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Trauma Center: New Blood
Trauma Center: New Blood
The patient's live is in your hands!
Published by DragonLX
Author review
Average 83%
Trauma Center: New Blood

Trauma Center: New Blood
A Review by DragonLX

Platform: Nintendo Wii
Release date:
America - 20th of November, 2007
Europe - 7th of November, 2008
Players: 1-2 Players
Rating: T
Developer: Atlus
Publishers: Atlus and Nintendo

Trauma Center: New Blood is the last installment of the Trauma Center series and it had overall possitive reviews like it's prequel, Second Opinion. We could say New Blood is the evolution of what we know as the Trauma Center series today, but for the owners of Second Opinion this title will be more or less a mere improvement since Atlus decided to enhace the already great results that Trauma Center gave on the DS and Wii. This is a quite entertaining title that will give you several hours of fun, with some simple, yet addictive gameplay.


Unlike the first Wii title of Trauma Center, New Blood offers a completely different storyline with new characters and scenarios. The protagonists of this title are the surgeons Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock, both with the gift of medical surgery, the 'Healing Touch'. The story begins when both doctors arrive at the Montgomery Memorial hospital in Alaska, and after some events they get to meet a young nurse named Elena Salazar, who becomes the assistant of both. The story suddenly takes an unexpected twist when a series of events make both doctors 'battle' with a man-made dangerous pathogen known as Stigma. With time both characters will change their personalities and thinking as the story progresses while they save the lifes of their patients, discovering and treating Stigma, and confronting their past.

Storyline: 7.8/10
The storyline isn't of epic proportions, but it is quite well made and for some may be a reason to finish the game.

Controls & Gameplay

Gameplay: 9.2/10
Trauma Center didn't become popular for nothing. The gameplay, and how intuitive and simple the controls are, were some of the reasons of its success.

The controls and mechanichs of this game are quite simple. With your Wii-Mote you point the screen, with the NunChuck you select your tools and with B and Z special actions can be made. Also the movement sensor will be used in several ocasions, for example to twist bone fragments or activating your Healing Touch. Such simple controls allow almost any person to play this game (believe me when I say this, with some practice anyone can play this).

The mechanic is quite simple. Select your tool and use it on an specific point in order to suture lacerations, excise tumors and bullets, replace a pacemaker, reassemble a bone fragment, and many more things.

How the h*ck that stick got through the muscle in the first place? o_o

As said a while ago with the NunChuck you select your tools, these are: the Scalpel, Ultrasound, Laser, Drain, Sutures, Syringe, Antibiotic Gel and the Forceps, but there are some tools you'll be able to select in specific moments, such as the bandage. All of the tools said before can be used with A, except the forceps, which are used by pressing A and B at the same time to give that 'picking' feeling. Another example of how simple the controls are.

New to the Trauma Center series is the addition of the Co-Op mode (finally!) which allows two players with same set of tools operate at the same time. This mode is quite entertaining and when a difficult operation shows up you will ask for help to the first person that offers it.

Trauma Center: New Blood Co-Op Gameplay Video


Probably the reason that gave the Trauma Center series its success was a man-made pathogen used for medical terrorism in each game. For New Blood, this is Stigma. Stigma operations greatly add to the gameplay since the developers could be as creative as they wanted with them and no other game would be able to compare to this. The strains of Stigma vary from a laceration-making... thing, to a tentacle-grappler... thing. Stigma operations are quite exciting in my opinion but unforgiving because sometimes you'll have to deal with two Stigma strains at the same time, and that is problems for your patient. The normal methods to treat it are injecting serum or KILL IT WITH FIRE! *covers from upcoming tomatoes* err... burn it with the laser.

Operation 2-4 - Stigma

The Healing Touch


I mentioned it some times before, but never really explained it. The Healing Touch is another reason of the Trauma Center series' uniqueness. This special state can only be used by few, select doctors and only once per operation due to the vitality and effort it takes to use it (plot excuse) but it's really helpful because of the effects it causes. For some doctors it can slow down time temporary, such as Markus, but for others it can stabilize the patient is vitals for a short period of time, an example is Valerie. To use it you press the Z button, and while holding it, draw a star with the B button. This is also the only gameplay difference between the two doctors.



I can't understand this language.

Graphics: 8.3/10
The graphics aren't ZOMGWTFBBQ amazing, but they're quite outstanding for the style they were intended to be drawn. All the characters you'll see in the screen will literally slide and be statues, only to slide again and let other character slide and repeat the process... and change facial expressions sometimes too. During operations a 3D graphic style will be used, but don't expect totally realistic organs. (thankfully, they would be gruesome otherwise) The change between 2D and 3D graphics is quite amazing, and it's good that they mantained that same style for every game they made so far, in my opinion.


Sound: 8.8/10
One of my favorite things of the Trauma Center series is the soundtrack, and this game isn't a exception. Also, during cutscenes some sound effects will be used, such as a helicopter or a fire alarm, to give a more realistic effect for the scene.


Code Blue Stigma

Replay Value
Replay Value: 7.8/10
The replay value of this game is great, as there are various difficulty modes, a Co-Op mode, and Wi-Fi ranking boards for you to compare your operation scores with other 'surgeons' of the world.

Final Score

Trauma Center: New Blood is without a doubt the most complete and incredible game of the series so far. The franchise is fixing and making some aspects better, while mantaining the traditions that this short series had. The simple, yet effective gameplay and mechanics of this game will make anyone, even people who haven't ever been in the video game department before, addicted to it.

Buy or Not Buy?

Must Buy. If you still aren't convinced of buying this after reading my review (;]) you can always read other reviews, watch videos to see if you would like this kind of game or rent it first.

For reading this review!

This review is property and was fully made by it's author, DragonLX. You may not redistribute this review in other websites, books, forums, etc. without the author's consent.
Boxart, first screenshot and last image of the game were found through a Image Search engine. Credit goes to whoever took them.
Second, third and fourth screenshots of the game were taken by GameSpot.
Video 'Trauma Center: New Blood "Cooperative Play"' was made by AtlusUSA is YouTube Channel.
Video 'Trauma Center: New Blood- 2-4~ Stigma' was made by YouTube user yoshirox10.
Videos 'Trauma Center New Blood ~Warning~' and 'Trauma Center New Blood, Code Blue Stigma' were made by YouTube user OneFaith777.
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By Mario on 08-18-2009, 08:31 AM
Awesome review Dragon!!! Well done. That will earn you some good points. Will have to rent this one.
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By CarboKill on 08-18-2009, 10:09 AM
The co-op looks fun ^^ Nice review
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