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Wii Fit
Wii Fit
A great way to humiliate yourself and find that you're unbalanced.
Published by gameaddict
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Average 65%
Wii Fit


Each Wii game has inspired us to act differently, and use the wiimote and nunchuck in odd ways. Wii Fit lets you place your nuncchuck and wiimote down for a minute, and pick up the balance board. The Balance Board is a large white board that comes with the game, and it offers a whole new way to play video games. The board has a left and a right part, and senses where you put your weight, and how much weight you apply. There are many different exercises that allow you to use the wii fit balance board in a lot of different ways. You will be moving your legs and kness like mad as you try to master the many mini games with the wii balance board.


The graphics of Wii Fit are quite ordinary. They are about at the same level as most of the other games in the Wii Series - such as Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Music and so on and so on. The graphics aren't fantastic and revoloutionary, but at the same time, they aren't so bad that you have to avert your eyes at the sight of the game. So, for this game's time, the graphics of the game are mediocre.

GRAPHICS: 5.5/10


There are many different small mini games that you can perform as soon as you start the game, and there are also many mini games that you have to unlock, and are not available at the start of the game. The way that you unlock the games is simple: the more time you spend playing, the more mini games you have to unlock. You might think that this is stupid - you could just leave your wii sitting for a few hours while you unlock all of the mini games, but it isn't that simple. To gain time, you have to perform an activity, you can't just leave the game to build up time for you. Although this is good for all of those people who aren't very good at playing videogames, this is also not good for those people who are good at videogames, since there is no skill or talent needed to unlock the games - all you need to do is play the game, no skill needed. This means that there isn't much incentive to keep on playing the game, since it is a little too easy, and this means the game doesn't have very good replay value.

Unlike most other wii series games, the wiimote and nunchuck aren't needed much at all. The wiimote and nunchuck are used for selecting mini games at the main menu, but apart from this, you will just be using the wii balance board. Most of the mini games are really fun, and are fun, and you are wanting to get the highest possible score, but in some games, you can cheat reasonably easily in some games. Most of the games want you to take one of your legs off the balance board, and hold it in the air, but it is easier just to place your foot on the ground, off the balance board. The balance board can't tell the difference.

One of the very few games that doesn't require the balance board is a jogging game. It requires you to put your wiimote in to your pocket, and start running on the spot. The wi can sense you are running, since the wiimote is in your pocket and is moving, and so your mii starts running. The faster you run, the faster your wiimote shakes, and so the mii on your screen starts running faster. I am sure that anybody would instantly realise that it is a lot less tiring and a lot easier just to hold the wiimote in your hand, and shake it. Didn't this ever occur to the producers or creators of the game? But, apart from this, the wii balance board is a fantastic new gameplay method.



The sounds are, (like the graphics), similar to most of the other games in the wii series. Nothing much to say here.

SOUND: 7/10


Overall, Wii Fit is one of the best games in the wii series. Although, it is also the most expensive of the wii series. But, apart from the price, Wii Fit is very fun, and quite addictive. I would reccomend this to people of most ages. It doesn't have great replay value, but it is still fun to play.

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By Mario on 07-03-2009, 01:54 PM
Good Reviews man.
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By Xenon on 07-04-2009, 12:11 AM
Lookin' good, gameaddict. I've been trying to convince my Mum to get this for a little while, but as you said, it is the most expensive, and unfortunately in today's society, everything comes down to money.
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By da Beef on 07-04-2009, 12:17 AM
Originally Posted by Xenon View Post
Lookin' good, gameaddict. I've been trying to convince my Mum to get this for a little while, but as you said, it is the most expensive, and unfortunately in today's society, everything comes down to money.

in what society is this not or was never true
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