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Invention of Lying
Invention of Lying
Published by lostleader
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Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying is certainly the talk of the town right now, or at least TV. It's being promoted on near any channel I see, and I thought "Hey, that looks like a good romance comedy" ( no lie ). So when I went to go find the showtimes I noticed a lot of people didn't like it based on reviews, considering that its only been out about 2,3 days since the premiere in America. Apparently this film as a lot of controversy around it, and it certainly was more then the light hearted film then I thought it would be. But I decided to see it anyway, and see for myself ho controversy and bad it was.

For the most it started out well the credits started rolling as well as a bit of a gag to go with them, it was starting out quite strong. After we get a history lesson about this alternate reality by Ricky Gervais, who plays the leading role Mark Bellison, we are sent straight to Mark's first date with Anna McDoogles (Jennifer Garner). And then after the date we see how the rest of his life works out the next day. With the next day containing nothing but misery for our protagonist, Mark, He is sent to a pretty desperate situation that he wants to change the unchangeable. And after he is asked to move out due to not having enough money to pay the landlord, he goes to the bank. At the bank Mark trying to change the situation he is currently in tells the bank teller the wrong amount of money, thus telling (has he would like to put it) something that wasn't.

And this is where the movie starts getting into some "iffy" issues. Along the way Mark gets caught up in a lie he told to a certain someone, and because of this everyone wants to know "what happens to you after you die". Mark tells these people that the "Man in the Sky" told him all this and lays down the rules to how to get to the "good place" as Mark calls it. Of course the big issue here of course is the undertones of Religion. Some may find it funny, others may, well, get offend. As the Films previews certainly sneaked past this issue, and just focused on the Romance part. Which I personally think lies the problem. I certainly felt that the film had a strong enough message to not include such undertones of religion to began with. As the better part of the movies message is near the end of the film where Anna starts to fall for Mark.

Yes, those are Pizza Boxes.

Overall though it does deliver a decent message in the end of the film, and certainly shows the good sides of lying to protect others. I think the strongest point in this film was the relationship between Mark and Anna, and what Mark does to get Anna in a world where he is declared the loser.They really should have focused on that aspect more then the comedy. The comedy wasn't particular laugh out loud either as it seems to rely too much on either two things: people making fun of Mark, or the man in the sky. Not to mention that British humor isn't always the most popular, and the pacing wasn't exactly fast. Religious undertones or not, Invention of Lying was a bit of a heart warming romance then it was a comedy.

Invention of Lying was a decent film, but it wasn't great by any means.
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By DreamQuilava on 10-04-2009, 10:08 PM
I really do want to see this...
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invention of lying, review

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