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Top Gear 3000 >> SNES
Top Gear 3000 >> SNES
A Rare SNES game that is just plain awesome!
Published by Cam3ron36@NFF
Author review
Average 86%
Thumbs up Top Gear 3000 >> SNES

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
A review By Cam3ron36

This game almost hits the perfect mark for me, It has changed a lot since 1 & 2 but only for the greater good in my opinion and many others.

This is an amazing 16 bit racer that keeps you alert and ready and always gives you a challenge!

Graphics: First off, We'll take a look at graphics,

This game has improved amazingly from it's predecessors (Top Gear & Top gear 2) in the graphics section and it also has to be one of the best games in the graphics department on the SNES itself.
It, in an amazing character of events, Comes across as a great 3D game to live on the Super Nintendo in that day and age and is not hard on the eyes even at the tremendous speeds this game is going at in later stages, Graphics for a Snes game... 5!

Sound: Next is sound,

Sound in this game is your typical Nintendo music, But you will find yourself meshing into the music as the music blends with the type of game, Sound 5/5

Replay Value: Where do I even begin?

This is definitely a game to have a perfect replay value score,
And the reason for that is that this game is so perfect for the Snes, and the snes controller that you will be at it hundreds of times a year trying to challenge yourself to beat it on harder difficulties, and finding out the secret ending which I saw not too long ago when I beat it with my brother.

This also is one of the few 4 player SNES games, Multi-player has to be one of this games greatest factors.
If you like tearing up the track at high speeds... Then by all means get you friends and play it!5/5

Challenge: Complicated,

If you go into this game thinking it will be a walk in the park, Then think again.
This is such a complicated racer it will blow your mind, You have to find the secrets to the gas mats and repair mats and what the secret bonuses are and how to spend your money. 4/5

It Is complicated, But once you know it, It's fun and exciting.
Assistance below.

1st place: 100,000 credits
2nd place: 80,000 credits
3rd place: 70,000 credits
4th place: 60,000 credits
5th place: 50,000 credits
6th place: 40,000 credits
7th place: 30,000 credits
8th place: 20,000 credits
9th place: 10,000 credits
10th place: Qualifies, but no credits. You can collect bonuses, though.


Bonus A: Simple, boost across the finish line.
Value: 30 000
Bonus B: I still don't know this one.
Value: 50 000
Bonus C: Don't run into any other cars during the race.
Value: 70 000
Bonus D: Don't crash into any thing like Trees, pickets, etc. so bassically stay on the road.
Value: 40 000
Bonus E: If you don't leave the road, This ones yours.
Value: 20 000

Helpful hints:
1) Try to get as many bonuses in a race as possible.
2) Never buy anything under category 4 because their crap Save your money for the best.
3)Try the easy difficulty first.

and also you get more tracks the higher the difficulty.

Enjoy my top gear 3000 review

Edit: my review are unorthadox I'll admit but I use the same review system... in any case the rating system is a bit different than what I'm used to so I don't use 'storyline' and stuff, so sorry, enjoy though!

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Cam3ron36@NFF has much to be proud ofCam3ron36@NFF has much to be proud ofCam3ron36@NFF has much to be proud ofCam3ron36@NFF has much to be proud ofCam3ron36@NFF has much to be proud ofCam3ron36@NFF has much to be proud ofCam3ron36@NFF has much to be proud ofCam3ron36@NFF has much to be proud ofCam3ron36@NFF has much to be proud ofCam3ron36@NFF has much to be proud of
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