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Published by Whiskermush
Author review
Average 81%

A musical type of game that brings a unique perspective. Somewhat like Guitar Hero, you'll find this game interesting if your big in music.

Nothing fancy like any other game, so I would say a plain 8.0


This is where stuff gets interesting. Like in other music games you may step on a pad that matches the color on the screen or tap drumsticks on a drum or such and such. In Audiosurf, you get to ride a coaster which loops and slopes depending on the music. You can as well choose different characters to ride on the music such as Mono, Pointman, Double Vision, Vegas, Eraser, and Pusher. You can play these characters on different levels: Casual, Pro, Elite with the option of having only one life. The game itself has interesting concepts with new weekly new music but overall you'll get bored of it if you run out of good music to play with.


You have the option to play with the mouse and navigate with your character by moving right or left or you can use the keyboard and use left or right on there with the same outcomes.


Personally, I think it's pretty neat that you can import your own MP3 music as well as you can use Audiosurf's own Radio and customize some of the sounds when you hit blocks.


Graphics- 8.0
Storyline- 8.5
Controls/Gameplay- 8.0
Sound 8.0

The game is overall alright but if you aren't into music and calm style type of gaming I recommend you don't get the game. But if you are one of those music lover freaks and have tons of music on your computer, go ahead and get the game so you can do something with those MP3s. :P

For reading my review!
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By da Beef on 04-29-2009, 12:46 AM
this is a very cool game and music lovers should get it without hesitation, but this review is pretty lacking.
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By KrystalRules on 04-29-2009, 10:05 AM
9.0 is my overall rating for this game.

Great music game! Importing your own music is awesome! but the conversion of music from iTunes sucks. lol

But yes Music Lovers should get this game right away!(even though i dont have it... no money.)
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