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Lost Review Lego Indiana Jones
Lost Review Lego Indiana Jones
Published by lostleader
Author review
Average 70%
Lost Review Lego Indiana Jones

The Story is about Indiana Jones and the original adventures he had and everyone liked, unlike his 4th movie. This game covers all the good movies that Indiana has been from Raiders of the Lost Ark to Temple of Doom, and finally Last Crusade, all in Lego form mind you. So if you lived under a cave, rock, or just too lazy, like me, and haven't seen these legendary movies then you will be a bit lost, as the scenes have no real dialogue, minus a few grunt and are sometimes altered to include more family friendly themes, as well as humor, which may make you smirk from time to time. Really though you would have to see the movies in order to get most of the scenes, or just watch a lot of TV. So there isn't much to the story in this game, minus a few scenes so those that haven't watch it will be at a lost. The Visuals, are all in its Lego Glory. For a Lego game you think everything be made with Lego's well that's not entirely true. The environment and backgrounds aren't made of Lego's which is kind of disappointing at first. At first I thought it didn't fit very well, but with the thought that maybe the player is supposed to feel like they are playing with the Lego's outside (an interesting place where something called the sun shines, your mother may want you to go out there sometime).it seemed to fit in quite nicely. Everything you do, and interact with is a Lego though. So it still has a big Lego like atmosphere to it. Overall making this game what it says on the title, Indiana Jones the original adventures, in Lego form. Which all games really should make you feel like you are in their world, and you never should feel out of place in this Lego world.

The Sound of Indiana Jones and the movie soundtrack, much like the story is pretty much copy and pasta on this game. However I find it to sound a lot more like the star wars movies then the Indiana Jones movies. (probably because I actually watched those)

Pretty much just the same thing from the movies. It plays at a constant loop in each section of a level, and gets annoying after a while. I don't know about the rest of you, but this music isn't the best for playing games, as the loops ruin the epic parts of the song by playing it over and over again to what seems to only annoy the player. Unless you like that kind of thing (I then suggest finding a mental hospital to stay in).These songs may be great for the movies but not for the games. There's also zero to nothing in Voice acting, then again Lego's don't really talk so it fits it. The only type of voice acting you will get is the occasional grunt and "heheh" from the villain, and the screams from women and people "dying". But most of the sound effects sound pretty much the same and are hard to tell apart, or just don't fit. For pretty much everything you destroy you get the same sound effect (save for destroying characters) which sounds like a gun shot(shotgun to be more specific), rather then something collapsing, exploding things also sound similar to this. Some of the sounds such as Lego characters' getting "killed" actually sound like they are falling apart which is pretty cool for the first couple of times. For the most part, sound/music are nothing to really remember as its either generic or was copied from the movie, which makes it lose its magic through the transition from movie to video game to Lego video game. Really it just feels like everything was clipped on last minute, and everyone went home to their families to celebrate just getting the average work done. The Gameplay is the standard get from point A to point B (so C your way out). You go through each level solving puzzles WITH LEGOS and you build things WITH LEGOS, and everything in the world is LEGOS! Course just by giving a quick glance I'm sure most of you already know this by now. LEGOS!

