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A Day to Remember: Old Record (2008)
A Day to Remember: Old Record (2008)
Old Record is...Not So Old
Published by Lukario
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A Day to Remember: Old Record (2008)

First off, I really like A Day to Remember. They are one of my favorite post-hardcore bands out there, and in fact, they might be my favorite. They have a really good mix of growling/screaming/clean vocals. This album is no exception. While there really isn't any new sound established by the band in this album, it's still a very good listen. But if you've heard "And Their Name Was Treason", you've heard Old Record, but I personally prefer the latter, mainly because the quality of the music is better. The album also re-orders some of the tracks.

Plain and simple: this album rocks. I believe most people that like post-hardcore music will like A Day to Remember. This album opens up with the Donnie Darko-esque opening Intro '05, which is nothing but audio from the original Donnie Darko movie. It then starts banging with Heart Less, which is my favorite track that they've made. Very straight-forward vocals about a dissapointment with a certain person. The band tweaked . A 2nd Glance comes next, which is nothing short of great. No real difference between the original and this version, though. The album moves on, and then my second favorite song off this album comes up, You Had Me @ Hello. It's weird how Heart Less and You Had Me @ Hello are my favorites, seeing as their tone is the exact opposite. Heart Less is a negative "GTFO my face" song, while You Had Me @ Hello is an upbeat tune about, well, the name of the song gives it away. Following that is Casablanca Sucked Anyway, which is also a very good song. Good chorus on this song, in my opinion. The album closes out with Sound the Alarm v2.0, which is the same track that closed out And Their Name Was Treason. I don't like this song too much, but it's still okay.

A definite buy for anyone who likes A Day to Remember/post-hardcore.

Overall Score: 9.0
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By da Beef on 11-19-2009, 06:17 AM
its weird that you called that song Donnie Darko-esque. if it really is entirely made up of audio from the film, then theres nothing "esque" about it
By Lukario on 11-19-2009, 05:33 PM
Originally Posted by da Beef View Post
its weird that you called that song Donnie Darko-esque. if it really is entirely made up of audio from the film, then theres nothing "esque" about it
Stupid double think on my part, sorry.
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