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Paper Mario N64
Paper Mario N64
Itsa Me Mario!!!!
Published by Mario789
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Sm Mario Paper Mario N64

Paper Mario N64 Information:

Release Dates:
USA: February 5, 2001
Europe: October 5, 2001
Japan: August 11, 2000
Australia: N/A

These are the dates of when the game was released. The original trailer of this game will be posted right below. If you have any questions about the release just post them below. In my opinion the commercial was rather funny but it doesn't matter.


Paper Mario N64: Introduction

Well the begging of Paper Mario N64 stated when Mario received a letter from princess peach regarding a party a Princess Peache's castle. When they arived they went searching for the princess. When they got there it apears that bowser was waiting for us to arive!!! But the only thing different is that bowser has the Star Rod!!!! As mario faces his defeat bowser lifts the catle on his new base/foundation. Mario has been defeated and there is only one way to save the princess.... Get The Power Of The Star Spirits!!!!!


Paper Mario N64 Characters/Bosses (Warning Will Contain Spoilers)

In Paper Mario N64 there are many awesome characters that you fight!!!! But the only one's i will tell you about is your partners and the main bosses. The list can go on and on of all the characters that are in Paper Mario. So first up i will show you the partners you obtain in the order you get them.

Paper Mario N64 Partners

Lady Bow

Paper Mario N64 Bosses

Koopa Bros.
King Tutankoopa
Tubba Blubba
General Guy
Lava Piranah
Huff N' Puff
Crystal King
Invinsible Bowser.

Paper Mario N64: Storyline

The storyline in Paper Mario 64 was really good. Compared to the other one's it wasnt as good though. But still a awesome story!!! It has a "regular" introduction. In other words something that is very easy to predict (See Introduction For More Info). The main story was very good as well. You get to do soo much stuff like traveling in a lava volcano in the iddle of the jungle and Shy Guys Toy Box and so many other great places. The character saga's (chapters) were very fun. I personally enjoyed the Crystal King Chapter & The Lava Lava Island ones. As for the main time you spend it in The Mushroom Kingdom. Here you can locate a whole bunch of reasores to help you in the game. You Can Visit the dojo, the item shop, merlon the fortune teller (If your stuck he tells you what to do. Also very useful for puzzles) and of course the town cook & Inn. When you are in the mushroom kingdom be sure to grab a nice stock of items before you set out on your journy!!! There will be times where you have to backtrack all the way to the nearest town to pick up some shrooms or other items. All together there are 8 chapters in the game. All filled with Action Packed Combat!!!
Paper Mario N64 Graphics

The graphics in paper Mario 64 were considered "ok" to me. The game was fully published in 2001. I honestly think they could have done way better for graphics considering it's nothing to advanced like 3D. The game contains basic 2D features. (Thus The Paper). But i got used to the graphics as i played the game. Paper mario has changed alot since this game. Mostly in the eyes & face. As for the Text Bubbles i tought it was very bad!!! It's just text. The text was so pixalated and it was not even.Most of the text and basic punctuation marks were slanted. So this deff brought my rating for this down. The background had very good graphics i thought. So this deff brought the rating up. There was no pixalation in the background really. And the color was bold. So this probably brought it up by a good one rating.
Paper Mario N64 Sound

The sound and music in Paper Mario was really good in my opinion. I am usually pleased with alot of the Mario RPG music. They had great battling themes and main menu theme.

Battle Theme:

Menu Theme:

You will here these songs alot lol. And yes it can get annoying lol. But over all they have a nice basic music genre. So i had no problem with this music. All the boss battles had great music as well. There is really nothing i can judge for the peices in this game. So over all the music was exelent.
Paper Mario N64 Contols.

The controls in Paper Mario were very basic to understand. They were simple with all of there games. It started getting harder when they released the new Super Paper Mario. But it was still easy to understand. I will go through the basic contols in this game. I will scale the controls based on the Game Cube Contoler

A = Jump
B = Hammer
R = Spin

Those are the basic contols to navigate your way through the game. They are very simple but that all they need. So in my opinion the contols were fine and simple for all the E game users. So i give this a 7.5 Not bad at all....

With all of this said i hope you enjoy Paper Mario 64!!! The game is great and i recommend it to all that have not played it. If you dont have a Wii the game is avalible in the Wii shop. Have fun and thanks for reading my review!!!

Published by
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Paper Mario Guru
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By da Beef on 09-18-2009, 05:48 PM
you really think a game called PAPER mario should have or even could have used 3d graphics more than it did?
Reply With Quote
By Pityglame on 09-18-2009, 05:49 PM
kso i dont agree with a lot of this says, and instead of just posting it, im going to write my own review

Reply With Quote
By Mario789 on 09-18-2009, 05:55 PM
@da Beef, I guess they could have but it is a 2D game you know... But 3D could have been used like it was in SPM.

@Pity, good luck with that.
Reply With Quote
By da Beef on 09-18-2009, 06:01 PM
paper mario 64 uses 3d levels and 2d character sprites.
Reply With Quote
By Mario789 on 09-18-2009, 06:03 PM
Yes, they do. The sprites are pretty good on there 2D features. But i think they could have made the 2D graphics way better for the time they were in. You know.
Reply With Quote
By da Beef on 09-18-2009, 06:04 PM
i dont think you really know what youre talking about
Reply With Quote
By Mario789 on 09-18-2009, 06:06 PM
Why do you say that beffy?
Reply With Quote
By da Beef on 09-18-2009, 06:07 PM
at first you say this game has no 3d elements. then you say the 2d elements are done well. now you say... something else equally stupid
Reply With Quote
By Mario789 on 09-18-2009, 06:09 PM
?The levels are 3D? There is no levels. lol

No i didn't?
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