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Lost Review The World Ends With You
Lost Review The World Ends With You
Published by lostleader
Author review
Average 100%
Lost Review The World Ends With You

Opening Statements/Claims/accusations/Slander:
I found this game through Nintendo Power to tell the truth. The Title was absurd and weird to meÖseriously The World Ends With You? What the Fudge?
Yes, I talk like that.

Thatís a weird title for a game, I thought, jeez looks like a kingdom hearts anime spin off.
Neku and Sora look too alike too me

Me being that who I am and liking anime stuff, decide I give it a try and bought it.
Donít ask how I got the money *shutters*

I was a bit scared to go into the game at first, after all this is Square we are talking about, teen angst everywhere and thatís with out teenagers (looks at cloud), so you can imagine what they do with actually teenagers.
Teenagers -_-

Well, I went in and gave it a go. Started a new game and sure enough teen angst!!! UGH it was horrible, it was awful, it was terrible, and it was kind of fitting toward the character. In fact the game actually played out quite nicely with low to mild teen angst, it wasnít as bad as I thought. In fact you can barely notice it after the first few chapters. And these kids actually did have problems and werenít pretending.

They developed the characters quite nicely and it certainly was a joyous story, with an awesome message. When you get into this game you feel for the characters, their notable.

The guy with phones on is head is Neku, and overall the character you use through out the game. He starts off as the most angst person on the planet,

What am I fighting for!?!?!?!

cares for no one, hates everyone you know, Emo style. Through out the story he becomes better at loving and living and you learn to like him, has he grows out his angst.

The plot is a simple game of death, fight to survive and all that stuff.
Whispers : 7 days

Well, at least you don't need a watch

I wonít talk about the story too much, because well, Oh snap moments happen from like chapter 2.
Wait so that guy, no wait so he was wha??

Basic layout: a boy name Neku becomes apart of a game which you most fight Noise(the enemies of the game) and do missions in order to have a chance to survive from being erased from the Reaper's of the game ,and be able to get a second chance of life. Neku is given Pin's to help fight against the noise, these pins use the psyches of the mind and create amazing things, from fire to laser swords.

The battle system is awesome, repetitive yet unique. I know, I know what the heck does that mean? Well pretty much the key to the battles uniqueness are these pins, and well they pretty much are the game play all in all, although all the battles happen in the same basic way.

Over all I had a epic journey when I went through with this game; I mean I stood up all night just to beat the game once I got caught up in it. And I hardly do that nowadays. There are some interesting puzzles and pins along the way.
So so many pins

Really the only thing I donít like about this game is how much reading you have to do to just play it! Seriously it felt like rocket science.
I think some of it actually was rocket scienceÖ
But really this game just pulls out all the stops a game should, and some that well games never have.
Like cross-dressing.

As well although itís a RPG, it never felt like the boring RPG combat system some of you came to know and love. All battles happen in real time, status and such are created by a level up system that you sometimes are unaware of, and clothes you wear. But of course thatís not a bad thing at all. Its not noticeable because your having to much fun to notice.

IF you had to buy one more DS game, get this one, after all itís in the title
The World Ends with You, buy it.
Because itís just epic.

Looking Lost: (my points to view in the game.)

I have to say I have never been the biggest fan of reading, and learning how to play the game, was just bother some, not that itís not rewarding. I mean itís like a couple of pages of just explaining how to move this or that, sometimes itís just how to actually move, just really boring.
Like, folding clothes boring.

Gets on my nerves, itís not like they could put it somewhere else either because then no one would read itÖ(who reads instructions these days?) Sigh its just one hang up that is only trouble some at the start. Patience is a virtue, and come on you just read all the way up to here <. Thatís got to mean something right?
So if you can tolerate a review this long you can tolerate the instructions on how to play The World Ends With You.

Of course there are other things you can learn to tolerate to enjoy.

-the beginning of the game, teen angst, reading, and storylines, a gamers worse nightmare all in a matter of a few chapters!!!

-Charactersí you love dying off, look Iím just saying that itís totally unfair they kill themÖstupid storyline. Sniff sniffÖ
*spoiler censor* WHY you have to leave me!!!

+mini-game, tin pin slammer has multiplayer action, and is a simple fun mini game. Involving pins, like a extreme version of Pogs.
What you mean you donít know what Pogs are???

+Pinís are all pretty unique and often fun to use.
And are required to wear like working at a annoying food places.

