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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 review!
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 review!
Beat the Odds
Published by Cloud7
Author review
Average 79%
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 review!

Yeah I'm back writing reviews!! For now! Thanks to my dad for letting me borrow his lappy! Alright so right on to the review!

So for the story to the game!

Terrorsts have invaded Vegas and the Rainbow Squad has been sent in to bust up the terrorist rings and free Vegas from their hold on the city! Basically you have to track down the head terrorist in Vegas and stop him from destroying the entire city! But while tracking him down you find alot of his henchmen that will attempt to stop the Rainbows from capturing the leader! But, there is a traitor among Rainbow! Who is the traitor? Is he behind everything? Will the Rainbow Squad and Vegas be torn to pieces in the process of trying to stop the enemies? Rent or buy the game and find out! For the story I give it an 8.5!

The Graphics part is going to be short sweet and to the point!

The game runs on an altered version of the Unreal Engine! And it works very well with the game! It give the Graphics alot of contrast and alot of dimention! Like breaking out a window or jumping through one the pieces do not fall in huge pieces like they use to in older games! Now they crack and fall in alot of pieces! But the Characters in the game were modeled nicely! The guns and stuff are awesomely made with alot of extras on the weapons! The Graphics were great in this game so I give it an 8.5!!

For the controls and gameplay part! Now this is where it gets a bit interesting!

Well the controls are similar to the Call of Duty 4 controls! But at the same time not exactly the same! I found some annoying glitches in the game that are just..........horrible! << (More on that in just a bit!) But when you are playing you have also got to control your entire team too! So you got to be careful when you place them in certain spots! Also you need to stick very close to your squad while you are playing through the missions because if they die you fail the mission! Alright it is time for the Glitches! And the glitches are so bad if you get into one you have to cut the gaming system off and restart at your last checkpoint! So this is your one and only warning from me! Don't go tracking these glitches down! If you do go searching for them don't say I didn't warn you! When you are playing and calling your team to regroup sometimes they get stuck in the doorways! There are 2 ways to get them out of the glitch! 1. you can either sprint into them and nudge them out of the way of the door and try calling them again and hope they don't get stuck again! 2. restart console! The other glitch I found was if you get shot alot standing by a wall you will glitch into it and the game freezes up and you have to restart the console! They are mega annoying when you get into one too! because when you are a few feet from the check poin and you get stuck then you got to go to the last save point and try it all again! So for the controls and gameplay I give it a 6.5!

Now the final section before my wrap up part the sound!!

As for the sound it was pretty good! I enjoyed the different sounds that the guns make when they fire! lol Another thing was the different places you go in vegas and the music in them go along really well with the game! So overall the music was really good! Also the voice overs were freakin' sweet for the characters in the game! So all in all the sound was really good! I give it a 8.0!

Now for my little wrap up thingy! There are alot of different ways to keep you occupied in the game like for example there is an online part called terrorist hunt! And in that you can team up with friends and take out the terrorists in remote areas and it is alot of fun playing that little minigame thingy! Also the entire storymode can be played co-op via split-screen or playing it on online via XBL/PSN/PC! But anyway the entire game was alot of fun and it is one of those games that i am never getting rid of in the future! =} So overall the game gets a 8.5!

If you get the game or whatever and need a partner for the story mode or terrorist hunt just let me know and I might come on and help ya through it! lol

Hope you enjoyed the review! And hopefully there will be alot more reviews to follow this one! I lost alot of them 10 to be exact and this is one I had to rewrite! lol

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By Skreamo on 04-22-2009, 02:06 AM
Great review man, I love these games :]
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By Rin on 04-22-2009, 02:19 AM
I haven't played a Rainbow Six game in ages, but this one looks pretty good. Nice review as well :3
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By CarboKill on 04-22-2009, 02:33 AM
I still wouldn't get the game, but good review :[]
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By Mario on 05-13-2009, 02:01 PM
Good review. This game is great. Graphics are really good.
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By Riodoku79 on 05-13-2009, 09:13 PM
Good review. Makes me wish I wasn't so strapped for cash so I could get the game.
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