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General RP rules.

Alright, now i noticed that some people are not familiar with Role-Playing so i made this topic as a sort of tutorial to learn the basics of Role-Playing. Now, to start off with, Role Playing is at it sounds, to play the role of a character. Some people can see this as acting or working off a script, but there is a better method. To make a story out of it.

Prose Role-Playing is much different from it's Scripted partner in which you not only play as the character, but also add on to that character's story. There should always be an emotional side to your characters as it defines them, and makes the entire RP more interesting.

How to Role-Play:

-Required materials-

1) One or more personal characters. Or possibly characters you wish to Role-Play as.

2) A basic feeling or "personality" behind the character.

3) Imagination.

That's all it takes! Isn't it grand? Now the best way to make or start a prose Role-Play is to describe what your characters are doing or where they are going or what they are thinking. Here's an example.

EX: "Bob was walking through the harsh desert in search of water. He could feel the sand prick and tear at his flesh as he continued to admirably walk into the path of the raging winds. He had only one desire at the moment and that was to find water."

As you can see, instead of just simple one sentences of "Bob was in the desert" i fully developed Bob's travel through the desert. I Explained some of the effects, the environment he is in and what he is currently thinking and or desires. Now there are some general rules to Role-Playing which are as follows.


1) Do not god mode or try to be a god. No character is perfect or all-powerful and is vulnerable to as many attacks as the enemy character is. This doesn't mean the character can't be a hero, it just means don't try to make him/her an ultra-powerful warlord. Samus has her bad days too ya know.

2) DO NOT control others peoples characters. Even dictating what that character is going to do is a form of trying to control that characters. Some people are not that nit-picky about it, or would like you to ask for their permission before you do so. However controlling someone else's character is just wrong. How would you feel if your character was controlled and made to look like a dumb***? If permission is granted it is OK to control the character of the person who gave you permission of course.

3) Please, hold the one liners. Yes, one liners can get very annoying and don't make a good strategy to use in Role-Playing. However you can use one-liners in dialogue to add comedy or to just serve as a retort, however don't use them to discern actions...unless an epic and unexpected action, which builds suspense.

4) Not all enemies are weak, year-old cardboard cut-outs. What this means is, don't just go around and make it so that every enemy you kill aside from player controlled enemies are killed with one bullet. Make it seem challenging to kill the enemy, maybe make a miniature fight scene out of it to show how intense it is. Just don't go "Bang, he's dead" unless it was a really big bang and you can't expect anyone to survive it.

5) Create your own original character. Do not make it so that one of the official characters is your own character. Official characters are NPC's and NPC's are not player owned. You are free to use NPC's as you wish as long as you go to the pre-ordained rules discussed in the NPC topic.

6) DO NOT TRY TO SHORTEN THESE RULES. There is a reason why these are a paragraph long! To safely ensure that people are on the right track and fully explaining EVERYTHING. These rules CANNOT be shortened and by doing so it is an act of HERACY!!

7) Ignore Rule 6...I was angry.

8) Do not post something that has already been said to be done, to make filler. People do not filler. Filler is just plain wrong. Do not contribute to the filler. All filler shall be EXTERMINATED!!

9) Rule 8 is not a joke...please abide by it.

10) Describe how came into the scene, to begin with. None of this artsy fartsy "Oh i just came in out of nowhere!". NO! explain HOW you got there and WHY you are there. Seriously the random encounters are becoming random, a little bit of random is okay...too much, and we have a problem.

11) DO NOT POST RANDOM STUFF!! I am tired of seeing this! Random encounters/Random stuff/ Random one liners that do not make sense/Stuff that should not be there shall be posted! It does NOT contribute to the story OR the plot, and it gives some of us a headache when we have to IGNORE you. SO DON'T DO IT!!!

12) I cannot remember if I said this or not, but allways keep Out of Character Content(OCC) either in parenthesis, or have OCC: next to it and italicize. For example

Guys this is getting pretty epic

Bob unsheathed his sword and leveled it in front of him, waiting for Joe's assault.

(Guys this is getting pretty epic)

Bob unsheathed his sword and leveled it in front of him, waiting for Joe's assault.

That should at least get some of you started and on the right path. Enjoy!

A slipping gear could let your M203 grenade launcher fire when you least expect it. That would make you quite unpopular in what's left of your unit.

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