+Grim Reaperís. nuff said.
This game teaches what a song teaches Donít fear the Reaper

+Scooby-doo type storyline, now what I mean by this is a bunch of kids meddling in the affairs of people that are older then them and foiling them.
Less they get away with it

~character quirks, seriously they are everywhere:
I hate everything, Im HAPPY TO THE MAX!!!!!1!!!1!1!, Yo I talk like this YO joíkno, Iím to intelligent to speak in such a matter, ZETTA THIS ZETTA THAT ZETTA ZETTA ZETTA ZETTA!!!
Seriously tonís of quirky charactersÖbesides who talks like that?

+OH Snap moments, their everywhere!!!
I was like whoa!!! And he was like Whoa and it was like WHOA!

~Characters, and lots of them, Iím sure everyone can find someone they like in this bunch of odd cookies.
Ya, I know, I donít know where I came up with the term either

+Replay ability , good because it needs to be, after beating the game you can go back and live through the story again,do new missions you might not have done and know what will happen!

-One save file, for all those that have brothers and sisters and friends that munch off you, sucks to be you

~ As for the way it looks, well jap animation style , manga art like and overall like a anime, you know if you like it or not. So you know how you feel about the way it looks already Anime haters.
Or what i like to call, that no fun police

+pick up and put it down style of playing, you always come back liking it.
Its like drugs, but like there are no know side effects that can kill you...yet

+Keeps the Good RPG Elements.
What no turn based fighting? Thatís so realistic!

-Sometimes hard to use pinís or find out what they do exactly.


+Game Play: I have said this before, I will say it again, this game is repetitive yet unique. The way this is achieved is by the Pins you wear. Each Pin gives you a different power or does something. So although you may battle the same way against the noise (the enemies of the game for the most part) each time the experience will always be different because of the pins you wear and use.
Flair thatís fun to wear.

The pins are always a bit different in how you use it too, also utilizing the DSís unique features, one pin will make you shout into the Microphone to cause damage to your enemies. Another one you drag the stylus along the touch screen to burn enemies!

As for another pinís power, powers up one of your other pin(s) in combat. And again another pin urges you to tap your enemy to give them a body full of electric shock! With one pin you can hackíem and slash them!
Hack and Slash Hack and Slash.

AND FOLKS THATĒS NOT ALL! If you order now you can get up to a whopping 260+ pins! Thatís well over 9000!!! Ways to battle the noise!

The World Ends With You overall has amazing game play and battle system by the power of pinís despise it having a repetitive battling style. Be creative and battle the noise with different types of pins that set off some interesting abilities and are shiny too.
Pretty colors :B

From Pyrokensis to physical combat this game as got tons of ways to battle; even though it might be repetitive it stays fresh by the pins you use in combat.

Not to mention that you may control your partner in the game, using the top screen and d-stick, while Neku is on the bottom screen. It may seem complicated and confusing at first but it gets easier with time.
Plus fusion bonuses are awesome.

Only in Japan this can make sense. its also what the combat and fusion attacks kind of look like. Yep I'm as lost as you

As well if it ever gets to easy or hard for you, you can always change the difficult from one of four types. Easy, Normal, Hard, and Ultimate.

Itís great; itís some what simple and addictive.
Like drugsÖ.>.>

+MusAc: The Music is performed with beats and rhymes in a street type hip hop style. Ya I donít really get what I said either. The music fits into the games street style that it has going for it and overall sets the tone and style of the game even more. The music, if it does anything it makes this game better. It fills every and any scene with more power then with out music.
I would suggest to make it come out as loud as possible in all areas where you play it, screw the neighbors, the people on the bus and that one kid that says heís going to beat you up if you donít stop that Japanese hip hop.
Heís bluffing besides you can take him

Point is, the music is outstanding in the way it shows itself and the way it is in tune with the scenes and battles of the game. This is one game where the music button should be turned up! Although you do have to have some form of tolerance for the Japanese music scene to enjoy it.

But like Dave Chappelle once said ďTURN MY HEAD PHONES UPĒ. And you should too, your head phones I mean.
Why do you think that guy always wearing headphones for?

+Presentation: Well the way they present the scenes and events look like they come straight out of a comic book. With panels for bigger scenes, and bubbleís with text in the lesser scenes it definitely has a comic/ manga vibe going for it. Those that love comics and manga probably will love this more then those that donít,
well of course duh!

