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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution
Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution
Sacre' Bleu!
Published by marvman3
Author review
Average 93%
Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

"This is the game I always wanted to make"
- Sid Meier (Firaxis Founder/Designer Extraordinaire)

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution


What started out as a simple idea from series creator Sid Meier's brain, during a brief look outside his high-rise hotel window, looking upon the surrounding city landscape, back in 1990, has now become one of the greatest strategy game series ever developed for the PC and Home Console.

Beginning in 4000 BC; in the first Civ game; you could build your own individual empire, advancing it through the ages, facing insurmountable odds, against friendly and foe nations alike, as you strive to develop "your people". Expanding and developing it as you see fit, giving you the player, unprecedented control over the faith of your nation, and what happens throughout the course of the Earth's history.

By picking a civilization and its accompanying ruler (played by you),
you must see fit the well being of the empire, by dominating the world either through force, diplomacy, achieving the highest score, or by going into space and populating another far off planet. With the latter being the far most satisfying victory to achieve in the game, and remains a staple victory condition throughout the evolution of the series.

With so much depth, and scope; the Civilization series, has no doubt been a real gem as far as arm chair diplomats are concerned, and those who enjoy a good brain stormer.

Hence the series motto of;
" an empire to stand the test of time".


The Civ Revolution game begins with you in the bronze age, picking a civilization and its accompanying ruler in the respective difficulty level you want to partake in.

Arabs - Saladin
Aztecs - Montezuma II
Chinese - Mao Zedong
Egyptians - Cleopatra
English - Queen Elizabeth I
French - Napoleon Bonaparte
Germans - Otto Von Bismarck
Greeks - Alexander The Great
Indians - Mahatma Gandhi
Japanese - Tokugawa Ieyasu
Mongols - Genghis Khan
Romans - Julius Cesar
Russians - Catherine II
Spanish - Queen Isabella of Castille
Americans - Abraham Lincoln
Zulus - Shaka Zulu

Each ruler and his/her civilization has it's own unique combat units, bonuses, and unit upgrades. So choose wisely, taking into account the various civilization bonuses at hand, and how you may want to achieve a given victory condition.

The Victory Types within the game are;

- Cultural Victory: Your civ amasses 20 great people, wonders, and or culturally flipped cities; and then constructing the United Nations wonder.

- Domination Victory: Your civ captures all enemy capitals.

- Economic Victory: Your civ amasses 20,000 gold in it's treasury; then construct the World Bank wonder.

- Technology Victory: Your civ learns all the necessary techs, and launches a space ship into outer space, reaching a foreign planet.

The Main Features of Civ Rev:

- Play Now
- Single Player (Game of the Week, Scenario)
- Multiplayer (Player-Ranked Matches, LAN Party, Friends)
- Extras (Civilopedia, Hall of Glory, Leaderboards)

Certain Nations may begin with certain great person(s),
some with a great wonder, some with extra gold, some with tech that now other nation has, and some with extra culture.

Its how you take use and take advantage of those traits
that will help your civ thrive.

Manage food resources, maintain a high culture level, build a formative defense and army, regulate spending, prioritize your science techs,
and learn the nuances of politics to fend off super powers;
keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer.....

All these agendas configure into how well your civilization
does in the world map, and just how good a leader you may be.

The world is yours, you just have to take it,
and think about the consequences of your actions.......


Graphics: 8.7 - Clear, pristine texture maps and models allowing you to see the action, and intricate details of the world surrounding you. The expressive facial expressions of your ruler and your aides are beautifuly rendered. The wonders are really a wonder to look at, and watching a nation get obliterated by your nuke, is a guilty pleasure to behold. Top Notch Graphics by 2K Games/Firaxis. There maybe a glitch here and there, where it may seem your settler is going "though" a mountain, than around it, but other than a few minor flaws, really good visual presentation.

Storyline/Online Multiplayer: 8.8 - The storyline is somewhat limited (your in charge of the story or rather the history of the world) but by already knowing the real life history of your civ (there is a detailed civilopedia in the game), you can imagine the history behind certain battles, and relive moments from history's past. Destorying the Egyptians with the Romans, Scavaging the Chinese plains with the Mongols, or simply finding a new land called "America" with the Spanish. You make the storyline.

As for the Online Play, Firaxis has a weekly "Game of the Week" scenario created by the game designers themselves, giving you a way to play each week. Not to mention the spectacular, but somewhat slow, online mulitplayer matches. All in all, a fun online experience, that caters to the diehard fans of the series.

Controls/Gameplay: 9.6 - The Controls are excellent,
every button is greatly layed out with a corresponding action
and shortcut to the diplomacy panel. You can manuver your units with ease, and build structures with the wave of a stick.
The mulitple in-game menus are a breeze to navigate,
and you always have your aides to give you advice.
Gameplay as you can tell is excellent as well, and the replay value of this title is relatively high. This game will keep you playing and strategizing for hours and months on end. Heck Marvman considers this as one of his favorite games to play on the PS3 to this day.

Music/Sounds: 9.3 - From the opening orchestra, to the festive music when you achieve a victory, its all in extremely good quality.
Although at times the background music can get lost in the mutterings of the other rulers and aides, you will never notice it.
And listening to the humorous giberish that the developers "stereotyped" onto each civ, is hilarious to hear.......listen to Mao Zedong speak.....Does it sound "chinese" to you? How about hearing Napoleon rant in gibberish French? LOL. Its all very clear to hear, and easy to understand.

Overall Rating: 9.1 -Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution is one of the best strategy games that has ever hit the PC, Xbox360, PS3 library.

With so many different options, so many different buildings/structures, so many different civilizations (16), and many wonders to build, and so many things to do, and learn. It's still a great game for novice strategists.

And one of the best games to have come out for either the 360
or PS3 in 2008. Earning IGN's Best of 2008, and the British Academy Video Games Award for best strategy game 09'.

Civilization Revolution is a game worthy of Marvman's recommendation.
And if you haven't played this one yet, or are not that quite into
"strategy games", give this one a go, rent it and see.

Rockn. Viva Revolution!!!
Published by
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Rockn Dude
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By Tencade Kazarian on 06-07-2009, 07:54 PM
I have this on SNES O_o well a old kind
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By Mario on 06-12-2009, 09:47 AM
Awesome review Marvs. Glad to see you doing reviews again!
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By da Beef on 06-22-2009, 05:57 PM
for the love of god please take the autoplay off of your youtube videos
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By da Beef on 07-15-2009, 03:51 AM
is the pic of Napoleon supposed to resemble the popular Che Guevara image?
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