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Lost Review Super Smash Bros Brawl
Lost Review Super Smash Bros Brawl
Published by lostleader
Author review
Average 80%
Lost Review Super Smash Bros Brawl

Opening Statements/Claims/accusations/Slander:

This review can really be easily summarized in a question….
Do you own a Wii?
For the record this wii(get your mind out of the gutter) :

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then
1) You already have SSBB.
B) You need to get SSBB.
Simply enough, this game may not be the best for what the score says and indicates, but honestly.
If you have a Wii you have no excuse not to get this game, Any Wii owner should have this game in there library at one point in its time.
Buy this game. Period.
Here Ill help you:
Here’s 50 bucks, print it out, and go take it to the store and buy Super Smash Bros Brawl*.

*I do not authorize the idea of printing out monies from a printer, prevent inflation! Just say no.

Fine ill review it….but not by my terms, because I keep real!

Looking Lost: (my points to view in the game.)

What can I say that can’t be said about the game; Super Smash Bros Brawl? (There are already a handful of reviews and growing on this site, why do you need my view?)
Well everyone as there own opinion and idea of a game, so what will one more hurt?

The game modes:

SSE (Subspace Emissary: the adventure mode of the game), Online play, Create a stage, Replays, 36 character roster, New stages, Huge Song play list, 4 types of control, 3rd party characters?

How can you say something bad about something that has so many things to throw at you, including your kitchen sink!
As the saying goes:
“Jack of all trades, good at everything, great at nothing”

Honestly when I got this game I was so happy and thrilled that I finally got the game I was drooling and nerdgasming over for the past 3 years….
I went to my friend’s house, and played to my little hearts content…
Then the magic was over, I finished a good amount of content in the game, till I asked
“Where’s the rest of it?!?!?!”

Well looking at all the new and interesting stuff, I notice a great deal of just good and not great game additions added to Super Smash Bros Brawl:

-36 characters, not enough if you ask me, at least for the wait the fans had to endure.

~3rd party characters: Sonic and Snake? What no 3rd party characters with out an S in front of their name!!! Or do all 3rd party characters have S’s in front of their name? Samus?

-Replays, 3 min. cap, enough said.

-SSE, cut scenes are short, game play is repetitive, and overall you may never come back to it again after completing it. I know I didn’t.

-4 types of controls: Gamecube controller. PERIOD.

-Create a stage: expect you can only use 3 layouts, cant turn objects upside down or overlap, can’t have walk off stages, and only use a set amount of block space.

-I wrote a song for SSBB online:
Lag, lag, lag,
lag, lag, lag,
lag, LAG, LAG!!!!
It would have gone on longer if it didn’t crash.

+Music, was/is amazing, I suggested downloading it and putting on your Ipod (or other media music carrier)

for on the go urges to listen to SSBB music, after all I think we all get that urge to state that “this here is Mona’s Pizza”
Makers of the world’s best eatsa

-/+ Game play: Well, one thing can be said about Brawl, its not melee 2.0.As well, someone can understand that a lot of people expecting melee 2.0 were disappointed. Mainly the competitive scene, the competitive scene over all finds Brawl’s type of game play, as Sonic would put it, “too slow”. I’ll admit to a degree that Brawl was lowered on the competitive belt, but not because of Sakurai wanting to appeal to more non-gamers, no because Sakurai just wanted this game to finish, and this game over all just doesn’t feel complete. It’s not like it’s a bad game, but it tries so hard to be something its not and spread it’s self all over to the point that it loses what it was in melee. Honestly, Brawl just is not a complete game, it’s a good game, but it’s not the complete one. SSBB has its own type of game play and it’s good for what it is, just not great like it should be.

Honestly anyone that’s a fan of the series, I would like to think, sees this game as not a complete one, but good enough to pass, and satisfies us. But at the same time we can’t just rob the experience of Brawl away from us. Unfortunely, this is one of the times that sloth prevails and a good game, that could have been great, will only be good, and people will still buy it because it’s the best they did with it. Plus a number of glitches found already.
Lucas/Ness players are sad pandas In the competitive scene.

It’s just sad to see that what could have been great is just good.

I’ll still play this game, I’ll recommend it too others, but I’m not going to say it’s great, but its something that a gamer of the Wii (or any system really) should get, just for the experience.


named after lazy master.
Some things are unforgivable. The holocaust, slavery, Banging your best friend’s wife, and Landmasters.
The idea of a final smash is a character performs her/his ultimate attack. Cool so that means each will be different right?
Well as expected some have Final Smashes similar
Ness/Lucas: same
But understandable, both are PSI handlers and use PSI so its understandable that their move would at least be a PSI move.
Toon/Link: same
But understandable, both are the same hero of courage, one is smaller and tooner then the other though…

But what makes the least sense
Fox/Falco/Wolf: same
Sure we can argue about it…but honestly this is just laziness to the extreme. Sorry but Falco’s and Wolf’s Final Smashes do not make sense to the slightest degree.
Falco is an ace pilot, he is good in the air. Now why is he in a LANDmaster!!!
Wolf, Im not even going to go here, let’s just say why?

Seriously…Sakurai I could have done better then that, if I had the means, for shame.

the shameless plug…
Hey guys guess what you can unlock games that the characters that you play have been in before. And hey guess what *wink, wink* they are now on the virtual console *nudge, nudge*.

Where’s Mewtwo/Roy?
plot device
Like any good sitcom, Super Smash Bros has written out a character(s) they introduced into the series and never fully explained why s/he was left out.

Why is Mewtwo so blue, and sounds like Goku?

When did Roy get a bow and arrow and turn blond and had a kids voice???

When all is said and done:
Brawl is a good and must have game, odd to say that right? The biggest problem for me is that it just doesn’t feel complete. It’s like Sakurai just said, “hey that’s good enough, let’s just release it now”.
Then made a crack about how the rest of the world should wait for another 3 months or more to play the same games, then I imagine him making a racist joke after that.

And that overall is the basic problem I see about Brawl, it just does not feel done. Put it back in and make everything better Sakurai! It just feels like one of those games that are good but not great, which by Nintendo and especially the Super Smash Bros series standards is not enough.

But why recommend it? Why reward such behavior? Honestly, because despise what feels like a half butt attempt at Brawl, it is still a fun game. It may not be as competitive or great as melee or the 64 versions of Super Smash Bros series, but its still fun. And that is what a game is about fun. My hang ups of fandom toward brawl should not hinder or make me feel that I shouldn’t play brawl I should. It’s a good game, but by no means great. I feel you when you say that it feels you been robbed, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and just play the cards your given, or in this case game.

All around buy this game, it’s good just not great, but make no mistake, when you don’t experience it you will be missing out.

Published by
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lostleader is a jewel in the roughlostleader is a jewel in the roughlostleader is a jewel in the rough
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By da Beef on 09-17-2009, 12:55 PM
ive never heard of this game, thanks for reviewing it. now i can make an informed decision
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By Rin on 09-17-2009, 01:40 PM
Eh, I didn't like SSBB that much really. It got boring fast. Not a bad review though :P
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By Pityglame on 09-17-2009, 03:04 PM
so is pikachu the yellow one
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review, super smash bros brawl

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