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Call of Duty - World At War - Nazi Zombie - Asylum Strategy

There has just recently been a new map released for the XBOX 360 and the PS3 that concerns that fun game Nazi Zombie. Were you not tired of that boring map. Watch trailers for the PC and they had a ton of maps. Well now there has been a new map released. It's just like the Asylum map in Multiplayer mode. They have added Power Ups and all that good stuff.
I am here telling you a good strategy for this game.

On the first 3 waves if you have the colt with ammo DO NOT get another gun, just use it unless you run out of ammo.
Do not get bolt-action rifles. (Spring Field and Kar98k) These basically suck.
Do not use pick up Insta-Kill or the Bomb on first 3 rounds. Wasting Points
Anytime you have a second to reload, DO IT. I always see people that shoot there last shot at a zombie 1 foot in front of them and then they get killed.
Always check to see if you have four grenades, if you do use at least 2 because at the beginning of each round you get 2 free ones.
Never open the left staircase (This one next to the grenades and the Gewher)
Next gun you should buy after you rifle (M1 Garand or Gewher) should be the Trench-Gun

1st to get: Jugger-Nog
2nd to get: Speed-Cola
3rd to get: Quick Revive
DO NOT WORRY ABOUT DOUBLE TAP. Your not going to be going upstairs that way.

Wave I

Your whole team should not use any ammunition for this round.
Let some zombies tear down some of the barriers so you can rebuild them and gain points. There is a limit for the first couple of rounds so don't rebuild any barriers if your not getting +10 on the first 5 waves
*If a zombie comes in and you get an Insta-Kill or Bomb out of them DO NOT USE IT* (This is a waste of points for the first few rounds*

Wave II

Shoot the zombies coming at you 4 to 5 times (not killing them) this will give you around +50 and then kill them with your knife for +100 Repeat this to every zombie.
Let zombies in every now and then to try and get Double-Points or Max Ammo.
*Again do not use Insta-Kill or the Bomb* This is wasting points

Wave III

If your out of ammo on your colt go ahead and buy the Gewher or the M1 Garand (Depending on which side you are on.)
Anytime you get Max Ammo switch back to your colt. This gets you more points because it will take more shots to kill a zombie which equals more points.


This is where it get a little more intense and you will find your self using you rifle a lot more. More zombies get side the builing. *USE EXTRA GRENADES*

Wave V

If you felt safe on wave IIII than you can probably survive this one. If not than the right side of the builing (The one with the M1 Garand) needs to head to the power room. You should have plenty of money to make to at least the first couple of doors. (Your team mates need to split money) *I KNOW THE OTHER WAY IS SHORTER BUT IF YOU WANT TO LAST LONGER GO THIS WAY*

Wave VI

As long as every body knows how to play just gain money this round.
Go ahead and buy the Trench Gun (This is only for the people on the right of the building)


If you have the money make it to the power room and hit the switch.
People who have 3000 points need to buy Jugger-Nog (Jugernaut) after they have the trench gun.

Wave IX

Keep your team mates alive.

Wave X

Get a gun from the random box and get Speed-Cola (Seight of Hand and you place Bouncing Betty's faster and you rebuild barriers faster)
Stay near the Power room and shoot zombies coming from the Kitchen.
Players should lay does Bouncing Bettys when they can.

Wave XI and Up

By using this technique you teamates should last at least to wave 20 (If you're good)

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Thanks for the tips, I will try this on the Call of Duty PC version. I know this is an old thread, I missed it when it was posted.
- Mario

Started from the bottom, now we're here.
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