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Earthworm Jim 1994 SNES - Review
Published by isladel
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REVIEW: Earthworm Jim 1994 SNES


By: Playmates/ShinyType: ActionPlayers: 1Difficulty: Hard

To start out I'd just like to say that when I first played Earthworm Jim, I didn't think it was all that great but when I really got into it I thought it was great! So if you plan on playing it be sure to give it a chance.

Graphics: Nice backround art and slick animation make the cartoon worthy graphics in this game eye candy. From jumping to shooting every detail is present and precise.

Sound: The sound in this game is definetly worth listening to. Every little thing Jim does is funny and thats one thing that should be enhanced with sound. Various cartoony boings and ka-tangs are used throughout the game. As far as bad guys go this game delivers a fair amount of growls and yelps as well. Keep the volume up.

Playability: This game is fun, and funny. For example bungee jump crashing into a ball of mucus, sending a dog flying over canine eating beasts by whipping him with your head, going inside a toilet to warp to secrets, riding a rabid hamster, fighting man eating lawyers, warding off a guy with an ape for a head, dodging a fish spitting garbage man and working your way through a place called Buttville is fun. Cutting the rope from a hanging fridge so it can fall onto a platform to launch a cow is funny.

Lastability: A game like this will really only last as long as you want it to. If you like it you'll more than likel stay on it for a while. If you hate it, you'll play a few levels and toss it.

Overall: This game rules and I think everyone should try it. It's got cool graphics, nice sound, lot's of levels and if the games to hard for you there's codes for it so don't give up. I happily give this game - Nicky Rumfield 92%
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