toned-down album. Not much screaming, coupled with clean and meaningful lyrics set this album apart from their other material. Fans of earlier material probably would not like this album that much compared with their previous albums. I took a listen to their previous album, Vanity, and it is a typical post-hardcore album, screaming, depressing lyrics, etc. Not very good in terms of originality, and Obsession takes those faults and turns them into strengths.

The album starts out with a rather soothing melody and then breaks out into a chant of "Obsession. Desire. Depression." The second song, I Let Go, is probably the most marketable of the whole album. Not really sure how much airplay this song got, but it is my favorite off of the whole CD. Crushes and Tower of Snakes are the most reminiscent of older 18V material, and something older fans would find very pleasing. "This Time", the fourth song on the CD, takes a softer turn with a very good melody. The guitar riffs are great and there are a lot of great hooks. The album then continues with a couple of good songs. Of all of them, "Lost in a Dream" is probably the most noteworthy. Very good melody similar to "This Time" and overall, a very cool song. The album closes with a slow song that basically is contrasting to the rest of the album.

Fans of the genre might find this album a bit too soft, but I can guarantee you that the album is worth a listen.

This album, unfortunately, is very similar in style. Most songs nearly similar to each other, so there isn't much variety in terms of sound. While it was a bold move, and an overall success, it could have used a more varied sound.

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By Skreamo on 04-22-2009, 12:06 AM
Never heard of them... Interesting......
By Lukario on 04-22-2009, 12:08 AM
Originally Posted by Skreamo View Post
Never heard of them... Interesting......
Yeah, they aren't that popular, and never broke mainstream. Not really a band that you'll remember listening to because none of their singles are really that notable.
By Mario on 04-29-2009, 05:44 PM
Never heard of them. They sound OK. The cover blowz arse tho.
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