Either way the scenarios are pulled off well and are great and down right epic at times. Twists and turns in every scene. It simply just makes the story better by the presentation.

As well the dialogue and text are often funny at times, its interesting to see all the characters interact with each other as each one is so different from one another. The scenes are played out well with hand motions and everything in between so at least youíre not watching boring stand still images.
Im look at all you rest of the RPG franchise *shakes fist*

The voice acting is good as well; they all fit their respective characterís well enough. Itís all around good acting, no out of place voices, or overacting in there. All the Actors did a amazing job at fitting what their character was/is and sometimes a bit too well if you ask me.
Joshuaís laughs haunt me to this day

In short, The World Ends With You knows how to present itself, its always trying to entertain you in some way, shape, and/or form. It uses humor, mannerisms, music, personality, and anything in between to bring you closer to the experienceís in the game and wraps it all with a comic vibe wrapped with a well plotted and interesting story.

Zetta Unmentionables:

Thatís right you can cross dress in this game lulz, since what you wear is determined by how brave you are, you can where anything as long as you have high enough bravery so if you
want to be brave wear a skirt :P


Originally Posted by wikipedia
zetta- (symbol Z) is an SI prefix in the SI (system of units) denoting 1021 or 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000.

lulz we already made a over 9000 joke
Oh, thanks Wikipedia.

Neku and Sora long lost bothers???

...seriously way too close

When all is said and done
:and ends with U
THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU, cheese title, cheese line. Itís an Epic game. Everything about it is top notch. The combat system is fun and well thought out, with complicated strategies and simple tactics. Hack and slash Hack and slash!

The World Ends With You is a RPG but it only kept the good of what RPGís are, and left the boring stuff out. As the action is often fast pace and easy to put down and pick back up again.

The Presentation is terrific, with outstanding rhythm and beat music and over the top storytelling with humor, drama, and character development. The World Ends With you delivers it all to make your experiences the best it can be.

And I didnít even tell you about the story. Itís what makes this game great, but if you want to find out about the story, you should go play it, because there is no experience like it.
Sorry kiddies no spoilers tonight

This is just one of those games where the story just blows your mind, picks up the scraps and tears them to pieces. Itís not disappointing at all, go play it and see for yourself. Plus it leaves you with a well thought out message to take home with.
Video games donít teach you anything my butt, after all I learned to kill aliens, where you going to learn that?

So buy this game, itís an epic one, one that no DS owner should miss out on, although itís a RPG donít make that scare you because it only keeps the good elements and takes the bad away. Sure your going to have to take sometime to learn how to play but itís worth it for this game.

ust ask the character's themselves
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By Mario on 09-18-2009, 08:15 AM
Another good review lostleader! This game looks like it could be entertaining.
Reply With Quote
By da Beef on 09-18-2009, 08:40 AM
your reviews are good and entertaining to read, but way too long. you should be able to summarize what the game is about, what you thought of it, and if i would like it in fewer words
Reply With Quote
By Rin on 09-18-2009, 02:00 PM
Eh, I'm alright with a long review. At least it covers everything. Excellent review.
Reply With Quote
By DragonLX on 09-19-2009, 10:37 AM
I've always wanted this game, but I never had a chance to buy it. Anyway, amazing review. I love how you managed to add some humor.
Reply With Quote
By DarkLegacy on 09-19-2009, 11:29 AM
Great review. Really helps people understand why this is the best game on the ds.
Reply With Quote
By Rin on 09-19-2009, 01:07 PM
^ That's debatable honestly. It's great, but a lot of people wouldn't say it's the best.
Reply With Quote
By lostleader on 09-19-2009, 01:20 PM
Member reviews
Average 100%
its just so magical

Originally Posted by ÜRinÜ View Post
^ That's debatable honestly. It's great, but a lot of people wouldn't say it's the best.
actually a ton of people would say its the best. nothing really matches it, honestly.

Oh and thanks for the comments everyone many thank yous~
Reply With Quote
By Mario789 on 09-19-2009, 01:44 PM
I don't think this game is the best. So i agree with rin. Good review though. i wouldnt rate it 10-10-10-10- though
Reply With Quote
By Rin on 09-19-2009, 01:56 PM
I would say it actually could be worthy of it. It is fantastic. i was just saying everyone doesn't think so. Personally, I do think it's one of, if not the best game on the DS.
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