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Lost Review Super Paper Mario
Lost Review Super Paper Mario
Published by lostleader
Author review
Average 78%
Lost Review Super Paper Mario

Opening Statements/Claims/Accusations/Slander:

Super Paper Mario is that game that tries to be cool and go like, hey I do what I want, but to the people that like the way the two previous games were(Paper Mario/ Thousand Year Door), will be in for a bit of a disappointment.

So should people that played the other two buy this one?...maybe not maybe you should just rent it. If you really want to I guess just this one time you can buy it, I know I did, I donít regret it, but I wish I had my money back.

Does that mean Super Paper Mario is a bad game, no, its just false advertisement.
Its not superÖ

But hey I thought you said to buy this game? Well thatís what you get when you just follow someoneís advice, you get confused, duh!

I think thatís what happened with Super Paper Mario. Someone was like ďhey, you know what guys since the Paper Mario series formula is working so well how about we change it to try to make it better!Ē

Then instead of slapping him or her, idiotic ness knows no sex, they said ďThat sounds GREAT!Ē
I then imagine they danced

I find Super Paper Mario to be the case of ďIf it ainít broke, donít fix itĒ. Itís a good game if you like story telling and the Paper Mario series, but to me the mix game play acts like a double edged sword you either like it or donít.
I donít

So in other words, be cautious when thinking of purchasing this game, itís a great story teller, but as a game, its average. Itís safe just to rent it.

Looking Lost: (my points to view in the game.)

The biggest problem I have with this game is the new way it makes the Paper Mario series play.

Im not too big of a fan of Turn Based RPG, but for some reason when it comes Mario and RPG, It better be turned based!!!
It works the opposite for final fantasy for me

When I play a sequel to a game, I kind of expect some type of way that it plays the same from its prequel.
I donít expect LoZ, Metriod, or Pokemon to change, change is bad to a series that overall is doing well with the formula.

Really big question here
I liked it the way it was!!! I miss the way it plays, smells, and the way it turned based

Sorry, kind of lost it there.

Point, it was not broken and Nintendo fixed it.

-Luigi, should not be playable, itís a Mario RPG not Mario and Luigi RPG
shut up, I liked superstar saga.

-RPG elements just there, they didnít really do anythingÖjust sat there looking pretty, especial the items.
Pretty pretty items

~TL;DR illness is in this game, buyer be aware, they secretly put a book in this game!
How dare they try to get us to readÖ>.><.<

~Dark. Seriously Snapping necks, Evil Luigiís, existence becoming nothing, Slavery,
People dying, Mind Control, and Evil ClownsÖ.and thatís only pasted chapter 5!

+Humor, and lots of it.
Witty remark here.

+Story, although long reading awaits you, the story is generally good, beware romantic is afoot!

+Dimentio, enough said.

+Mr.L, who the hell is this guy? I still cant figure it outÖ

who is he? Jumpman is that you?

~Music, its sinister, seriously I wont like to hear it in a back alleyÖ

+ OH SNAP! Moments
wait Mr. L is!!!!

+Characters, I know I mentioned two already, they just make this game remember able so much, but really the whole cast in general is worth its weight in sitcom gold!
Francis and Peach show, about a nerd trying to get the princess, coming next fall!

+Story, itís that good it needs to be mentioned again.
And here too.

~ Game play: honestly I find the only redeeming quality of this game is the story, which if you didnít notice, I find amazing, twists, turns, and Luigi is important to the plot, now thatís new for a Mario game! As well the story is comparably darker then any other Mario game to date. So it plays out more like a book then a game. However for the game itís self. It just didnít feel like it was all there.

Like a teenager, Super Paper Mario didnít know what to be so it decided to do both instead of just one, being a plat former and RPG. You will either like it or meh for it.
The game play just feels average.
Lol teen angst.

And I liked the old way to play too. So really the game play shouldnít have been changed from its predecessors because if it was the same style I think it would have been a much better game. If it just stuck to the way it was going instead of the way it turned out, we have another amazing installment in the series.

Thatís what hurts it, thatís what it is, a double edge sword style of playing. Itís a yes or no, like it or donít like it attitude toward it, But at the very least the game play is worth tolerating for the story.
Cant wait till I find out who mr. L is!

Next time Nintendo, just stick to the plan.
We attack at dawn not noon.

ewww not that.


Shame on you Nintendo this is the kind of thing you want to discourage kids to do. now Iím going to see more BowserXPeach FanfictsÖ

Flopside Pit of 100 Trails
Screw you Flopside Pit of 100 Trails!!! Why do I have to go thru you twice just to get all your goodies!!! And why do I have to go thru Upside pit of 100 trials just to get to you!!!
Stupid dark goomba came out of no wheree.

Nintendo has got our number!

Im scaredÖ

I think I just wet myselfÖ.

When all is said and done:
Super Paper Mario is just one of those games that tries something new, and proofs that new is not always best when you have something that works. You will either like or dislike the game play because of how mixed it is. Itís a new take on how the series is, so be aware that it may not be what you may expect, or what you use to love about the seriesÖ

But, donít let that shy you away from it. The story is enough to make this game a little above average, maybe Iím favoring it a bit, but I still remember how enjoyable the story was to me, sure at times I didnít want to play, but at the same time I did because I wanted to see what happened next. Like when you donít want to read a book but you want to know what happens.
Spoiler alert good guys win

So if you donít know where you stand on this game, rent it! If you like the stories of the Paper Mario games, it still has that same charm, maybe even more then Paper Mario/Thousand Year Door. Itís a great story but it is hindered by awkward game play.

So I suggest giving Super Paper Mario a rent, rather then a buy.
Send money to me instead.

Published by
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By Rin on 09-17-2009, 01:44 PM
Kind of ironic how this is the only one i even liked...

Though I didn't like it that much anyways.
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By Reese on 09-28-2009, 10:23 AM
Rad review. Sounds like one to rent.
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By Cool Level Maker on 11-15-2009, 07:04 AM
I thought that this game was epic...
But, what you said was fairly accurate. RPG fans won't really like this...

"~Music, its sinister, seriously I wont like to hear it in a back alleyÖ" WTF? The music is like one of the best features in this game...

Good review, though.
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By gameaddict on 11-15-2009, 08:24 AM
Wow, you really have a really different view on the game than me.

But I can't blame you for your opinion.

Anyway, good review. Very interesting, but maybe a little too long.
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By Aether_Fenris on 11-15-2009, 07:37 PM
Good review, but found a few punctuation errors, namely lack of commas in the right places. still a nice review.
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review, super paper mario

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