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Perfect Dark Zero
Perfect Dark Zero
Far from perfect
Published by Aether_Fenris
Author review
Average 55%
Thumbs down Perfect Dark Zero

I really like the feedback you guys give me on my reviews. It helps me to improve, and I appreciate it. Last time, you told me my scores didn't quite fit the descriptions I have, and so this time, I will try to do better on that.

A lot of you probably have fond memories of Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. it was a FPS that ran on Goldeneye 007's engine, and was equally as goo as, if not better than Goldeneye. well, It's been a quite a while and Rare is now working for Microsoft. Nintendo is pretty stupid for letting Rare go, but this is neither the time nor place to discuss that.

Graphics - 6.5/10

Perfect Dark Zero was a launch title for the 360, but that really is no excuse for the graphics...There are much better graphics out there, and the only reason they look as good as they do is because of some well placed lighting effects, but overall everything looks too bright. The graphics are presentable, but nothing more. Furthermore, the character models are barf.

The lighting effects make textures look better than they really do, and up close textures are quite rough. also, the character models are barf. seriously. look at them. or don't. Probably the second option. you might burn your eyes out of their sockets.

Storyline 5/10

A prequel to the original, set 3 years prior, PFD tells how Joana got her start. Sounds interesting enough, but in the end, you don't care about the plot, you don't care about the characters and you don't really care about the story at all. as a matter of fact, it doesn't do a great job of even telling the story, as half the time, I was just walking around shooting people and wondering WHY i was shooting them.

Gameplay - 4.5/10

Somehow, the game just feels slow, and clunky. Nothing seems to have any weight to it, and upon dying or killing someone, the character models just sort of flop over like dolls. multiplayer is usually the savior in FPS games, but not in PFD. this is totaly unacceptable! The original's multiplayer was it's highlight in my opinion, and the overall heavy clunkiness of everything also carries over into the multiplayer.

Sound - 6/10

Sound is mediocre, but it gets the job done. voice actors do a pretty good job, but does EVERY character need an accent? the guns sound about like what you would expect and some of the music is actually quite good. It's too bad everything else just utterly sucks.

Overall - 5/10

The game isn't unplayable, but it isn't a game you'll actually WANT to play. my little brother loves it, but he is 8 and just likes things that go boom. If My Little Ponies spontaneously combusted into flames, he would think they were cool....Hell, I'd think they were cool if they did that! Flaming ponies aside now, I only pent about 7 dollars on this game. If I had spent much more, I'd be really pissed, because it jsut isn't what I expected. just hook up your 64 or download an emulatore to play the original. ut's way better, and actually worth your time.
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By Athronox on 11-18-2009, 11:10 PM
The review itself is.....Okay. However I think you're being very unfair with it.

First of all, if I may critique some aspects of your review, you have a few conflicting statements in here. For one, you say the game feels slow and clunky, but then you go on to say nothing has any weight to it. If you look at a game like killzone, it's slow, and it's pretty clunky, and it's for that reason everything feels like it has weight, but that's not always a bad thing. So, if you're trying to say the controls are just bad, that's one thing, but those two little statements are entirely conflicting IMO.

Okay, now on to why you are being very unfair with the game...

#1: Graphics: Notice what you said yourself- "360 Launch Title". The very early PS3 and Xbox 360 games failed to deliver superior graphics to those found in Resident Evil 4 and Star Fox Adventures, because the hardware was very new and not understood very well. However, that being said, what exactly is bad about the graphics? The textures have yet to be rivaled in my opinion (as can be seen here:, and there are some very advanced water and lighting techniques in use here. In fact, I'd say on average, the graphics were probably the highest point of most reviews, they were very impressive for the time. Another thing to mention is, you say the character models look like crap and everything is too bright. You obviously have never played a Rare game before. EVERYTHING is bright. It's one of Rare's staples. Bright, vivid, outrageous color palettes. I assume you would prefer everything to be dull, gray, and lifeless, like 99% of all other games made today? And about those character models...What is wrong with them? Do you just not like that they are made to look cartoony? There's a difference between bad and stylized. If you don't like the way something is stylized, say that, but don't make it seem like the game actually has bad graphics just because you don't like the way they look.

#2 Gameplay: You said it's slow and clunky, but you're not really giving any reasons for why you feel that way here. To use the example of killzone again, all the guns turn really slowly and take time to aim and shoot, etc. Part of the game's appeal is that it has that weighted feel to it. Some people like that, some people don't. However, it also got fantastic reviews. PDZ is similar in this way. It uses that same "weighted" feel to the controls. And outside of that, the game has plenty of mechanics to utilize. Ducking and rolling, 3rd person cover mechanics, tons of different types of weapons like shield, swords, rifles, pistols, etc, and tons of multiplayer options. What exactly are you looking for in an FPS if that doesn't resonate with you? Perhaps you should try a puzzle game if non-repetition is what you're looking for- there's lot of variety there.

Overall, I think the problem here is, you're just popping in the game, playing it, dying a few times, and thinking "This game sucks.", and then putting it back in its case. You really aren't exploring it, you aren't giving any thought to WHY things are a certain way in the game, and partially I think you're being unfair with it because you're not very good at it (just being honest, as it's usually a reason people give games a bad review).

To be blunt, critiscizing something like the textures when they are arguably some of the best of this generation, and hating on the graphics and gameplay because they're stylized is quite ignorant to be honest with you. Now, I'm not shooting down your opinion, but you need to flesh things out a LOT more. Providing two sentences under a single category which tally up to the sum of "This sucks", really doesn't work. You need to go into deeper detail about why a particular area of the game displeases you, and explain it further.

Another thing to mention is, you ramble a lot. When people are reading a review, they don't want to hear how they should buy the N64 version of the game, or about flaming ponies, or that every character has an accent (You do realize, the characters in the game are British, and made by a British developer, right?). All they want to know is why they should or should not buy the game, they want straight up answers and opinions and not a bunch of filler.

However, the one good thing I will credit you with is how you have broken up the sections of the review instead of just writing it as one big block, that's a good thing to do usually.
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