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Final Fantasy III DS Review
Published by hendrasudiro
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Final Fantasy III DS Review

Graphics and Sound
The graphics are good for a DS game. The towns are detailed and the jobs for each character have their own look to them. The dungeons tend to have a repetitious look though you shouldn’t get too lost. The music score is wonderful, just as expected from a final fantasy game but there are no voiceovers.


The only real major problem that I see with this game is the use of magic in the battles, though near the end it’s practically useless and you won’t need it, besides healing. The crystals of the world can talk and give you power. Also two individuals that help you out you must fight (not willing of course) so you can gain the strength to enter the world of darkness. The outfits throughout the game are modest with the occasional one showing the stomach of a female character. And finally the final boss takes the form of a green woman with tattoos to cover up.

The game’s main focus is light verses darkness. Your characters help out several people and save countries from evil. It draws a definite line between what is light and what is dark, who is evil and who is good. The heroes take a stand against the darkness just as we should as Christians. It also stresses friendship as the main characters get to know one another and rely on each other to survive.


I highly recommend this game to any final fantasy fan. This is a must have for the series, even if the battle system becomes repetitious at the end. If you can ignore the few negative aspects of it, this is a great game that has a heavy positive overtone and a good feel when you beat it. I am very pleased that I got the chance to finally play this classic.
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By Nightwing on 02-29-2008, 07:43 PM
I would give it a 6.5 out of 10.
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By Derek on 03-02-2008, 03:41 PM
Although this review is not a bad review per say, it could be improved upon greatly. Personally I would touch upon more aspects of the game (ie how battles play out, enemy diversity, etc.). Right now, the review is really vague and is limited to just a simple brushing of pros and cons. If you truly want to recommend a game, I would elaborate more.
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