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F-Zero X
F-Zero X
A high speed race across the Universe!
Published by Mach Rider 2K9
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Average 75%
F-Zero X

F-Zero X, probably one of the best Nintendo 64 titles out there, but also one of the under rated titles as well. If you have played F-Zero on the Super Nintendo (which was the SNES' launch title), then you would be familiar with the name.

In F-Zero X you race across numerous courses competing for first place, famous venues like Mute City and Big Blue return and new venues like Devils Forest and Sector _.

The graphics are good, but not very well polished, unlike in the beta footage, could have been better but they're not eye blinding or pixelated, the tracks and their background are well detailed but the machines are more so polygons with numbers and small details on them, but they're okay.

The music is excellent, Taro Bando and Haijime Wakai did an excellent job on this soundtrack, My personal favourite is Mute City and Devils Forest, the music is pretty much hardcore metal, was still good though.

Storyline? What storyline? You just race, thats it so I am staying neutral here.

The gameplay is very, very good the difference between every machine makes it a whole unique experience for every machine you use. If you run into a machine from behind you slide, and that kind of feels very realistic. Some machines are light, others are heavy or in the middle, I suggest the Blue Falcon or White Cat for beginners.

Fun Fact: There was an expansion kit released for the N64 in Japan but unfortunately did not see a release outside of Japan, on it you could make custom tracks and vehicles. There is an N64 dd rom on the internet but no one has found out a way to run it yet.

All in all, F-Zero X is a great game, I highly reccomend Wii owners download this game off the Wii shop channel, trust me you will enjoy it.
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