Lego's are, well you know, used to create and solve puzzles with in the game. Most of the time you are just breaking Lego's to start getting them to jump around to build them from the ground up. Once you see the pieces jumping around you hit the event button and start building the Lego's to make…well Lego's. Some other puzzles involve making you use some type of tool (that's from a Lego set of course).Wrenches are used to fix broken Lego pieces often shown with a smoke to indicate it's broken. A book thingy is used to solve Egyptian wall puzzles, a super easy 4 pattern puzzle that lights up to what pattern you should follow. And Shovels…to uh….dig things…with….. Of course there is a array of weapons, from the whip that Indiana Jones is equip with (as well as your created character[s]) to handguns to swords to yes even bazookas…which is really awesome, because lets face it no matter what your blowing up its always cool with a bazooka. You also have the option of using things outside of them that can be picked up by your character that can be used as weapons such as torches, chairs, and bottles. But it's rather limited (pretty much everything I just listed) and more often then not really annoying when you grab something you didn't want to in the first place. Weapons aren't there just to destroy your enemies either, like the tools, they are also used to solve puzzles, swords are used to cut ropes, explosive weapons such as the grenade and bazooka are used to, well blow up things, well shiner things that can't normally be destroyed with out them. The whip of course is your main weapon through out the adventure and is require for all levels, as you will be swinging and grabbing things with your whip to help solve puzzles, and while this does sound fun at first it gets tiresome after the first level. Characters also have some interesting characteristics too. Other then the fact they have been Lego sized. On top of using the tools and destroying Lego's to make more Lego's to help solve the puzzles you will encounter, you use character abilities to help solve them too. For insistence shorter character's such as Short Round from Temple of Doom are able to have their dreams fulfilled and be a boy adventurer going through small tunnels to solve problems like flipping switches, stumbling onto a robot factory, you know, that kind of thing. This game is also sexist and likes to say that all women are nimble, at least in this game, and can jump higher then any other male character can (sure it may be true but let's not rub it in their faces). You usually use a female character to hang on to ropes to active something or going up to higher places to active something. Also when fighting enemies they will sometimes drop their hats which you can pick up with your character to access areas that are other wise restricted, which sounds cool at first, but for the most part it is more annoying then it is fun fooling the enemy as the drop rates are slim to zero most of the time. Finally we have Thugees, honestly I have no idea what these guys are, just most of them are brownish and have turbans (OMG racism), their ability is to talk to their god and ask him for favors, much like a magical genie, but their god is racist and is like, "no only Thugees can worship me", so you have to use a Thugee to praise him and get his favors,and soon with time you may become a true believer. Some characters are also hindered by Phobias, caused by snakes, spiders, and rats. Of course Indiana Jones has the phobia of snakes, because it had to be them. Basically what phobias do is hinder said character to not be able to move fast, unable to jump, and pretty much be a wussy, so another character has to tell them to quit being one, and find a way to get ride of the phobia causers, more often then not involving torches. Now this sounds pretty cool right? I would think so too, but with more time and energy spent on this game the puzzles become more annoying then interesting to do. It's all routine stuff in each level. Beat up a bunch of Lego people, beat up a bunch of Lego stuff, dig stuff, fix things, whip grab, and swing. It gets extremely repetitive repetitive repetitive. By the end of the game you want to quit because your so bored with beating up Lego items and doing the same 7 puzzles over and over again.

Overall the puzzles just aren't creative enough and you will hardly ever have your head scratching about how to figure it out. Even getting all the artifacts (10 in each level to make one bigger one, which some unlock secret levels when they are completed) and parcels (things you find to unlock "cheats") aren't that hard to find. The puzzles are not only not changeling but are tedious too. So don't be looking for this game to help solve your puzzle cravings, by the end you will be glad to no longer being doing these tedious puzzles. Of course this game isn't that hard to begin with, but what really makes it difficult is the fact that the controls are kind of screwy and frustrating more then they are helpful. With the event button acting has both the event button and the whip button sometimes you get killed because you were trying to hit a enemy rather then build something. Of course there is an attack button too , but if you are carrying a weapon, say a bazooka and you press it a number of times you may just be on the floor in the next few seconds. Something that really is frustrating, the changing button, sometimes you will need to switch yourself with the other computer player in order to complete a puzzle; however with the frustrating AI at times it's a real pain in the Lego. The AI for the most part is like your kid brother, the universal one, the one that follows you around and doing what you want to do. Which for the most part is ok, but some puzzles don't send the AI were you want it to so easily, which can be very frustrating making you want to get a human player instead. Other times the AI does things you don't want it to do, like automatically attack the enemy when you don't want to, and if that wasn't enough the AI ally doesn't even fully "kill" the enemy, just hits it a couple of times to stun her/him. Which is all well and good when you want to do off the enemy yourself, but when you're trying to fix/build something you often get killed a lot because your AI counter part doesn't even try to defend you. Another real pain in the Lego is the vehicles; they are simple and annoying to use, and frustrating at the same time with only one direction to work with…forward. So when your trying to park it just right and miss it a bit you're going to have to turn it all around again and try again, instead of just easily backing it up, if it had a reverse. Also the fact that in order to get into a vehicle it's the same as switching a character, so when you want to get in a vehicle you have to wait for the icon to appear, too fast and you will switch characters. Not only that but to exit you press the jump button , you think by the logical choice that you use the same button that you got in, out, but no, you use the jump button, so when you are trying to get out you switch characters instead, which will happen, a lot a assure you. And with all these minor flaws and problems it sometimes just doesn't make this game worth your time. But they are only noticeable if you have been playing for a long time.

A Lego's charm can only last for so long in a game, and while LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures may be fun at the beginning, the charm and excitement of being a LEGO can only be fun for so long, and in time starts to become to repetitive. It's not a horrible game, but you won't be coming back to replay it so often, if you played it to began with, of course. And if you didn't get it in the 360 bundle, or used, it most likely isn't worth your money. I personally like to rename it LEGO Indiana Jones: the Average Adventures.(subtitle: with lots of boring puzzles and breaking stuff). But maybe those that like Indiana Jones may find it more then I did.
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lego indiana jones, review

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