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Cruisn USA
Cruisn USA
I've spent more time on this one, enjoy
Published by Cam3ron36@NFF
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Cruisn USA

Cruisn' USA
Nintendo 64
A review by Cam3ron36

Cruisn' the USA on the n64 is a highly under-appreciated game for the n64.

The Story:

Cruisn' USA was originally an arcade hit released in 94' it was such a great hit that when the n64 came out it was ported to it.
Arcade ports always worked in the past but people realised we were reaching a point in time where arcade games just weren't complex enough to be ported to the newer consoles.

Now this is fact & opinion.
Cruisn' USA was often times boxed in with n64 consoles in 97' through to 99', meaning people often tried this game because it came with the n64.
For it's time, in my opinion, I was one of those people, Christmas of 98' we got an n64 with this boxed in, it was amazing graphics, but really it wasn't complex for enough meaning they were still stuck on those old ways of not being able to turn around backwards, no split-ups in the roads, but for classic lovers such as I, it was awesome.

The two thing that captivated this game from the arcade was the adjustable difficulty, and the upgrades.
This meant, when you played a full circuit through the game with an un-upgraded car on difficulty one, you'd unlock a new color for the car, also meaning it was faster and just plain better
The same went for level 3 & 5 with each upgrade, you could get a total of 3 upgrades from the original on each car, meaning each car has 4 colors or skill levels.
The only issue with this is that it is extremely difficult but once you've played through it enough it's easy, I recently got the 2nd upgrade for the first time, it was difficult but believe it or not, getting the final upgrade is easier than the second one.
The difficulty is hard and turned most off but in this reviewers opinion, this games awesome.

There was two other Cruisn' games made for the arcade but they were direct ports with barely any alterations.
Making them outdated for their time.


The graphics are a separate story, like wave race, the graphics were simply amazing for their time, they were enough, again like wave race to draw attention to the n64
There really isn't much else to say, they are just great.


There is a video of one of the songs above, they were good for their time but nothing too impressive. enjoyable, and it goes well with the game.

Replay value:

Like said in the above story, this port includes upgrades which will keep you playing and with 7 cars including the 3 bonus cars you get by holding left-c, up-c and down-c on the left 3 cars reveal a jeep, a bus and a police car. Leaving a total of 28 upgrades.
Awesome replay value.

Overall, Cruisn USA is really worth it for lovers of games like rad racer or the top gears, total this game I'd give a 9.3 out of 10. It is really worth checking out for classic racer lovers. Check it out.

Please Comment and enjoy.

Edit: Had to re-add the vids and music, they didn't seem to come through,
Have my reviews improved?
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By marvman3 on 07-19-2009, 04:51 PM


A N64 Classic.....

Even though he regrets it now,
Marvman used to own ALL of the Cruisin Titles;
Cruisin USA, Cruisin World, and whats that other one...

It was real cool at the time,
and when you crossed the finish line....
there was always a Hot Chick in a Bikini or something to greet ya.

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By da Beef on 07-19-2009, 06:16 PM
amazing game, but i only ever played the arcade version
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By Ausden on 07-19-2009, 10:23 PM
Fantastic game. Not a big fan of racing games, but this one holds a special place in the game collection. I need to dust it off and play actually.
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By Cam3ron36@NFF on 07-19-2009, 11:40 PM
& marvman, the other one was cruisn Exotica.
They were still great but this one stands way above the other 2...

Hows my review compared to ths old ones?
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