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Lost Review Luigi's Mansion
Lost Review Luigi's Mansion
Published by lostleader
Author review
Average 85%
Lost Review Luigi's Mansion

When I think Luigi, I think……Um….Er…….Wait, who is The Luigi kid again? Wait the guy with the green hat and clothes?! The Green guy! Mario Mario's Brother! That guy!! The one in Mario's shadow…what was is name again? Oh right! Mama Luigi, Well this is Mr. Green stache's first game for the Game Cube, although Mr. Green Mario Brother Guy made like two other games. They were not; well, um, good…Mario is missing

, let's not get into that and Paper Luigi mentioned in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, which I heard was good. But this is his first true outing.

Well in Mr. Leaf 'n' Greens' Mansion you take the role as Mr. Greenie, the younger brother of Mario. Who won a mansion! For a contest that he didn't even enter! Wait…that sounds familiar, I think I was in that contest too, also I happened to have won a million dollars from the same email.Well apparently Larry didn't know what spam is, so he falls for a trap like many of us have before. The Rebel alliance, generic side kicks, Poland, the French…the list goes on…

How can you not tell its a trap? Where's Admiral Ackbar when you need him?

So I guess Mario decides to go check it out, gets tricked and gets captured then Lenny, his brother, gets there, some things happen and virtually he becomes the next ghost buster…sounds like the next plot of a ghost buster movie (I'd watch that).That's the basic plot in Mario's Brother Mansion.

Remember Mario first you get the ghosts then you get the power then you get the women!

But wait is Greenie's Mansion a good game? Well its biggest let down is its length. Its short, you can probably finish the game in a good 5 hours. 3 if you played it before. Honestly it's not worth 50 bucks when it was previously sold, but now I think it's a fair price for what it is sold now that is if you can find it for less. You can probably get it used for less then 15 dollars (US). I think that's a good deal for what it is. It's a good game, I like it, but I wanted more of it, it just isn't long. So if you happen to come across Gary's Mansion, I suggested buying it, or if your friend has it, borrow it from her/him, if s/he doesn't let you borrow it, then borrow with out asking. It's worth an afternoon of fun. It is a fun game, no doubt, but the fun doesn't last once you're done with it, at least not for long.
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mr. l's mansion, review

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