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Pokemon Platinum Review
Pokemon Platinum Review
mohamed said
Published by 4poke
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Pikachu Pokemon Platinum Review

Lol this is my first time review on a game sounds fun to try for first time right ? about pokemon platinum version it is set in the sinnoh region from the later pokemon games diamond/pearl. the game showed the fans enhanced new sinnoh including battle frontier new trainers with new pokemons with new forms and increasing native sinnoh region pokedex with 60 pokemon making it 210 the idea i liked it that they showed the trainers by increasing the region pokemons to show us how to experience them earlier and see them at their early start to see how they grow strong with you at the storyline walk too . also the idea of increasing the regions pokedex was also usefull for people who didnt own a pokemon version for a gba slot for example i need to put my emerald in my gba slot for ds to get a gligar to have gliscor in d/p but now in platinum gligar is found ready in the wild thats shocking not only gligar their is few othter pokemons too found in plt to get with no need for the slot inserted . if you play pokemon platinum you'll sure be addictive to it and pokemon platinum exclusives where great including the kanto legendary birds roaming the region and the wi-fi events for thos like me didnt got the events in their countries will get them on wi-fi enjoy them and try them for the first time ! for anyone who didnt tried pokemon platinum should get it now definaitly will be your best sinnoh adventure ever ! and it will be a a long route to hit with all thos trainers with different pokemons hard work to complete 210 pokedex by seeing all the region pokemons of course. please pokemon fans dont skip this part it will be your best ds pokemon game ever ! hope you enjoy it one of the best pokemon game in the franchise .
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