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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Game
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Game
Published by Xenon
Author review
Average 68%
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Game

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is the first game that Mario and Sonic have been in together. However, despite this unlikely match-up, Nintendo and Sega manage to work together to pull this off quite nicely to create quite an elegant game.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games does not have a storyline. Instead, the game is comprised of a series of single player and multiplayer modes, as well as a Mini-game section with games that can be completed to reveal interesting facts about the Olympics.

First up is the “Single Match” mode. This allows quick play of any event that the person has unlocked, in a one-off, non-tournament like fashion. Plus, to make this multiplayer-friendly, it has the option of playing with up to three other people. In events where all players are not playing at the same time, it even gives an option for two people to play the same event with only one Wii Remote. I think this is an excellent feature for people who maybe can’t afford a second Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

Next is the Circuit mode. Circuits are collections of events that are played in succession, much like a Grand Prix in Mario Kart. However, unlike Mario Kart, the number of events in each circuit varies depending on level of difficulty.
Circuits are separated into three levels of difficulty; Beginner, Advanced and Master.
As you progress through the levels of difficulty, you unlock events you can play in Single Match mode. Also, the more you progress, the longer the circuits get and each event becomes harder.
One thing I also found pretty cool was the fact that all the names of the circuits have something to do with astronomy. The first of the Beginner’s circuits is called the Mercury circuit, and the final of the Master’s class is the Big Bang circuit. I reckon this was a welcome feature, as it made the game get more difficult with each step, which provides more enjoyment. It did for me, anyway.

Which brings us to controls. The controls for this game, as it was one of the first games for Wii, brought with it a sense of arrival and the end of anticipation. It’s finally here, people thought, the TV will know what we’re trying to do!
The controls for each game is different, though every single one of them uses the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote in some way. Some games are only played with the Wii Remote, like Trampoline. Some are played with both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, such as Rowing. Others can be played with both, like Dream Platform and 100m. In the swimming event, each particular character has his or her own swimming style, which serves to add a sense of realism to the game, seeing as when you look at an Olympic swimmer, they don’t all swim exactly the same, even in different events. The new controls really make you feel like you’re part of the game, like in events such as Skeet. My brother likes to hold the Wii Remote up to his shoulder like the rifle. I think he looks weird, but hey, if that isn’t what the Wii is for, what is it for?

Graphics for this game were the Wii standard. It has around the same graphics as games such as Mario Kart. That being said, graphics are available in full 16:9 widescreen as well as 4:3.
The graphics I suppose could have been better. They were good, but they weren’t PS3 good. However, I suppose they did their best. If you guys want another comparison, the graphics on the characters weren’t as good as the Brawl graphics.

My personal thought was that the music was excellent. In the Gallery section of the game is an option that allows you to view five samples of music from both the Mario and Sonic franchises. These increase in modern-ness until we’re looking at quite a modern version of the Sonic and Mario music. When you unlock them all, compare the modern Sonic with the modern Mario and see what the difference is…

Online play is non-existent. The only online section of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is a worldwide high scores system. Plus, you get a “Network Emblem” when you connect for the first time. Unless you want to work towards a goal of being the best in the world, then there’s really no point to the online section.

And finally, we come to the Multiplayer section of the game. This is a fairly short section, seeing as there’s not much to say about the Multiplayer.
It’s quite good, because as I mentioned previously, it offers the option of playing with two people with only one Wii Remote in some events. The Multiplayer is quite excellent in all of the events. It’s especially helpful I’ve found, for settling disputes with friends or siblings, eg who gets to use the Wii first! I do this, and I win more times than I lose to my brother, and his friend, thankfully.

Alright, so that ends the review. If you guys want pictures, just say so and I’ll put them in.

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By AlloftheAbove on 05-14-2009, 05:01 AM
Nice review. I don't quite understand what you said about the music, and you should include a few pictures, but other than that, nice review.
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