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Mario Power Tennis - Quick Review
Mario Power Tennis - Quick Review
Powerful tennis.
Published by gameaddict
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Mario Power Tennis - Quick Review

Mario Power Tennis

So, Nintendo has now started releasing games on the GC for the Wii owners, like Pikmin, Metroid, Donkey Kong and Mario Power Tennis, and I have now decided to review New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis. So, has Nintendo worked hard on recreating some of the Game Cube's games for the Wii owners, or have they just run out of ideas, and now started to use previous game ideas to get a little bit extra money?

The Wii version of Mario Power Tennis is actually very similar to the original GameCube version of the game, (in both graphics and gameplay and controls), and so, because of this, the game doesnít offer a lot more, and this may come as a disappointment to a lot of the fans of Mario Power Tennis who were hoping to see a bit more of a change from the GameCube version of the game. It is also quite reminiscent of Wii Sports Tennis, although most of the features in Wii Sports are better than New Play Control: Mario Power Tennis. Wii Sports comes free with the Wii, and it comes with five more sports as well, which gives Wii Sports a big advantage. One moment where I felt quite happy was where all of the characters from Mushroom Kingdom had returned, so I suppose this is something to be glad about.

Another thing about New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis is that it is less responsive than Wii Tennis. Sometimes, when you are hoping to hit the ball directly across the court, you will end up hitting the ball in a vertical line instead, which is incredibly annoying, and can result in you losing the point, or maybe even the whole game. Wii Tennis is a lot better - it very rarely goes in a direction that you don't want it to go in, and generally is less annoying.


One of the few things that is better about New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis is that you can control the character that you play as. You can go to any part of the court when you want to, unlike Wii Tennis, where the game controls where you go. You can control yourself with or without the nun chuck. You use the joy stick on the nunchuck to control your character. If you donít have a nun chuck, you can use the Direction pad, but it is much easier to use the nun chuck. You will probably find yourself using the direction pad though, since barely any households will have four nunchucks.

Although New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis can be a little boring of frustrating at times, it is a good game for when you have a bit of time to kill. It is reasonably fun playing by yourself, but is more fun if you are playing with somebody else. It is the sort of game that is most fun to play at parties or large gatherings, and not the sort of game that you will play for hours and hours. If you enjoyed playing tennis on Wii Sports, then youíll enjoy this as well, but overall, just a mediocre game with mediocre gameplay and controls.

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